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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Nightmare Levels Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is an excellent game for the money. Not only does it feature a campaign as long as some full priced titles, but it’s just as amazing to play through as its predecessor, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

We’ve been hard at work covering The Old Blood from all angles, helping you to track down all of the game’s Letters and unlocking the Postman trophy. Today, however, we’re going to switch gears to the Nightmare levels, allowing you to take a break from the high definition slaughter of Nazi forces standing in the way of hero William “B.J.” Blakowicz.

Prologue – German Alps Nightmare Level

You can find the first Nightmare level after passing through the checkpoint where Blazkowicz makes the “hotdog” joke. Turn around and grab a key from the desk opposite of where Rudi Jäger and his Nazi pal were standing. From here, go down the elevator and outside to the cable car. Don’t get into the car, but turn to your right and use the key on the locked gate. Follow the path until you find a bed. That’s where the Nightmare level is located.

Chapter 1 – Prison Nightmare Level

You can find this Nightmare level when you drop through a cell floor. The cell you drop through has ticks used to count groups of five on the wall. Once you drop through the floor, hop off the bunk bed and turn to look at it. If you interact with the bottom bunk you’ll trigger the Nightmare level.

Chapter 2 – Docks Nightmare Level

You can access the Nightmare after getting out of one boat and then into another. You’ll stop to pull a lever and open a gate. The bed with the Nightmare level is located in the corner of the same platform.

Chapter 3 – Wolfenstein Keep Nightmare Level

The Nightmare can be found after fighting your way through a large dining room and up some stairs. You’ll pass through a hatch and into a dark room with two large chains on the right. Jump over the railing to find the Nightmare below.

Chapter 4 – Escape Nightmare Level

This Nightmare is available as soon as you enter the tavern, before the boss fight against Rudi Jäger. Head up the steps once you’re inside and you’ll find the mattress that leads to the Nightmare level on the floor in the corner.

Chapter 5 – Wulfburg Nightmare Level

This Nightmare is found after killing the second Commander and dropping off the roof into the alley. Keep following the alley, turning into an alcove with a truck. The mattress is on the left side.

Chapter 6 – Ruins Nightmare Level

You’ll find the Nightmare level after leaving the boathouse and taking a swim, then climbing up the ladder. When you climb the ladder, follow the dock to the left and then as it curves to the right. You’ll find the Nightmare level tucked away next to a giant wheel.

Chapter 7 – Old Town Nightmare Level

To find this Nightmare, take your Laderoboter across the bridge and toward the car. Kill the Nazis and the zombies nearby, then get out and hop over the railing to the right. Swim underwater and through the nearby tunnel. When you surface near the end, climb out of the water and find the mattress that leads to the Nightmare level nearby.

Chapter 8 – Guten Tag Nightmare Level

The final Nightmare in the game can be found shortly after going through a door and finding several Nazi shoulders with their backs turned to you. Don’t bother engaging with them, just go up the stairs to the left, taking another left toward a broken staircase. Jump into the hole and drop down, then climb through the small opening on your left. You’ll find the bunk that triggers the Nightmare level in that room.

There is just no way that you’re done with this game. If you went for all of the Nightmares, there’s a good chance you have more to do. You can likely cross a few items off your list by visiting our Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough.

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