5 Assassin’s Creed Locations We’d Like to See Next, Part 4

Here is part four of our Assassin's Creed locations we would like to see next following our cyberpunk dreams and feudal Japan wishes previously.

Our top 5 Assassin’s Creed locations we’d like to see next feature has been off to a strong start so far! We’ve talked about a deliciously corrupt sci-fi fantasy, feudal Japan, and even a World War 2 Germany take for the famous franchise? So what’s next, since we have two more? Get ready for it fam, because this one gets silly: Aliens – or, at least, space.

5 Assassin’s Creed Locations We’d Like to See Next, Space

Disclaimer: Near the end of the article we recognize that this is a very outlandish pitch that has potential to be amazing as well as too corny. But hey, this is our dream picks so give us a chance and see what you think!

Global climate change has been a source of debate and movie inspiration for decades now. There have been so many movie and TV plotlines revolving the premise of human destroying Earth and forced to flee for the stars as a last-ditch chance for survival. So why not do that here?

The plotline for Assassin’s Creed pivoted drastically following Desmond’s demise in Assassin’s Creed 3 and from there, the unlimited potential was finally unlocked. The franchise can go anywhere and do anything, as evident in Origins and Odyssey, so why not go big and not go home?

If there is one thing Mass Effect has taught me, it’s that people want to bang aliens (hi, I’m people) and Ubisoft proved that they have a little BioWare in them with the various – uh, escapades seen in Odyssey. Imagine: civilization is established on another planet, for example: Mars. Society has found its stride following Earth’s evacuation. Children are back in school, working folks are back behind the desk, and a small task force is in charge of securing the safety of the entire planet. Until one day, that force runs into an unknown. The journey would then dive into uncovering a new race, a race that has infinite knowledge of civilizations that have fallen and civilizations that have yet to rise.

From the first contact, one person from the task force has a little too much curiosity within them and they seek out that knowledge. A meld happens, a transference of history, and it’s there that the entire Templar vs Assassin war unfolds only to uncover that the Templars never truly disbursed and that social life on Mars isn’t as fluid as it seems. It’s time to revive the Brotherhood, it’s time to take the war to space.

Corny? Possibly. The potential to be the next best thing? Absolutely. Potential to be the next worst thing? You betcha. Obviously this storyline is very far-fetched but hey, some have said Assassin’s Creed has gone stale. So why not jump the shark and try for something no one would ever expect?

What do you think about our top 5 Assassin’s Creed locations picks so far and the possible space-take on the series? Sound off over on Twitter @PrimaGames, just be kind … this particular pick is our one Very Big One that we’d like to see while knowing it will likely never happen due to the narrative risks involved. But who knows, maybe this will spawn a nifty game for a new IP! We can dream!

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