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5 Awesome Things to Do in The Witcher 3

by Ginny Woo

If you’re someone who’s been revisiting the adventures of everyone’s favorite silver fox in The Witcher 3, then you’re definitely not alone. Ever since we’ve been able to enjoy that sweet, sweet PC and Switch cross-save functionality, it’s been easier than ever to take Geralt on the go with us (and who wouldn’t want to?). Now, if you’re hopping back into the monster-slaying life, now might be the best time to get caught up with 5 awesome things to do in The Witcher 3

5 Awesome Things to Do in The Witcher 3 – Dress Up

Everyone knows that the Lodge of Sorceresses is a sartorial bunch, but they’re definitely not the only ones serving body. Geralt has a hot bod underneath all that dour leather, and while he doesn’t get his kit off very often, you can still get frocked up with the best of them. When you’ve hit the quest called No Place Like Home, Geralt and the bros can decide to chuck on Yennefer’s dresses and have a bit of a fashion show depending on your dialogue choices. Just take your time sashaying away from Kaer Morhen after. 

5 Awesome Things to Do in The Witcher 3 – Have a Marine Ménage à Trois

While the Witcher 3 is arguably about picking which magical waifu you want to settle down with, there’s no reason why Geralt have a decent crack at living the bachelor’s life before committing to unicorns with Yennefer forever. Enter: sirens. While there’s all manner of monsters who have a bone to pick with Geralt, sirens are probably the only ones that trick you into wanting to bone, really. You’ll find Sirens in packs, and they’re incredibly quick both when slick and when they’re flying high so Geralt will need to be prepared for some clawing and biting. We can’t speak to our success rate with pulling Sirens, but if you end up landlocked then a crossbow has always been a good way to end a night.

5 Awesome Things to Do in The Witcher 3 – Take Down a Leshen

There are very few things cooler than Leshens when it comes to bragging rights. Who wouldn’t love to be seated with mates round at the pub only to go, “You’ve had a tough week but guess who nearly got destroyed by an ancient tree spirit and lived?” Okay, that strat might only work in Novigrad, but luckily that’s the sandbox that Geralt gets to play in. Leshens are no joke; the way that they basically tower over everything and show up at incredibly ominous moments that make you wary of every tree is terrifying as hell. Go hunt one down and it’ll be pints on the local village for the next year.

5 Awesome Things to Do in The Witcher 3 – Tell an Emperor to F*** Off

You’re going to have your fair share of dealings with nobility in Witcher 3, which means that you might be expecting a lot of bowing and scraping. Luckily enough, just because the Imperial court wants to dress you doesn’t mean that they can control what you say.  Sure, play nice while you get tidied up and shaved in the Imperial Audience quest but when you actually get face to face with Emhyr, don’t pass up the chance to sass him. So what if you’re gonna go on the world’s longest babysitting fetch quest? Give him what for first.

5 Awesome Things to Do in The Witcher 3 – Ride a Flying Horse

This is probably the thing that you’ve seen your mates do the most in their Witcher 3 playthroughs. Familiar with the million screenshots of people riding Roach majestically through the sky? Or Roach breaking their back to park up after Geralt’s done a drive-by on some pesky monsters? We’ve all seen those candids. Either way, you too can make the most of your horse’s surely-magical grasp of anatomy and physics while you gallivant around the world doing Witcher things. We highly recommend it, if only for hilarity points. 

Now that you’ve got our list of 5 awesome things to do in The Witcher 3, why not go check them all off? You could probably do it all in one single sitting, and you won’t even need to be at your computer to make it happen. Talk about living in the future. Need a hand with anything else to turn Geralt’s frown upside down? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your convenience: