10 Reasons Why You Need Kazuha in Genshin Impact

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a Kazuha

If you don’t like how Kazuha plays, it’s okay to be wrong. I’m just kidding, but really, Kadehara Kazuha is one of the best units in Genshin Impact aside from Bennett, and I will not budge on this. If you’re still not convinced by the end of this article that you need a Kazuha in your life, then I have failed as a Kazuha Main, but here are my reasons that every account on Genshin Impact needs a Kazuha in their roster. 

Ten Reasons Why You Need To Pull For Kazuha in Genshin Impact

1. Canadian Aether

One of the most popular jokes that took the internet by storm aside from the amount of hats Kazuha loves to collect was that people joked he was Canadian Aether. Designs about Kazuha were just coming out, whispers were being told about his kit, and the community was disappointed that they were being handed a Five-Star character who was another Anemo sword user. Only when he came out, people immediately fell in love with his kit and design, including yours truly.

With Kazuha so closely connected to the designs of swirling maple leaves in both his clothing and Elemental Burst, he was officially dubbed the Canadian Aether. I even have the approval of a Canadian to state that, yes, Kazuha is the official representation of Canada in Genshin Impact (all jokes).

2. Crowd Control

This is the main reason people absolutely adore Kazuha. He’s great at controlling where enemies are popping off to and gathering them back into a central area where you can hit them with Skills and Bursts to unleash a flurry of attacks. You do have characters like Sucrose and Venti, but the issue with them is that it is not centralized. Sucrose is a great replacement for Kazuha if you don’t have him because she essentially does the same thing. She does excellent swirl damage and gathers enemies into one general area with both her Burst and Skill for you to whale attacks. Venti’s Burst, however, and take it from the Anemo Queen here, is unpredictable; it can go just about anywhere on the board, even if it’s where enemies were prior. Another issue with Venti is that he won’t pull everyone as easily as Kazuha will. A stupid and insane design choice that Hoyoverse just hasn’t bothered to fix aside from “making the enemies less heavy.” In the end, it really doesn’t do as much drag as Kazuha’s Skill can.

Whether with a tap or a hold, Kazuha can bring all your enemies to you and make a great splash while doing so. He’s also great for making cats dance.

3. Swirling Skill

“When You Lose Characters In Kazuha’s Skill/Burst” Screenshot by Prima Games

Kazuha’s special skill is that by increasing his Elemental Mastery, he’ll do more damage when it comes to Swirling meaning that through his Elemental Skill or Burst, he will pick up elements and apply them into the area. For his Skill, he’ll pull in whatever Element he comes into contact with and apply them to other enemies if they are caught up in his vacuum. This can be great for setting up attacks against enemies, ensuring more Elemental Reactions against them.

4. Element Application Ultimate

You’ll often see Kazuha used in many damage showcases because of his Elemental Skill and Burst. Mainly for his Burst which can be used to apply a separate element while your DPS is piling on the damage with an opposing element to maximize on Reaction damage. The most popular one being Kazuha swirling Hydro or Pyro for the vice versa Damage dealer. For example, you’ll smack down Kazuha to swirl Pyro and switch to Childe to deal Ultimate damage for his Hydro-boosted damage. This trick can be used for just about any of your damage dealers by helping apply elements to a wide variety of enemies or to just one depending on if you’re marking up for a showcase or just in everyday daily battles.

5. Puzzle Skips

Gosh, I have skipped so many domain puzzles between Venti and Kazuha. Who wants to solve puzzles when you can just skip a majority of them by flying right over? Mind you, Kazuha will often be the better of the two when it comes to flying over things, but Venti can be good for getting height. Combine the two and you have the perfect team to avoid long-winded puzzles. Kazuha also has a short countdown when it comes to his Skill so you can use it midflight and gather even more air so you’re flying for longer or saving yourself from a dangerous slip. 

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6. Best Story Involvement

Screenshot from Genshin Impact YouTube New Character Demo – “Kaedehara Kazuha: Wandering Winds”

This might be my most controversial statement in this article, but I genuinely think that Kazuha is absolutely the underrated spoiled child in Genshin Impact. He’s given some of the coolest story parts whether he’s saving you from the Raiden Shogun (spoiler warning, I guess?) or being possessed to craft a sword. He’s in all of the fun events such as the first challenge where we meet him, and in the Courage Event that occurred in Inazuma. He’s an all-around great character who has seen some highlight moments in the game, the unspoken main character in Genshin Impact who is often left behind but never forgotten (I’m sorry, Albedo).

7. Great At Any Level

I have Kazuha on both a main account and a F2P account, but he is just as fantastic at Level 40 as he is at Level 90. It’s not like I can take him up any higher on the second account either. I haven’t gotten to Inazuma. For players who are just coming into the game and not powering through the story, this is an issue that will arise. Some characters, you just aren’t able to build high enough. Sumeru characters don’t have this issue and we likely won’t see it with Fontaine either given its placement, but Inazuma is meant to be a secluded nation that is cut off from the world and, oh boy, have they cut it off for players trying to character build.

However, though his damage can’t compare to my main account Kazuha, he does still gather enemies, swirl Elements, and powers up my DPS. Without a half-decent artifact set, he can fall at the drop of a hat, but he is still useful for his primary purpose, whether he is built for his Elemental Mastery or Anemo Damage. 

“Level 40 Kazuha. You Do What You Gotta Do.” Screenshot by Prima Games

8. Easy Build

Which leads to the question of actually building Kazuha – what is the best build for him? Honestly, the community is pretty divided, but he works best on Elemental Mastery when he’s at C0. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make him a DPS, it’s just what’s well-advised. But the more constellations you get for Kazuha, the better Anemo DPS he will make. It also just depends on what sword you have placed on him as well. When focusing on the Sands, Goblet, and Crown, you can either go for all Elemental Mastery or the standard DPS build of Attack, Anemo Damage Bonus, and Crit Rate/Damage.

9. So Many Swords

My gosh, the number of swords that exist in Genshin Impact can all be boiled down for use on Kazuha. There are Three-Star Swords for those just starting out, Four-Star swords—often ones you either get from completing his story quest or special events that occur in Inazuma—, and not to mention, you can just spoil your boy by going ham and getting him that Five-Star sword. Whether it’s Freedom-Sword or Mistsplitter, it all depends on how you want to build your Kazuha, but you honestly can’t go wrong. There are so many to choose from, and because Hoyoverse refuses to come out with an HP-based Sword, they are all based on Elemental Mastery or Attack, which makes them great swords for Kazuha. There are even craftable items as well, whether you make the Iron Sting and refine it to its maximum, or use the event item Toukabou Shigure from the Courage event. And that’s just items that aren’t even involved in weapon banners. Either way, if you were to pull Kazuha, you would not be lost on what Sword to bequeath to him. In fact, I have too many swords for both of my Kazuha’s.  

10. Special Dishes

Now, this may be a small oversight on my part, but I really like when Five-Star dishes aren’t always complicated dishes. Kazuha’s is a very straightforward dish of Fish that will revive party members. It’s cheap and inexpensive, and because you get a chance at a signature dish, the stats are boosted to make it slightly better. Once again, this makes him so much better whether you have a world with level 40 characters or one with level 90. He makes life so much easier by having him on the team, with a powered-up revive dish, and not even requiring all that much for his signature dish. Of course, they always do appear on the chance that he is the one cooking it, but it’s such a quality-of-life fix that tailors with how easy-going a character he is both in story and build.

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Kazuha is a fabulous character that can fit into just about any team composition, even a mono Anemo. Which you would think wouldn’t be as fun, but if you’re able to pull together other elements from either enemies or the nature nearby, you can absolutely make a mono Anemo team work with Kazuha present.

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