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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Monster Contracts – Devil by the Well, The Merry Widow, Jenny o’ the Woods

by Prima Games Staff

There’s always something to do in CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, between mastering the Gwent card game and spending time romancing beautiful ladies.  While on the subject of the slaughter, there are 26 witcher contracts in the game that send Geralt of Rivia on dangerous quests to defeat particularly nasty monsters. In some instances you’ll discover a creature’s tracks or even its home. Other times you will read notices from terrified villagers begging for assistance. Either way, you stand to gain rewards for ridding the land of these foul beasts.

This feature will tell you how to finish all of the contracts in The Witcher 3. Please keep in mind it is a work in progress and we will add new information daily.

With that out of the way, prepare for the hunt!

Contract: Devil by the Well

You’re free to take part in this contract while Main Quest: Lilac and Gooseberries remains active. In addition, there are three ways to kick off this contract. Speak with Odolan, accept the contract on the Notice Board while visiting White Orchard or locate the noonwraith (also known as Claer) in Hovel village. 

In White Orchard, read about the contract and then travel west to pay Odolan a visit. He reveals plans to rid an Abandoned Village of some creature. Negotiate a price and finish the conversation. 

Follow the marker on the map, which takes you through a wooded area. You will eventually go into the Abandoned Village and see a well.  From this point, you can identify the source of the disturbance by doing the following: 

With Geralt’s Witcher Senses activated, search for burn marks on the grass near the well and a burnt corpse by some bushes.  

Note: You will encounter the noonraith if you explore the well between 12 and six during the day.

Providing you did not meet this creature face to face, you are now able to read about it in Geralt’s Bestiary, filed under the Specters category. You must now find out why the noonwraith loves this village. 

You will see three locations on the map. First head east and use your Witcher Senses to find three key things: a man who was stabbed with a knife, an old diary that reveals some clues (it makes mention of a bracelet) and some fingernail marks left by a woman who probably didn’t make it. 

Return to the well and examine the rope to discover blood. If you look into this well, you find the unfortunate woman who penned the diary. Her corpse is short an arm. 

Is the bracelet in the well somewhere? There’s only one way to find out, so jump into the well, swim to the bottom and grab the bracelet.

With the bracelet in Geralt’s possession, surface and then go past a waterfall, eventually onto land. Read the bracelet (“To Claer – From Volker”) and now head east. Dive into the tunnel and continue moving until you spot a pond. Get onto dry land and go back to the Abandoned Village. 

It’s almost time to battle Claer the noonwraith, so make sure you have Specter Oil, Moon Dust Bombs, Dimeritium Bombs and place Yrden Sign magic at the ready. This makes defeating the noonwraith much easier. 

Return to the well once more and look at Claer’s body. Interact with the corpse and both it and the bracelet will catch fire and produce a green light. This essentially kicks off the battle. 

After killing the monster, rummage through its body and collect the trophy.  Attach this trophy to Geralt’s horse, Roach, and ride back to Odolan. Let him know the noonwraith is no more and he will fork over whatever reward you both agreed upon. 

Conversely, if you met the noonwraith between the hours of 12 and six (and killed it), you will go to White Orchard and check the Notice Board. This leads you to Odolan who automatically hands over a predetermined reward. 

If you wish to know more about Claer, speak to Tomira the Herbalist at her place.  Eventually a headstone and wreath magically appear in the village of Hovel, and people move there. 

Contract: Jenny o’ the Woods 

The best way to start this quest is to read the Notice Board while in Midcopse.  You may also encounter some clues in the fields and then travel to Midcopse. 

Meet Bolko in Midcopse to learn of a strange being inhabiting the nearby fields. Negotiate a price to dispose of this menace named Jenny. Really? How could something named Jenny be bad? 

Anyway, leave Bolko and you’ll happen upon a woman named Agneta hanging out in the long grass near the village outskirts. Apparently she saw Jenny, but it was a bit dark (this occurred at night) to make things out. Bid her farewell and leave. 

While in Midcopse, head northwest until you come to some farmland. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and inspect the ground. You’ll discover a woman’s footprints leading to some blood. Now examine this blood to learn the woman was murdered. Pick up the knife nearby. 

Explore the grassy path that takes you northwest. Pay close attention for signs indicating a dead body was pulled along the ground. You wind up near a thicket, so check the ground to find a grave.  There’s a letter in there. 

In the note, you learn that a girl named Zula feared a man by the name of Bokhai. Geralt comes to the conclusion that Bokhai murdered her, so head to Midcopse and tell this to the ealdorman, who reveals both Zula and her lover vanished roughly seven days ago. Zula may in fact be Jenny. Bolko sends Geralt to a clearing where she used to hang out. 

Before heading over there, travel northwest until you encounter a campfire. Search the area and kill anyone who may interfere with the ensuing battle. 

Wait until the sun goes down and now interact with the campfire. Jenny o’ the Woods appears, and it’s time for her to taste Geralt’s silver sword. Additionally, bring Yrden Sign magic, Specter Oil, Moon Dust Bombs and Dimeritium Bombs to make this fight go your way. 

Jenny the nightwraith is dead! Search her corpse to find Dark Essence, along with her remains (Nightwraith trophy). Place the items on Roach and then claim the reward from Bolko. Contract quest complete!

Contract: The Merry Widow

Similar to other Witcher 3 Contracts, you can activate The Merry Widow one of two ways. The most ideal option involves heading to Lindenvale and accepting the contract from the Notice Board, but you can also find clues while in Mourntart’s Hut. 

The post in Lindenvale is about a creature that kidnapped the miller’s boy, dug up some graves in the cemetery and attacked anyone who had the unfortunate displeasure of encountering the beast.   

Begin by traveling to the gravedigger’s cottage, which is located to the northeast of town. You will find him leaning on a fence by some headstones. Engage him in conversation to learn about his kid, then negotiate a price for Geralt’s services. 

From here, head north on the path, and when you reach the junction, go south. This leads you to a tiny chapel.  Arrive during the day and you must kill some rabid dogs and Wraiths. If you approach the chapel at night the game replaces dogs with Ghouls. 

Now it is time to use your Witcher Senses. First examine three dug up graves. 

After doing that, head west (to the right) of the chapel and you will find another dug-up grave close to a wall. Pick up the body’s scent and go after it. 

The hill takes you behind the chapel near a stone bridge in disrepair. Continue along the path and kill the bear. The body’s smell turns left at the junction, then terminates at Mourntart’s Hut. Go inside and examine the bones, twigs, reeds, skin, flesh and pot. 

You will discover the following:

  • The pot proves that the monster can use items. 
  • There’s a child’s femur inside the pot on the fire. 
  • There are skulls positioned in a circle, suggesting the monster has access to a Place of Power. 

Geralt arrives at the conclusion that a Grave Hag is responsible for this. Collect the skulls, return to the chapel and go inside. Now place the skulls on the altar.

Grave Hag Mourntart appears, so go after her with Geralt’s silver sword. Additionally, Quen Sign magic, Yrden Sign magic, Necrophage Oil and a Black Blood potion will give you a huge advantage.

When she’s dead, collect the Grave Hag parts (Grave Hag’s Ear, Grave Hag’s Tooth, Grave Hag Trophy) and place the evidence on Roach. Ride to Lindenvale and inform the gravedigger of his son’s grisly fate. Collect the reward and this contract is now complete.

Contract: Missing Brother

You’ll find this contract on the Notice Board at the Inn of the Crossroads. You will also locate clues in the cave.

You learn of a missing man by the name of Mikel. His brother, Bruno, wants to find out what happened to his sibling. 

Begin by entering the Inn at the Crossroads and locate Bruno in a corner.  You find out that Mikel took some women to the hills about a week ago, specifically the old mines. Negotiate Geralt’s rate for this contract and learn even more about Mikel. Turns out, he left wearing calfskin ankle boots, which probably seems irrelevant now. 

Call for Roach and head north along the road, or go off the road to encounter Nekkers and other enemies.  Travel to the river edge and look for a wagon and small workman’s home. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to find human remains and some monster tracks pointing towards the mine. 

Go into the mine and use Igni magic to light the torch, then access the tunnel filled with water below. Travel east until you reach dry land and pick up the monster’s tracks. Remove loot from the nearby crate and continue walking until you reach a junction, where you’ll discover blood and pieces of wood. 

Head northeast and the tracks branch off in two directions. The tracks on the left lead further into the tunnel, while the ones on the right take you to a pool. Go right. 

Jump into the pool and you’ll discover an underwater tunnel with crates you can loot. The tracks lead into a grotto. Activate your Witcher Senses to find even more blood, digestive juices (yuck) and some flesh. Geralt concludes this is the work of an Arachas! 

There’s a nasty smell associated with the remains, but don’t follow it. Instead, check out the four egg sacs. Armed with either Aard or Igni Sign magic, destroy the eggs. These Arachas youngsters will never see the world!

Position Geralt westward and you’ll see two exits, left and right.  Go left and battle the Arachas, then eliminate four more egg sacs. You’ll find the remaining eggs in another cavern, which you can reach using an underwater tunnel to the left of the original chamber. 

Travel northwest and then go west until you spill out into a large chamber. You will see the women. Well, what’s left of them. Pick up loot and then activate Witcher Senses to find a calfskin boot. It seems Mikel was devoured. 

After making this discovery, little baby critters appear. The number of enemies is dependent upon the amount of egg sacs you destroyed. When the kids are down, you will face off against Arachas Harrisi. Insectoid Oil and a Golden Orioe potion are a huge help. 

When Harrisi is down, collect Arachas Venom, Arachas Eyes and the Arachas Trophy from its corpse, then attach proof of Geralt’s monster slaying on Roach.  Leave the mine and return to the Inn at the Crossroads to give Bruno the bad news.  

Bruno doesn’t want to pay the full reward, so do one of the following: take half, or use Axii Sign magic (Delusion Level 3) to grab all of it.

Contract: Mysterious Tracks 

Pick up this contract from the Lindenvale Notice Board. Alternatively, you may stumble upon some dead wolves and a cave during your travels, then speak with the hunter. The easiest path is to check the Notice Board. 

A hunter speaks of a path containing mysterious tracks. A bit vague, but you’ll learn more if you head southeast while in the village and have a nice little chat with the hunter in the flesh.  During this conversation he mentions dead wolves and a howling monster.  Sounds like a job for Geralt of Rivia! Agree to take this contract and negotiate a price for killing this creature. 

Travel south. You’re going the right way if you see a giant oak tree and a cottage. From here you come upon some bodies. Kill the Arachas nearby and then do the following: 

  • Examine the dead wolves. 
  • Identify the tracks and follow them until you reach an embankment. 
  • Climb up and then continue following these tracks until you see an oak tree. You will discover a bit of fur and pick up the monster’s scent. 
  • The smell takes Geralt south towards a cave. Unfortunately you cannot reach it from here.
  • Nearby is some animal poop, so look for it.

Since you cannot access the visible cave entrance, you must find another way inside. Ascend the hill above the cave entrance and look for an opening, which you’ll find near some oak trees.  Now drop down. 

You wind up on a ledge. Fall onto the ground and then do the following happens:

  • You discover a dead Fiend, but not the one you’re after. Its fur is a different color. 
  • There are more tracks on the ground, along with some blood, indicating a fight took place.  Geralt thinks a Chort, not a Fiend, is the creature he seeks. For now there’s no sign of the target. 

Geralt is now in possession of a recipe to create a potion to lure the monster. To mix it, blend one Fiend Dung with two Crow’s Eye. Thankfully these ingredients are close by. 

With the lure potion created, stand above the Fiend’s cave and then make note of the four areas on the map. Go to each location and use the potion. When finished, go inside the cave using the same entrance on top. 

This prompts Howler the Chort to appear. Relict Oil and Devil’s Puffball Bombs make this fight easier. 

Hack away at Chort until you make it dead. Now walk up to its body and take the Chort Hide and Chort Trophy. Exit the cave and then ride to Lindenvale, where the delighted hunter forks over Geralt’s reward. 

Contract: The Mystery of the Byways Murders

Learn of this contract by reading the Notice Board in Oreton while exploring Velen (No Man’s Land). 

Commander Milan Noran lost some soldiers and thinks they may have run into a monster.  Start off by visiting Oreton and locate the Nilfgaardian warriors near the smithy.  While talking to Milan, he thinks his guys encountered something big, mean and nasty near Lake Wyndamer.  He feels a monster is responsible because peasants in Byways village speak of a creature lurking about.  Tell him you are the right witcher for the job and settle on a reward.

First you need to reach Byways, which is much faster if you take Roach to the west and then south to the lake’s western area; you may also swim if the mood strikes you.  Watch out for five Ghouls when you get there. 

When the Ghouls are dead, travel northwest to the marker on Geralt’s map. Inform the frightened villagers it is safe, especially one named Bytomir. He says Nilfgaardians invaded and then retreated because of the Ghouls, but something doesn’t seem right. 

Stay in Byways to discover the following: 

  • Return to where you killed the Ghouls and examine the dead Nilfgaardian soldiers and some dogs. You find jaw marks. 
  • One of the deceased died from internal injuries, suggesting he was thrown. 
  • There’s the smell of blood. Follow it to a place north of the village, but you cannot enter because it is locked. 

At this point you encounter Bytomir again, who seems shady.  Eventually he mentions there are elven ruins beneath Byways. Peasants sealed the entrance to keep the monster trapped, but those pesky Nilfgaardians stupidly opened it. Now demand the key to open the locked door, and Bytomir hands it over. 

Go into the hut and look for some loose planks. Remove these pieces of wood and you will find a ladder leading down. Before descending, locate the piece of fur. 

Take the ladder and you’ll wind up in the mines. Go over to the lit torch and examine the dead guard to learn something ripped apart his armor and slashed his guts.  Geralt comes to the conclusion that his target is an Ekimmara.  Afterwards, explore the tunnel until you jump off a ledge and then travel past a wooden ladder. 

Inside the tunnel are deceased Nilfgaardians and other bodies.  No time to look around because Sarasti the Ekimmara shows up, so it’s time to fight! Igni Sign magic, Vampire Oil and Devil’s Puffball Bombs are a huge help. 

When Sarasti dies, pick up the Vampire Saliva and Ekimmara Trophy.  Head back to Byways and chat with Bytomir.  He gives Geralt a reward, and from here, head to Oreton to give Milan Noran a full report. Accept the Crowns to end the contract quest. 

Tip: You don’t have to fight Sarasti to complete The Mystery of the Byways Murders. Check out the village and then inform Milan Noran what you discovered and he’ll pay anyway.

Contract: Patrol Gone Missing 

You have the opportunity to complete this Contract while in Velen and Novigrad.  Simply head southeast to the Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp and find Patrol Gone Missing on the Notice Board by the quartermaster’s, well, quarters. 

Similar to The Mystery of the Byways Murders Contract, a patrol is missing. Go inside quartermaster Eggebracht’s tent and chat with him.  Tell him you’re looking for work to begin this quest.  He tells you to go northwest in search of an abandoned camp beyond the lake. 

The terrain eventually becomes swampy, and you’ll need to deal with some Nekkers lurking about. Following that, you happen upon a wooded area. 

When you reach the Abandoned Nilfgaardian Camp, investigate the campfire to learn whoever was here left, and fast. 

You will also discover prints heading into the woods, so go after them. Turns out, some of these people wore boots while others did not. 

All of a sudden, a smell! Follow the nasty odor and you will see a few piles of draconid musk.  Check these out and you pass through some trees, dealing with bandits and Nekkers as you go. 

Find and then continue following the same footprints from before. Kill the bear that appears and then look for a body; the person seems to have been poisoned.  From here go southeast, where the footprints lead you to a hill without trees. 

We hope you’re ready to fight, because a dangerous Wyvern appears. Avoid its attacks and then counterattack to knock this creature from the air, giving you a much better chance of finishing it off.  If you bring Aard Sign magic, Draconid Oil, Grapeshot Bombs and a Golden Oriole Potion into this encounter, the monster doesn’t stand a chance. 

When it’s dead, decapitate the Wyvern. Take the Wyvern Egg, Wyvern Mutagen and Wyvern Trophy. Go back to quartermaster Eggebracht immediately, or continue exploring the area where you battled the creature until you find a poisoned soldier, along with a Ghoul’s nest and deceased villager. Informing the quartermaster of these findings ticks him off, but he pays Geralt regardless. A deal’s a deal!

Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route

Go to Benkelham village and speak to the refugee. Alternatively you can locate a wagon, meet up with some refugees inside of a cave or destroy a Wyvern nest to accept this contract. We suggest going to the village.

If you have difficulty finding Benkelham, go to Velen and then head east. You will find the refugee near a run down cottage, and he speaks of a caravan of merchants who disappeared.  They hired some villagers (lead by a man named Thomil) to take them to a bridge and never returned. 

Agree on a price and travel down the road to the north of the village. It will take you downhill and you discover a cart.  Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and learn the following: 

  • It seems like someone was bound but then freed. 
  • There’s spilt wine and some footprints. 
  • Claw marks on a rock.
  • One person attempted to run but his or her prints end. 

Geralt reaches the conclusion that a winged creature, either a Wyvern or Forktail, grabbed one of these people.  Now follow the smell of wine northeast up the hill. You will eventually see the entrance to a cave. 

Approach and you’ll discover a body. Now enter the cave to find two refugees hiding. Bring up Thomil (he’s dead) and learn new info about the creature, which is in fact a Royal Wyvern. 

Keep moving through the cave, ascending via steps in the south.  Continue climbing until you spy the exit. When you leave Geralt must kill two younger Wyverns. 

When they are dead take care of the two nests nearby. This causes the real target to appear. During this battle against the Royal Wyvern, rely on your magic and crossbow. In addition, Draconid Oil, Grapeshot Bombs and Golden Oriole Potions come in handy.

After slaying the Royal Wyvern, collect the Wyvern Mutagen, Wyvern Hide, Wyvern Egg and Wyvern Trophy.  Speak with those two refugees, call for Roach and then return to Benkelham.  Talk to the original refugee to end this quest.

Contract: Shrieker

Pick up this contract from the Crow’s Perch Notice Board. There’s a chance you will happen upon the monster’s nest during your travels, but we suggest the more direct approach. 

You learn early on that a Shrieker is up to no good. Speak to Chet about the goings on and negotiate a price to end the creature’s life. 

A hunter named Borzoy attempted to kill the monster but failed. Move to the eastern area of Chet’s place to meet Symko, Borzoy’s son.  Keep asking him questions and he will reveal details about your target. He’s quite hysterical, rambling on about his dog Ruffler and what not, so get him to relax with Axii Sign magic. 

Leave Crow’s Perch in a southward direction and then head east to the marker on the map.  You wind up south of the Burned Ruins signpost and near a marsh.  Time to search for some clues using your Witcher Senses. 

  • Ruffler’s remains. Poor doggy.
  • Some tracks leading away from the dog’s body.
  • There’s monster blood by the water. Follow it northwest. 

You learn the monster set down close to the entrance of a cave near the Crow’s Perch moat.  Examine the tracks to discover it’s a Cockatrice. 

Check out the cave entrance. Head in there and walk into the cavern. With Geralt’s Witcher Senses activated, find the substance on the high ledge. Now throw a Samum, Grapeshot or Dancing Star bomb up there to draw out the Shrieker. The creature manages to escape using the upper exit. 

You can’t go that way, so turn around and leave the cave. Call for Roach and then ride after the Shrieker. Providing you use Roach’s gallop ability, you should have little trouble catching up to your prey. Take it down and then hack it to bits, swiftly ending the battle with Aard Sign magic, Draconid Oil and Grapeshot Bombs.

When the Shrieker croaks, examine its body and take the Cockatrice Stomach, Cockatrice Trophy and Cockatrice Egg. Hop onto Roach and ride back to Chet. He attempts to pay Geralt and you have the following options: 

  • Insist he hang onto the money and give it to Symko. 
  • Take the cash.

When this is over, you’re free to chat with Symko to let the boy know you avenged his dad.

Contract: Swamp Thing

Crookback Bog is located west of Orphan’s Village. Head over there and explore the northwestern area to find a man named Leslav.  During the conversation he talks about a creature in the bog, a monster shaped like a human that hunts at night. Agree to a price and be on your way. 

Travel south across this spooky bog and Geralt will pick up a metallic odor. Go to Peat’s Lodge and activate your Witcher Senses. You should find: 

  • A body with its weapon sheathed. 
  • A decomposed corpse near stone ruins.

Now head east, disposing of some Nekkers that get in the way. Activate your Witcher Senses again, but also use the Eye of Nehaleni that you should have received from Keira Metz while on the Hunting a Witch main quest. 

  • With Geralt’s Witcher Senses, look for bodies with claw marks. 
  • Destroy a magic wall with the Eye of Nehaleni. 
  • Using your Witcher Senses, discover hidden tracks. Geralt thinks a Foglet is responsible for this mess.

The bog is somewhat confusing and you may get lost. To make matters worse, straying too far off the path results in fighting enemies that make this contract tougher than it should be. If you don’t know where to go next, head back to the Peat Lodge and start from there.

The tracks wind around to the south. When you return to Peat Lodge, slaughter the Foglets and examine the decomposed body. Pick up the smell and go south. 

You will arrive at a smelly pond. Kill the Foglet and look at the giant boulder blocking the cave entrance, but things are not what they seem. Pull out the Eye of Nehaleni to make the boulder disappear.

Go into the cave and stick to the right. Kill the three Foglets and then access the main tunnel, where you stumble upon drowned dead people. Kill the six enemies and then navigate across the pond near the cave exit, where three more Foglets await. 

Walk inside the cave and stay to the left to meet Ignius Fatuus, the Foglet you seek. Withdraw your silver sword and attack. Quen Sign magic, Necrophage Oil and Moon Dust Bombs also prove useful. 

After killing Ignius Fatuus, slice off his head, pick up the Foglet Tooth and Foglet Trophy. Take proof to Leslav and accept the cash. Contract complete!

Contract: Woodland Beast

You can pick up this contract while in Novigrad and the northern section of Velen. Look for it on a Notice Board by the nearest Signpost: Border Post.

This contract comes from Redanian Captain Felix Grubb.  Go to the fields of Velen towards the refugee camp. Look for Felix and speak to him about a creature harassing peasants and a Redanian caravan. If you manage to kill the monster and bring him its head, he will give Geralt gold and a pass that will let him cross Pontar river into Novigrad. Seems like a good deal. 

Travel southwest of Felix Grubb to find the caravan, where you discover two Alghouls snacking on the departed. Kill these creatures and examine your surroundings to find…

  • Claw marks on one body, along with an arrow. 
  • More chewed up corpses, but you think something else killed these people. 
  • There’s a chest with nothing inside.
  • Tracks leading southeast.

Follow these tracks into a grassy location and then take out the Drowners that appear. The tracks take Geralt to the ford but mysteriously vanish.  Look southeast to find more tracks, this time along the sand. Go after them until you see a Scoia’tael archer pointing an arrow at Geralt.  

There are two ways to finish this contract. 

Option 1: Chat with the archer and respond, “you’ve killed enough humans already,” or refuse to put down Geralt’s weapons. This leads to violence. Kill the advancing Scoia’tael and go back to the captain to claim Geralt’s reward. 

Option 2: Engage the archer in conversation. Request to talk to the person in charge and you go to an elf camp to meet Vernossiel.  She agrees to stop attacking Redanian caravans but in return you cannot mention anything you’ve seen up to this point. If you call them bandits you will have to fight but without Geralt’s weapons. Instead, agree to “do as you will” and Geralt will receive some elvish loot. If you go back to the captain, he won’t pay.

Option 3: Tell Vernossiel you won’t say a word. Go back to the guard captain and tell him everything. Doing this means receiving both rewards from the elves and the captain. However, the Scoia’tael will ambush Geralt later on, when he’s near the Novigrad outskirts. 

Contract: The Apiarian Phantom

Go to the Beanston settlement to find this contract on the Notice Board. Although you can locate the frozen hive without doing this, Geralt will need a key to proceed.  

The Honeyfill apiary is experiencing hard times. Go southwest through cow pastures and sunflowers, then pass under a stone arch to the Honeyfill Meadworks. 

Walk inside and go into the grand hall to meet Master Meiersdorf. He will introduce Geralt to his three sons (Hugo, Bernie and Franklin) and bring up a phantom terrorizing the land. Settle on a price and follow Holofernes. 

Stick close to Holofernes and he takes you through some gardens and into a field where a farmhand died. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and examine the area, where you will discover… 

  • Dried blood.
  • A frost-covered beehive.
  • Some footprints that take you west to a lake, then vanish. 

Travel left along the river bank and battle some Drowners.  Now use Geralt’s Witcher Senses while in the southeast to find the footprints. They lead east to an unfinished home. 

Walk east around the building and you will find a locked wooden door. Holofernes informs Geralt this was supposed to be Bernie’s place but his grandpa did not have enough cash to finish construction. 

Gain entry to the basement and you’ll see icicles. Suddenly a Wild Hunt Hound appears! Go back up the stairs, call for Roach and go after this creature. While on horseback, strike this monster with Geralt’s silver sword, dismount and then finish it off. If you have trouble killing it, use Axii Sign magic, Igni Sign magic, Elementa Oil and Dimeritium Bombs.

After slaughtering the Hound, cut open the corpse and take the Wild Hunt Hound trophy. Go back to the Meiersdorf clan and accept the reward.

Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest

Look for this contract on the Notice Board in Oxenfurt.  If you don’t feel like going there, you may encounter a Mercenary Camp located east of Oxenfurt, southeast of the Herbalist. 

When you reach the Mercenary Camp, go inside and speak to leader Hans of Cidaris, who speaks of a monster that killed some cows and two of his men. Discuss money and then travel to a wooded ravine south of the camp. This is the last known location of Hans’ guys. 

Go to the marker on the map (watch out for a bear) and then activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to find… 

  • Pieces of armor and human remains. The bodies were clawed and bitten into.
  • A severed arm. It appears the creature dropped something.
  • Go east from where you discovered the arm to find some blood. Deal with the wolves nearby.
  • Follow the blood into the woods. Kill the wolves that cross your path. 

The footprints end near some crows. With Witcher Senses still active, listen to the birds and then travel east and a bit south while looking at the sky. You will see a murder of ravens near a rocky outcrop. 

Climb to this location to find more body parts and a mercenary contract you’re able to read. In addition you will find rachides (feathers), suggesting your target is an Archgriffin; Opinicus, to be exact. Meditate until dark (watch out for some bandits in the north) and you will hear flapping wings and what sounds like a Griffin’s cry. 

Alternatively, Geralt will see the Archgriffin near its nest if you arrive at nighttime. 

If you killed the Griffin during The Witcher 3 Prologue, this battle shouldn’t give you too much trouble, especially if you relied on Aard Sign magic, Hybrid Oil and Grapeshot Bombs. When Opinicus is dead, take the Griffin Trophy, Archgriffin Mutagen and Griffen Feathers, then return to the Mercenary Camp and collect your reward from Hans.

Contract: Deadly Delights

While in Novigrad, look for this contract on the board in Hierarch Square, close to Kingfisher Inn.

Sergeant Gilbert Witschke suspects a female is responsible for killing some people, so travel east, then south, past the fish market and across the canal bridge to speak with him. Talk money, then let Gilbert know you will chat with a medic who saw the bodies. 

You’ll find the medic dockside.  Engage in conversation about the deceased, where you find out they had bruises “from their adventures with whores.” 

Go south around the docks, pass over the canal and then turn left so you walk through a tunnel. You’ll come to a market. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and discover… 

  • A lot of footprints, some belonging to a child. 
  • There are hoofprints in there as well, but not from a horse. In fact, this creature walks on two feet.

The hoofprints take Geralt north into an alley near Crippled Kate’s brothel and into an alley with a box you can break apart using Aard Sign magic. The prints go up some stairs leading into the brothel.

Look opposite the steps and walk into an alcove to find an empty perfume vial with a lingering smell. Go into Crippled Kates and speak to the brothel madame.  Ask about the dead guards. The madame will play dumb, but you have the power of persuasion with the second option.

  • Let her know about all of the clues you found. She will order you to get out.
  • Use Axii Delusion Level 3, then demand the truth or threaten her. She will provide new information. 

Leave Crippled Kates and follow the scent of perfume emanating from the vial you discovered with Geralt’s Witcher Senses. You will encounter a frazzled man leaning against a wall. He appears to have fallen victim to a succubus. 

Go south of where the man is located and open the door on the eastern side of this building. Walk up to the landing, go past a man and then go up the ladder to the roof. Go out through the doorway and you will be on an unstable looking platform leading to the next building. Walk over and you’ll see a wooden ladder. Climb it to reach the attic. Now fall through the hole in the floor and Geralt lands in a fancy bedroom. 

Walk down the steps and meet Lilith the succubus.  You have two options. 

  • Begin the battle. Quen Sign magic and Hybrid Oil come in handy.
  • Tell her to leave the city for good. She agrees, then gives Geralt a sword, Succubus Mutagen and Succubus Trophy. 

Return to the canal bridge and speak to the guard who hired you. Tell him what you know and he hands over the cash.

Contract: Doors Slamming Shut

Pick up this contract from the Notice Board in Hiearch Square, just outside of Kingfisher Inn. 

Read this contract to learn of a Haunted House located along the city outskirts. First you must enter Kingfisher Inn in search of the home’s owner, Count Kurt Dysart. 

To find him, go inside the inn and then walk up the steps in the southeast area. This will take you to the mezzanine balcony, where you’ll see the Count. 

Kurt asks Geralt about the school he attended and you’re free to answer however you want. He then describes the spooky goings on in his new dwelling, where the entire place seems to shake. Negotiate a price to complete the contract and you’ll receive a key to unlock the door.

Exit Novigrad and ride via horseback east. You’ll pass through farmland while keeping an eye out for the Moldavie Residence, which is near a small lake and orchard. 

Walk up to the mansion and use the key to gain entry. The home does indeed shake quite a bit, but there are no enemies. 

Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to discover the following: 

  • There is spoiled food on the floor, along with a cup on a table.  Someone was here and then ran. 
  • There’s salt in the next room on steps and in the basement. 
  • Walk down the steps to find a tiny crack in the wall. Focus Geralt’s Aard Sign magic on this crack to make it bigger. 
  • Go into this opening to gain access to some ruins. 
  • Walk over the wooden planks and examine the table with the magic root on top. Now turn around and walk to the next table to read the journal to learn elemental magic is at play. 

You cannot pass through the archway, so head to the water and swim in an easterly direction to a partially submerged area. Walk over to the wall and interact with the lever. This causes the archway to become available. 

Enter the chamber to see an Earth Elemental struggling to break free of some magic. Look behind this creature and you’ll see a pedestal with a lock in the shape of a cone. Once again use Aard, this time on the lock to set the beast free. Yes, you want to free this monstrosity. 

Engage Therazane in battle, using Elementa Oil and Dimeritium Bombs to tips the scales in Geralt’s favor.  After this enemy dies, collect the Elemental Trophy and return to Kingfisher Inn. Explain what you found to Count Kurt and claim the reward.

Contract: An Elusive Thief 

It seems there’s an imp robbing people. Although it appears harmless, you cannot allow the creature to run around taking whatever it wants, so begin by passing through the Tretogor Gate into a small market between dawn and dusk.

When you arrive, speak to a man named Sylvester Amello. He says the imp resembles a pudgy cat, and took a liking to fish, bread and apples. Settle on Geralt’s reward to put this contract in motion. 

Before leaving the market, activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to discover the following: 

  • Paw marks near the circular sentry turret. They lead beyond the horse fountain and south towards the gate. 
  • Walk up to a guard to find some loot the creature left behind. 
  • Inspect the large stone wall to find more prints around the ivy. 
  • Check the other side of the arch and the stone bridge. The prints vanish, and it seems the imp leapt into the moat. 
  • Vault over the bridge wall and down the rocks to the edge of the moat. Now you see footprints. They lead into a house, so proceed inside. 

When you’re in the home, activate your Witcher Senses to find the note, then read it. It seems this is the work not of an imp, but a doppler, aka a shape shifter. 

Investigate the creature’s home with Geralt’s Witcher Senses.

  • Walk up the steps and you will find a chest and clothing. 
  • There’s a man’s shirt, a kid’s shoes and a woman’s blouse. In addition, you find one bed and then pick up on the smell of lavender. 

The scent takes you outside and to the east, where you find a few townspeople having a discussion. From there a Redanian guard approaches and you should engage him in conversation. Mention how it is odd how a guard is good buddies with an elf and this person will become flustered. Accuse it of being the doppler and it will transform into a peasant and run away. 

Go after the doppler and rely on the map if you get lost. Go left, following the creature along the moat, then go right as the target attempts to go beneath the wooden bridge. When you catch up to it, the creature turns into Geralt! 

Because the doppler relies on the same sword and magic as the real Geralt, attack as quickly as possible to gain the advantage. In fact, he is susceptible to the same weaknesses as normal people. 

With the doppler defeated, you have two options to end this fight: 

  • Swing to kill and take the trophy. 
  • Tell the doppler to scram.  The creature agrees to leave Novigrad and gives Geralt a diagram and some crowns. 

Now return to the marketplace and tell Sylvester what happened. Keep in mind that banishing the doppler instead of killing it results in Geralt receiving half the reward.

More Monster Contracts

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