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Overwatch Hero Guide and Tips

by Bryan Dawson

This Overwatch Hero Guide covers each hero to give you tips and advice on how to play and use each ability. Overwatch released on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 24, 2016 and has become an addictive venture for many first-person shooter fans. Offering a unique take on the team FPS genre that many compare to Team Fortress 2, Overwatch has a feel only Blizzard games can deliver.

Over time we will be adding to this Hero Guide so that you have everything you need to be competitive at Overwatch. For now we’ve started with the more popular heroes and will be working out way through each one, as well as adding tips on how to defeat troublesome and annoying heroes and how to become competitive in the Overwatch esports scene.

Overwatch Tips and Strategy

Best Characters for Beginners
Choose the right Hero with this list of the best Overwatch characters for beginning players.

The Best Ultimate Abilities In Overwatch
From Hanzo’s Dragonstrike to Bastion’s Tank Configuration, here’s the best in Overwatch’s Ultimate Abilities.

Which Character to Play First
If you’re playing the Beta for the first time, we’ve got some suggestions for easy heroes in every character class!

Overwatch Heroes

How to Play Reinhardt
Reinhardt may seem like a fairly basic tank at first, but he has quite a bit of utility as well.

How to Play Widowmaker
The resident sniper of Overwatch doesn’t have a lot of utility but she can snipe enemies from afar.

How to Play Winston
Winston isn’t a traditional tank, but he certainly gets the job done!

How to Play Mercy
Every team needs a support hero and Mercy seems to be the popular choice!

How to Play Hanzo
Learn how to play as one of the resident snipers in Overwatch!

How to Play Tracer
Tracer is a challenging character to learn, but one of the best in the game once mastered.

How to Play Genji
Find out how Hanzo’s brother may be more deadly despite his lack of range.

How to Play Zenyatta
One of the more challenging support heroes also has quite a bit of offensive power.

How to Play Soldier 76
If you’re new to Overwatch, Soldier 76 is probably the easiest character for you to play.

How to Play Bastion
The character everyone loves to hate is here to stay. Get some useful tips on how to play Bastion.

How to Play Lucio
If you want to play as a support with a bit of mobility, Lucio may be just the character for you.

How to Play Symmetra
Learn how to use her various utility tools to greatly benefit your team!

How to Play McCree
It’s got to be high noon somewhere in the world, especially if you’re looking for McCree tips!

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