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Should You C6 Bennett in Genshin Impact? – Answered

The biggest loaded question in Genshin

One of the biggest concerns aside from whether we will ever reunite with our sibling in Genshin Impact is: does it actually make a difference if you C6 Benny? What does it affect, and will it ruin your team compositions for good if you do so? Well, it all depends on a few things. So, should you C6 Bennett in Genshin Impact?

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Why is it Bad to Unlock Benny’s Sixth and Final Constellation in Genshin Impact?

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The major concern about unlocking Benny’s final constellation is that in his AOE Elemental Burst, it’ll convert all damage from Normal Attack to Pyro Attack. Benny is one of the prized characters in Genshin Impact, no matter who you come across in the game, they are sure to heap praises on everyone’s good boy Bennet. He heals, he increases all manners of attack for your characters and if you build him hilariously right, he can deal heaps of damage by accident before you even switch over to your main DPS. 

Most players normally steer away from Bennett’s sixth constellation because they fear that it’ll mess up with his build for good and ruin just about all of his team compositions. But the only type of build that you need to fear when using a C6 Benny is when you use any type of build that is based on Physical Damage.

Officially, Bennett’s Sixth Constellation increases Pyro Damage by 15 percent and converts Swords, Claymores, and Polearms to convert to Pyro rather than dealing Normal Attack. Based on the wording in Bennett’s Constellation, this isn’t based on his individual Normal Attack and will actually just take the character’s damage but convert it into Pyro. Your normal DPS isn’t losing out on much unless you are fighting against Pyro-shielded enemies. 

Because of this, having a Physical Damage build combined with Bennett’s sixth constellation can break your ability to use Eula or Razor. Since Physical Damage Bonus is a stat that you can boost in Genshin Impact, you lose those stats when Benny converts it all to Pyro Damage. But say you have a character built all into Attack? Then it’ll only convert the character’s Attack damage into Pyro.

All in all, C6’ing Benny isn’t as dangerous as you might think it is. It doesn’t ruin him or his build, but it can affect a few select characters in your roster. If you have Physical Damage characters that you heavily rely on to do your day-to-day tasks or general team rotation then it’s perfectly alright to leave Bennett at C5. You won’t be losing out on too much, but you will need to get used to the little red marker in the upper right-hand corner of your characters. 

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