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Wolfenstein: The New Order – All 50 Gold Item Locations – Heart of Gold Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

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Wolfenstein: The New Order has a wealth of secrets hidden throughout its chapters. While most of them are Enigma Codes, there are certainly a few other goodies to be on the lookout for. Today, we’re going to cover all locations for Gold Items in the game.

It should be noted that none of the collectibles can be missed. Even if you finish the game, you can go back under new save and continue with your collectible progress. It also doesn’t matter if you choose Fergus or Wyatt, the collectibles throughout the campaign remain the same.

Chapter 1: Deathshead’s Compound

You’ll find it after breaching a large metal door close to two Commanders. You will come to two sets of stairs with an area you can pass through between and underneath them. Don’t go up the stairs. Instead, walk between them and take a small crawlspace at the back left. When you emerge, go into the next room and you’ll find the Gold Medal on a desk. If you’re having trouble finding this, stealth killing the Commanders in the area will show this gold item’s location on your map.

It’s found after destroying the two guns. You’ll come to a platform that has a machine gun and small set of stairs to the right. You’ll also see some bins nearby that say “Super Beton” on them. Go up the stairs, turn left and walk past the gun. Go through a door that says “D6” on it. Crouch and look underneath a tarp to find the Gold Goblet.

Find it just after you get into the compound and go down a shaft with a huge metal chain. There will be bad guys throughout this area, but there is also a Commander holed up in what looks like a dining room. There will be a table and some pictures on the wall behind it. The Gold Chalice is on the desk behind the table.

This can be found shortly after the last item. You’ll come to a room that has a spiral staircase or a painting that you can move to reveal a secret tunnel. Go between the stairs and the secret tunnel to find the Gold Sword on the wall in that very same room.

You can snag this item just after going outside and walking around the wooden catwalk. You’ll go back in a window and find a cart that may be guarded by a couple of soldiers. Kill them, then backtrack to some nearby crates. The Gold Floorball is in one of the crates just before you reach the cart. Smash them open with your knife to obtain it.

Chapter 2: Asylum

You can find this after clearing out both levels of the asylum and stepping outside. There is a car near the door. Go to the front of it and crouch down. You should spot a Gold Ornament under the front bumper. Make sure you get this prior to going over and helping Anya. If you progress the story you’ll have to load a previous checkpoint to get this item.

Chapter 3: A New Home

This item is found just before you take a chainsaw to the captured Commander in the basement. You’ll find the Gold Watch sitting on a small table to his left. You need to get it before you begin torturing him or the cut scene will kick in and you’ll have to start again.

You’ll be able to pick this gold item up between the first and second Commander, just after the old man helps pull you out of the trunk. There is a wooden shack near the back area of the map. Between a gap in the boards, you’ll find the Gold Egg.

This is found at the very last part of the map, just before you get back into the vehicle with the old couple and Anya. There will be two platforms with large turrets on them. Take one of the turrets off, then go to the second platform. You’ll see some crates covering up a metal plate. Blast them all to pieces to reveal a small tunnel. When you go inside, the Gold Medallion will be on a small shelf.

The final gold item in this chapter is located on the train, just after you are interviewed by two Nazis. You’ll be carrying the coffee and tray, but instead of going down the hall to the bedrooms, duck into a linen hallway to the left. You’ll find the Gold Door Knob just inside a barely opened closet door.

Chapter 4: Eisenwald Prison

You’ll find the Gold Plate just after you get the Laser Cutter and battery. Go back out into the hallway where you’ll find a fence. Cut the fence to head inside to snatch up the item.

Your next gold item is in the next room from the last. Look for another fence that you have to cut with your Laser Cutter. You’ll find the fence and Gold Frame just before the window you exit out of.

The third item is in the coal loader room. You have to clear the room of bad guys, then drop to the first floor. You’ll find the Gold Nugget sitting on a pile of coal at the opposite end of the room from where you entered.

This item is located just after you break either Fergus or Wyatt out of prison. You’ll start making your way to the outside in an attempt to escape. When you get to a maze of hallways, check all of the rooms that have bunk beds in them. You’ll find the Gold Helmet laying in a locker at the back of the room.

Chapter 5: A New Hope

Find this gold item near the main room of the hideout. You’ll find another room with a bed and a large painting on the wall. Remove the painting to find a secret passage way. Make your way through the passage until you find a small hole on the left side. You’ll see the Gold Urn sitting inside the hole.

Chapter 6: London Nautica

Find the first gold item at the beginning of the chapter, just after the huge explosion that causes all kinds of debris to clutter the front of the building. You can find the Gold Statue Plate at the base of it a statue that was destroyed in the chaos.

Snag your next gold collectible after you first get into the building. You’ll have a gun battle with several bad guys. Clear them all out, then check the main foyer for a trophy case. It will be on the first floor, and inside that case will be the Gold Carafe.

The next gold item is found when you turn around from the trophy case for the last item. Go up the large set of stairs, then to the right. You’ll find a kitchen area with a back room. Look up to the roof to find a hatch. Once you go through the hatch, follow it all the way to the end and you’ll eventually come to a Gold Knife. You should now be overlooking the foyer that you just came from.

The final item for this chapter is just after you climb up a ladder in the elevator shaft. You should see the number 3 on the wall, and behind you will be a panel that you can cut away with your Laser Cutter. Crawl through the panel and turn to your right. Follow the crawl space until you find and collect the Gold Pocket Flask.

Chapter 7: A Mystery

You’ll come across the only gold item in this chapter as you’re exploring the sewers. When you come to an area where several drones will attack you, go all the way to the end of that hall where you’ll see a drain that you can jump into. Look for a pipe on the side of that drain. Jump in, landing on the lip of the pipe, then crawl through to another area. Go up some stairs and find the Gold Ashtray sitting on a barrel.

Chapter 8: Camp Belica

The first gold item of this chapter can be found by chatting with a person in the prison yard who gives you an optional quest to kill “The Knife.” Find this person at the opposite end of the yard from where you entered. Just return and talk to them after completing their assignment to get the Gold Dagger.

This item is found just after you get to the office building in this mission, go up the scaffolding to the top level. In one of the rooms will be a painting. Interact with the painting to reveal a safe. The combination to the safe is in the same room, in the desk drawer. When you open the safe you can claim a Gold Pistol.

You can find the third gold item in the same building as the last one. Head down a flight of stairs to an area with a desk and two leather chairs behind it. The Gold Bust is sitting on the table behind the desk and between the two chairs. Be sure to clear out the guards in this area before messing with the collectibles.

You can acquire the final gold item in Camp Belica at the very end of the chapter, just after you get out of the robot. Head into the garage area where the car is, but go left and into an office. You will find the Gold Mask sitting in a desk drawer.

Chapter 9: New Tactics

You can find the Gold Vase after getting the assignment to help Anne find her wedding ring. It’s located on the top floor, laying on the ground next to the toilet. This one is very easy to miss.

Chapter 10: Berlin Catacombs

In order to find this item, you’ll have to exit the Tunnel Glider to cut a chain and open a gate. Get back in and go through the gate. A short ways up on your left will be a small tunnel. You’ll have to swim there, but go through the tunnel and climb out of the water. You’ll find a storage room that has a Gold Book on the left side.

You can locate the second gold item after swimming through one of the stopped fans. Climb up on a cement landing and find that a Gold Ladle is laying on the ground waiting for you to pick it up. This is still in the water portion of the mission.

The third gold collectible is in the area where you raise the water. You need to swim under the water and do some exploring. You will find a secret room (still submerged) that contains a Gold Lantern that is laying on the floor.

Picking things up from the last item, jump into the water and dive under. You’re looking for a back tunnel that is blocked a short ways in. Swim to the very end of it and you’ll find a Gold Snake laying there. There is no way to get through the rubble, just grab the item and backtrack.

Find the final gold item of the chapter after using your Laser Cutter to cut some mines free. You’ll swim into an area where there is a stairwell on your left. Go up the stairs, then through a door. Continue to move to this area until you climb up a ladder. The Gold Lunula is in a back room laying on the floor.

Chapter 11: U-Boat

Find the first gold piece of this chapter after the initial room that you start in. While wandering some hallways, look for a door with a keypad if you’re using Wyatt. If you’re using Fergus, you’ll hot-wire a different door that’s close by. Once it’s open, head inside and go to your left to find a Gold Letter Opener.

You’ll find another gold item in the area with all the sleeping quarters. Look through them all until you find a Gold Tray laying on a safe that is next to the beds. You’ll want to clear this area out before trying to find all of the collectibles.

Once you are near the end of the chapter you’ll come to a platform with some objects hanging from the ceiling. You want to go behind the platform to the left. Once there you’ll find the Gold Skull laying there waiting to be claimed.

The final room of the chapter has three gold pieces for you to acquire. After taking the lift up you’ll find a round area with some tables and shelves. Explore the outside of it to find three different items. Make sure not to leave until you pick up the Gold Crown, Gold Robot and Gold Chamber Pot. All of these items are sitting on the outside walls of the room. Not a bad haul for a relatively easy portion of the chapter.

Chapter 12: Gibraltar Bridge

Shortly after this chapter begins, you’ll come to a train car with several people shooting at you through the doors and windows. Clean them out, then go into the door and turn right, exiting to the other side of the car. You’ll find the Gold Army Man on the ground outside. You can tell this train car apart from others because you’ll approach from the side, not the end.

You can find this gold item a short distance after the previous one. You’ll climb on top of a train car, then cross a beam to another. Use your Laser Cutter to slice through the fence, then go through and turn left. You have jump up on some boxes, then sprint and jump over to collect the Gold Compass laying there.

The final gold piece of this chapter is on an area of the bridge that is quite open, and there are a lot of people shooting at you. Before you advance and take them down, look to your left where you’ll see a container with a ramp to the door. Go inside and you’ll see the Gold Rabbit laying on the floor.

Chapter 13: Lunar Base

Find the first gold item near the start of the chapter and after passing by the Kampfhund that won’t bother you. Jump on the conveyor belt and sneak into the next room. You’ll find the Gold Kane laying on the back side of the conveyor belt.

You’ll locate this gold item after entering an area that has two Commanders, and a room straight ahead that has bright beam of light in the middle. Go into that room and then turn to your left. You’ll find the Gold Face Mask laying on a cart behind one of the examination tables in the room.

You can find the Gold Meteor Rock while you are taking your space walk. As you are about to walk down a hill, jump of the ledge instead. You’ll find the item laying on the ground. This is also an area where several drones will be present. You’ve gone too far if you’ve already jumped the large gap.

The last gold piece is found after heading down an escalator to board a train. You’ll end up in a waiting area, but don’t get on the train. Instead, search behind some of the luggage laying on the ground. Eventually you’ll stumble across a Gold Bottle that is sitting on the floor.

Chapter 14: Return to London Nautica

The first of two gold items is located after going outside and descending some scaffolding. You’ll come to a chain that you need to cut with your Laser Cutter. Before you do that, hop up on the ledge beside you and grab the Gold Bangles that are laying nearby. If you cut the chain, start from your previous checkpoint.

The second of two gold collectibles in this chapter will be in an office that looks like a boardroom. On the wall behind the massive table in the middle of the room will be a painting. If you interact with it, a secret room will appear and you can grab the Gold Football from the shelf inside.

Chapter 15: Under Attack

The Gold Shoehorn can be found in one of the bedrooms on the very first floor of the hideout. It will be sitting on a dresser or desk that is on the left hand side of the room when you enter it.

Chapter 16: Return to Deathshead’s Compound

The first gold collectible is found before you climb out of the water. dive underneath and you’ll see a Gold Trowel that is laying just near the stairs by the shore. Once you enter the compound you’ve gone too far.

Find your next hunk of gold as you’re making your way through some hallways that are filled with fallen debris. You need to turn to the right at the end of the hall, but there are some crawl spaces to the left. Search them to find the Gold Armor laying on the ground.

Your third item is found after traveling down some spiral stairs and into an open area that is guarded. On the opposite side of the space will be a bin. If you look inside that bin you’ll be able to collect the Gold Teapot.

The final gold item of the game is obtained during the final set of boss fights, but before you go back inside Deathshead’s compound for the very last part of the battle. Around the open area where the robot roams will be many boxes that can be broken or cut with your Laser Cutter. In the corner you’ll find one such box that contains the Gold Pot inside it.

By following this guide and finding all the gold items, you’ll unlock All that Glitters and Heart of Gold. The first is a trophy or achievement for finding 24 gold items, and the second is unlocked by finding all 50 gold items.

Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.

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