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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Novigrad – Count Reuven’s Treasure, The Play’s the Thing

by Bryan Dawson

This continues the Act 1 Novigrad main quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This walkthrough includes A Favor for Radovid, Count Reuven’s Treasure, The Play’s the Thing, A Poet Under Pressure and Ciri’s Story – Breakneck Speed. 

You will have an opportunity to play Gwent in this section. Before that happens, see this list of the most powerful Gwent cards in the game. 

Main Quest: A Favor for Radovid

While attempting to leave Whoreson’s place, soldiers stop Geralt and then take him to Radovid. Speak to Radovid and side quest Redania’s Most Wanted will start. Finish this side quest and travel to Kingfisher Inn (located in Hierarch Square).  Look for Priscilla (she’s in her room) and talk to her to complete this main quest.

Main Quest: Count Reuven’s Treasure

Go to Dijkstra and agree to help him, which automatically sets this quest in motion.  Visit the bathhouse, then take the ladder down into a hidden room.

Stick close to Dijkstra, watch the cut scene and then accept the antidotes.  Now head into the sewer.  While in there, expect to see mold spores. Should they harm Geralt, take the antidote. 

Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and check the area, then walk through the busted wall and search the next room. Look for the grate and pieces of pipe. Now go east to an open grate and pop another antidote. Keep moving down the corridor, kill the Drowner and then inspect the area in search of an emerald ring. 

Walk into the next room, kill whatever Drowners appear and then check the body nearby.  Keep moving along this route, take out more Drowners and pass through the open gate to encounter more of these enemies. Now walk onto the balcony and pass through a gate heading west.  Look at the cylinder and return to the bathhouse.  Chat with Dijkstra and travel southeast. Use Geralt’s Witcher Senses when you get here, and then again when the pool drains. 

Exit the bathhouse and travel west to the Golden Sturgeon. Walk up to Margrave Henckel’s home and use Geralt’s Aard Sign magic to break in. Now use your Witcher Senses to find some footprints leading upstairs.  When you get up there, inspect the table and then read the note. 

Walk to the next room and check the wine. Now follow those same footprints into another room, then use your Witcher Senses to find the necessary clues. Watch the cut scene, and from here, you must meet up with Triss at the Eternal Fire shrine at precisely midnight.

To get to the Eternal Fire shrine, travel south from Henckel’s place and east of the harbor. If necessary, meditate until midnight and watch the cut scene. Guards will appear and you can react peacefully or aggressively.  Ideally you want to take the peaceful route so Triss fights alongside Geralt at the difficult Battle for Kaer Morhen in Act 2.  Additionally, Dijkstra will provide some help during main quest Brothers in Arms: Novigrad. 

After responding nicely follow Triss, and when a discussion starts, respond with “Fine, take her,” or rely on Geralt’s Axii Sign magic so long as it’s level two or higher. 

This is how you should respond to avoid confrontation: 

  • “Why not.”
  • “Your hunters are torturing Triss, but haven’t been paid.”
  • “Witchers do anything for gold,” or “Triss betrayed me first.”
  • “Free my friend Dandelion.”

Watch the cinematic and talk to Triss. When that’s over, go to Dijkstra. 

Let’s say you ignored our advice and went with negative comments back there. You will now have to fight through 16 witch hunters, kill Menge and then rummage through the desk.  Read the book and the note, then talk to Triss. Now you can go to Dijkstra. 

While in Menge’s office, walk northwest to the door and open it using the key. Walk onto the balcony and work with Triss to burn this place using Igni Sign magic; setting the place on fire is optional. When that’s over, jump onto some boxes close to a torch and then climb onto the roof. Bow drop into the outer courtyard. Yes the primary exit will not open, but you’re able to use Geralt’s Aard Sign magic on a blocked archway located north. Walk on through and watch the cinematic.  

If you reacted violently before, you will return to the Eternal Fire shrine following a conversation with Dijkstra. Go to the pillar located southeast and use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to see where you should put the Holy Tome. From there, travel south to Farcorners and look for an empty home. Meditate until midnight and enter this place. Go behind the open door and watch the cut scene. Respond however you wish. 

Return to Kingfisher Inn and go to Priscilla. Talk to her and this quest concludes. 

Main Quest: The Play’s the Thing

Following the talk with Priscilla, it’s time to make choices concerning the play. Choose comedy and people will leave without incident.  Make the play a melodrama and a riot breaks out. 

Go south towards the marker on the map. Pay 50 Crowns to enter and talk to Irina Renarde. Now go northeast to the next marker and go into the home.  Inform the people that Geralt took care of their thug issue, then walk east down the steps. You have the option of hiring some jugglers, and you should slaughter all of the bandits.  

Travel west until you encounter a fight in progress.  Chat with Sofus the Bull and fork over 70 Crowns or take part in the brawl.  He decides to help Geralt no matter what.  

Return to the Butcher’s Yard theater and go inside this place. It’s time to cast actors for the play! Give Priscilla and Abelard Rizza the parts of princess and prince, respectively. Now set the play in motion, keeping in mind that if you chose to make it a melodrama, you will fight when it’s over. 

When the play concludes, go to Irina’s room and chat with Dudu. Quest complete! 

Main Quest: A Poet Under Pressure

Go east and Geralt will come to the ambush point. Look for Zoltan and have a chat. When the cut scene ends you’re free to enjoy some Gwent (check out these Gwent tips to master the card game). Otherwise, hang out until you hear the sounds of horses. 

There’s a fight, but Geralt needs to exit as soon as a guard (Dandelion’s abductor) takes off on a horse. Go after him and then use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to inspect his tracks. Look for horse prints and kill some Drowners. Enter the town and ask the people about the man Geralt seeks. 

Walk away from the camp and you will see a fork in the road. Go to the side of this road, inspect the object and then follow the smell of Dandelion’s cologne. You will come upon a hut, and talking to the people nearby results in obtaining a key. Now walk behind the halfling’s home to find a secret entrance. Go down the ladder into the basement. When you get down there, travel west and then climb up the ladder. Walk through the door, take out the Witch Hunter and rescue Dandelion. Watch the cut scene, respond how you want the the main quest ends. 

Main Quest: Ciri’s Story – Breakneck Speed

When you’re in control of Ciri, travel southwest and pass through a gate as quickly as possible. Get onto the horse and race past all of the bad guys.  Keep moving until Dandelion tells you to get off the horse. Now kill Whoreson’s thugs and wait for Dandelion to walk over to the door.  Ascend the steps and battle some more enemies. Watch the cinematic and this main quest will end. 

Beat the game with Prima’s free The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough. Find all of the Gwent cards and sleep with beautiful women with this Romance guide. When ready, proceed to the main quests in Skellige.

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