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5 Amazing Battlefield 4 Videos You Must See

by Prima Games Staff

More than other games, Battlefield 4 brought out some of the best gameplay, stunt and cinematic videos we’ve seen. It likely has to do with the game looking amazing, especially on the PC.

After getting a late night hankering to hunt down incredible Battlefield 4 videos, we had to share some of our findings with you. Of course, lists such as this are subject to what each of us values for entertainment, so if there’s something you disagree with or something we missed, by all means let us know in the comment section below.

In no particular order…

Russkhof – Insane Mid-Air Kill Jet Stunt

If you’re wondering, that’s his title, not ours. We must point out that 99 times out of 100, he misses this and the jet goes floating out of bounds while PTFO purists scream to their squad mates. Still, you can’t deny this is a stunt not many people could ever hope to pull off. Well done, Russkhof.

FRANKIEonPCin1080p – Jet Swap with JackFrags

Love him or hate him, with over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Frankie is one popular guy. We will admit, however, that the title of this video might be a happy accident when it comes to accuracy and viewer expectations. While there is technically a jet swap, it’s not exactly as you’d expect. Still, the witty banter between Frankie and JackFrags makes this video entertaining.

Blitzeh – C4 Quad Bike vs Attack Helicopter

As longtime fans and masters of the Main Battle Tank, we wouldn’t be the least bit upset if C4 vanished from the game. Actually, we would, but only because of Blitzeh. Flat out, this is one of the luckiest kills we’ve ever seen. Did you notice that he didn’t actually hit the helicopter he was originally trying for? That makes the person he killed the unluckiest Battlefield 4 player that day. We’ve been there.

ponylionHD – Jet-A-Ski

This clip makes us genuinely angry. It should make Frankie and Jack angry too, since their jet didn’t float, yet this one seems at home in the ocean. Why does it make us angry? Simply because we didn’t think of this ourselves and cash in on the 178,000 plus YouTube views. Alright, enough talking, go watch this and try to imagine if you were the LevelBF player in the jet. “Hello, Razer? I need a new everything because I just threw my entire gaming setup out the window.”

The Two Scotsmen – Hoodoo_Operator – Through My Eyes

This is quite simply one of the most amazing Battlefield 4 videos. We’re not sure what they do for a living, but whoever made this should probably get paid for it. Nothing we can say is going to do it justice, so watch and enjoy.