Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide

Avoid deaths, grab Totems and survive the night as we offer a free walkthrough of every choice in the game. There are tons of paths to take and a near infinite number of endings, but we've got you covered!

Until Dawn is a unique survival horror game released on August 25, 2015. The game is developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. This page will serve as the Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. From here you’ll be able to beat every chapter, saving as many of your characters as possible. We’ll also show you where to find all of the game’s Totems, as well as Clues in case you’re on the collectible hunt.

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The tricky part about Until Dawn is that any of the hundreds of decisions you’ll have to make could lead to a butterfly effect that drastically changes the way the story plays out for you in future chapters. It even changes the title of each chapter, which is why we’ve opted to use the time until dawn as our chapter titles. For this reason, you might find that some of what we encountered isn’t the same as what you experienced. However, if you are stuck at a particular crossroads and don’t know what to do, chances are we have been there and can help you make the best decision possible.

Before we jump into the walkthrough, let’s start off with a few tips.

  • Collect Totems and Clues, as they can help you avoid trouble, and in some cases are required in order to save the life of some of your characters.
  • Never let your guard down during cut scenes, as Until Dawn has many QTEs that can save your life, or lead to your death. One mistake and you’re done.
  • There are no save slots, so whatever happens on your first play through is permanent. All of your characters could live, or they could all die. It’s up to you.
  • As a general rule, don’t wander off on your own. In some situations leaving the group can lead to your death, but staying with has yet to backfire on us.
  • The game tells you that sometimes choosing to do nothing is the best option, and we can confirm that on several occasions this advice saved someone’s life.

Until Dawn Prologue – Hannah and Beth
Players will have to make a tough choice in the Until Dawn prologue. We can help you make the best decision to get things started off on the right foot.

Until Dawn Chapter 1: 10 Hours Until Dawn
This chapter is all about meeting the characters, as well as a few jump scares. We’ll make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Until Dawn Chapter 2: 9 Hours Until Dawn
The anticipation of trouble makes this one of the scariest chapters in the game, but it’s also one of the most fun. Things still haven’t popped off, but they’re about to.

Until Dawn Chapter 3: 8 Hours Until Dawn
Prepare to fight for your life in this chapter, as Mike, Jessica, Ashley, Josh and Chris are all in trouble. Stick with us if you want to live through the night and see dawn.

Until Dawn Chapter 4: 7 Hours Until Dawn
We lost our first character in this chapter, but we know exactly what we did wrong, and can help you to avoid making the same mistakes. We suffer so you don’t have to.

Until Dawn Chapter 5: 6 Hours Until Dawn
We didn’t lose any characters in this chapter, but we did end up losing a few fingers. Follow our advice to make sure each character keeps all their fingers and toes.

Until Dawn Chapter 6: 5 Hours Until Dawn
A missed QTE led to a death, but we can help you avoid our mistake. We can also help you through some tense moments between Ashley and Chris.

Until Dawn Chapter 7: 4 Hours Until Dawn
Prepare to spend most of your time in the mines, and they aren’t a fun place to be. This chapter will test your ability to survive the harshest circumstances imaginable.

Until Dawn Chapter 8: 3 Hours Until Dawn
We lost someone else because of a missed QTE, but again we can make sure that you learn from our mistakes and make it out of this one without a death.

Until Dawn Chapter 9: 2 Hours Until Dawn
You can lose at least one character in this chapter, and it’s just one wrong decision that will lead to the death. As dawn approaches, follow our path exactly.

Until Dawn Chapter 10: 1 Hour Until Dawn
The game will conclude with a lot of possible deaths on the table. We played through this one no less than five times, ensuring that our advice was rock solid throughout.

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