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5 Game Changing Reasons to Play H1Z1

by Prima Games Staff

While no date has been confirmed, when the H1Z1 early access kicks off, players have plenty of reasons to give this zombie survival game a shot. It seems that every week we receive news from developer live streams, community days and even roundtable discussions. That amount of access to the studio means fans are overloaded with information, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. It can, however, be tough to keep things straight. After sifting through all of this info ourselves, here are five reasons you should play H1Z1 as soon as it becomes available.

Burn it to the Ground

In one of the earliest glimpses of gameplay, developers showed off a torch that players will be able to craft, then use for light… or to set things on fire. Not only can you set zombies on fire, you can also light players as well. If that wasn’t enough, you can use your torch to burn other players out of house and home. Not that we’re excited about the feature or anything, but we’d love to see a trophy or achievement unlocked from burning down a base, setting fire to a zombie and a player all with a single torch. Oh, you can also use torches to see in the dark, but who cares about that?

Deer Hunter: Apocalypse Edition

All right, we don’t know if you can hunt deer in the early access. We do know it’s been talked about, and also that there are animals in the game. If you watched the video embedded in the first point, you would have seen the developers pass a deer by the side of the road shortly after they ran over their friend a few times. We would also like to formerly put in a request to be able to set a deer on fire. Run Bambi, run!

Genre Competition

Wow, that Frankie guy really had some good stuff in his video, especially the point about H1Z1 forcing a game like DayZ to get its act together. Even though it’s in the early access stage as well, DayZ has lots of players frustrated over the slow design process and bug fixing. While this isn’t necessarily a perk for H1Z1, having two similar games pushing to be the best means a better experience for players no matter what game they decide to go with. Is the possibility of making DayZ better a worthwhile reason to purchase H1Z1? Not on its own, no. But chances are if you’re considering H1Z1, you’re already a fan of the genre, so why not give it a shot? It can’t hurt, but it could sure help.


According to website MMO Bomb that attended a recent roundtable with Senior Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt, players will be able to rent private servers, opening up the potential for custom rules and gameplay tweaks. While we don’t have solid details to give you, this opens the door for players to put their own custom game modes together. Of course, these servers will be in addition to SOE lobbies.

Proximity Chat

This is something that most of us expected, but how far your voice will travel in-game depends on how loud you speak. Theoretically, this allows you to whisper to your buddy in the next room while hopefully not alerting the bandit outside. Of course it could work against you as well. If you’re laughing and goofing off with friends in the woods, chances are people will hear it, even from far away.

While it wouldn’t have been difficult for us to make this a 25 Reasons to Play H1Z1 article, we already covered several points in other features, each of which are linked near the top of this one. If you want to educate yourself about this title and what to expect, we would strongly advise you read them all. Not to mention we just love the attention.

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