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The Witcher 3 Monster Contract – The White Lady

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to beat Monster Contract: The White Lady in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We’ll tell you where to find the silver dagger and provide tips to beating the Noonwraith. 

Pick up this monster contract on a Notice Board wedged between the Portside and Glory Gates south of the Novigrad walls. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you will also set this contract in motion by discovering clues at Castle Drahim.  We chose the first option. 

Peasants in Farcorners speak of a wraith preventing them from harvesting crops. Since this greatly affects their livelihoods, they scraped together money to hire someone to get rid of this menace. 

Begin by searching for Helma, who you’ll find near a tanning rack outside of her home. Apparently a bunch of drunks (led by a man named Micko) messed with the White Lady and she responded by slaughtering them.  Ask where Geralt can find the White Lady, then negotiate a price for his monster hunting services. 

Call for your trusty horse Roach and then gallop south, past the hay stacks and hills until you reach a tower. When you exit the orchard, travel to the area marked on the map to find a campfire and the deceased.

Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to find…

  • Something scared one of these fools terribly. 
  • Lots of beer bottles. 
  • A dried out corpse, complete with burn marks.
  • One of the bodies is pale, but Geralt doesn’t feel a vampire is responsible.
  • There are footprints. Perhaps someone escaped. 
  • There’s some hay with dried blood on it. This area causes Geralt’s medallion to vibrate. 

Follow the footprints northeast towards Drahim Castle to a pool of blood and the basement. Walk down the wooden steps to find the victim. 

  • Ghouls apparently dragged the body here but did not kill this person. A Noonwraith took him out. 

To bring the target out of hiding, you must locate an item that belongs to her. Travel back to Helma and let her know what you found. She reveals the creature’s name (Luzi). After her parents arranged a marriage, she fled into the fields and committed suicide using a silver dagger. Helma then gives this item to Geralt. 

Travel to the campfire and walk to the flames. Place the silver dagger into the fire and Luzi will appear. The battle will go Geralt’s way if you bring Yrden Sign magic, Spectre Oil, Moon Dust Bombs and Dimeritium Bombs to the fight. In addition, watch out for her dust attacks and potential copies she could make of herself. If the latter happens, kill these doppelgangers with crossbow bolts and bombs.

Kill Luzi the White Lady and loot her corpse to find Noonwraith Mutagen, Essence of Wraith, Specter Dust and a Noonwraith Trophy. Return to Helma and collect some Crowns as payment for a job well done.

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