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How to Get the Wings of the Starlit Feast Glider in Genshin Impact

Pizza Hut wings without having to order Pizza Hut

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Wings of Starlit Feast Redeem

Genshin Impact collabs with restaurants tend to never hit overseas. That was the case with KFC, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s, who all got game-inspired servings and merch exclusively in their selected countries (China for the first two, Malaysia and Singapore for Domino’s). They also offered exclusive in-game rewards for those who visited the restaurants during the collab period.

The KFC-exclusive wind glider was later distributed overseas but reserved only for content creators, making the community excessively salty about that. Luckily, the Pizza Hut-exclusive wind glider Wings of Starlit Feast is not a victim of the same methods and will be distributed in a more accessible way.

How to Claim the Wings of Starlit Feast in Genshin Impact

This Pizza Hut-inspired glider will be distributed through Amazon’s Prime Gaming loot rewards. Genshin Impact has been receiving special Prime Gaming codes for a while (giving Primogems, Resin, and other rewards), and these wings will be sent to players that have been using them.

To get the wings, all you need to do is to use at least four out of the eight different Prime Gaming Bundles distributed. Since each account can only redeem one bundle code per period, they all need to belong to different months. After all eight codes are distributed, the Wings of Starlit Feast will be automatically sent through in-game email for players who redeemed enough of them.

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If you have an Amazon Prime Subscription, you can claim your Genshin Impact (and more gaming loot) through their official site. And for redeeming the code itself, you can either visit Genshin’s official site or directly through the game by going into Settings > Account > Redeem Code.

According to the official announcement, the last Prime Gaming code expires on May 31, which means that the glider should be arriving following this date for the America, Europe, Asia, and TW, HK, and MO servers.

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