Everybody and their mothers are talking about DOOM Eternal and its hellish good time and cocaine-like gameplay. It's damned near perfect, giving both new and old fans alike of this franchise something to salivate over. But just because it's close doesn't mean it's actually perfect and we've all got our small gripes about the latest Bethesda game. Apparently one of those gripes is jumping and rapper Ice-T is having none of that airborne shenanigans. 

If you follow Ice-T on Twitter (which you should, it's hilarious), you'll know that he often shares his "Gamer Stuff" where he talks about his latest gaming ventures and which titles hold his current obsession. It looks like he'll be putting Destiny 2 down for a little bit, because like the rest of us -- he's hooked on the latest DOOM entry:

Just not hooked on all the jumping:

To be fair, he's definitely not knocking the game. So why are we writing this? For those that have followed my previous work on other sites (especially through CBS), you already know that I'm a huge Ice-T fan and we bonded over a shared love of Destiny 2. Also, I just wanted an excuse to write about Ice-T and DOOM Eternal. 

Sue me. 

For me personally, I started following him on social media when I spotted a Cayde-6 from Destiny 2 statue in a post about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The nerdy collector within me just couldn't let it go without saying anything and though I don't think I'll ever get to raid with him any time soon, it was a cool little moment in the name of Cayde. That, or I'm just stupidly obsessed with Destiny's now-deceased Hunter. Tomato, Tomahto:

As for the game itself, DOOM Eternal, and its jumping, is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Be sure to check out our game hub here for more news, tips, and tricks regarding id's latest title!