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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – All Letter Locations, Postman Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, like its predecessor, has many collectibles and secrets for gamers to unlock while they slaughter Nazis. For starters, you have the Gold Items, which most gamers are bound to find a few of even if they aren’t trying. There are also Nightmare sequences for each level, but those are tougher to track down.

Today, however, we’re going to cover Letters, one of the easier batches of goodies to locate during your travels. Unlike the two options we already mentioned, there tends to be one letter per level, and sometimes there will be none. In other words, it’s a low effort way to snag another trophy for your virtual case.

Prologue | Helga’s Letter

You can find this Letter when Wesley lowers the ladder for Blazkowicz. Climb up, and when you reach the top you’ll want to turn right, go into the office and find the collectible on the desk.

Chapter 1 – Prison | Lotti Kohl Letter

This collectible is found right at the beginning of the chapter. Reach under the wall and grab Lotti Kohl’s Letter. There is a price to be paid, however, as you’ll get bitten by a nasty rat.

Chapter 3 – Wolfenstein Keep | Ingrid’s Letter

Players can snag this Letter shortly after the kitchen. When you come to a hallway with a guard and one dog, look for a door on the right with Rudi Jager’s name on it. The collectible is in the fireplace.

Chapter 3 – Wolfenstein Keep | Al-Biruni’s Letter

This collectible is found in the library. Start by retrieving a key from a display case in one of the corners. With the key in hand, look for a painting of a man wearing red and holding a sword. There is a small table below the painting, and that’s where the key goes. This will open up a secret area, and inside you will find the Letter.

Chapter 4 – Escape | Sophie’s Letter

You can find this Letter right at the end of the chapter, just before you get into the boat. Look for a table next to the boat, snagging the collectible sitting right on top of it.

Chapter 5 – Wulfburg | Wesley’s Letter

This collectible is found inside of Agent Two’s house. Look on the table in the middle of the room to find Wesley’s Letter sitting near the edge. There’s also a Gold Item nearby.

Chapter 5 – Wulfburg | Schreiner’s Letter

This Letter is found after you enter Helga’s room with the serving tray. Instead of going to the table, go to the right and into the back corner. The collectible is sitting below a window.

Chapter 6 – Ruins | Katrin’s Letter

One of the easier collectibles to find and forget, this can be grabbed just after you get your Sawed Off Shotgun. Kill the zombie, then grab the Letter from the boat that you just pulled from under the docks.

Chapter 7 – Old Town | Helmut’s Letter

Shortly after the start of the chapter you’ll be able to find this Letter. After disembarking from your Laderoboter, climbing through a window and pulling a lever, be sure to snag Helmut’s Letter from the nearby table.

Chapter 8 – Dig Site | King Otto’s Letter

The final Letter in the game can be found in the same shack where you kill one of the Commanders. From the chapter starting point, push forward, hugging the left wall. You’ll come to a building with one of the Commanders inside. Kill him and grab King Otto’s Letter from the desk inside.

If you’ve been following our walkthrough and grabbed all of the Letters in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, you will now unlock the Postman trophy for the PS4. If you’re on the Xbox One or PC, this will be referred to as the Postman achievement.

Not done with the game? Visit our Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough. We’ll tell you how to beat every chapter and boss fight, as well as help you grab all of the collectibles.

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