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The Witcher 3 Monster Contract – Missing Son

by Prima Games Staff

Monster Contracts in CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt give you the chance to earn more Crowns while testing your skills against powerful adversaries. This time, we go in search of a man’s missing son and battle a fiend that will try and hypnotize Geralt with its third eye. Thankfully, we have tips to send this creature to the grave. 

Contract: Missing Son

You’ll find this particular contract on the Rannvaig village Notice Board. Alternatively, you may encounter Morvudd the Fiend while adventuring or locate Olve’s notice.  

Odhen of Rannvaig’s son, Olve, left and never returned. Not only will he reward whoever discovers his fate, but also pray to Freya. Begin by heading to the longhouse by the shore, where you’ll see Odhen outside. Engage this man in conversation to learn Olve left with some shady characters from Faroe to wander around some ruins to the east. He says Olve wore yellow, making him easy to spot. 

Call for Roach and travel southeast, up a path and through some woods. Eventually you come upon an abandoned castle. 

Explore the courtyard and you find a fiend’s lair. As expected, Morvudd is none too happy to see Geralt of Rivia snooping around the place and attacks.

To prevent this battle from being your last, equip Relict Oil, Devil’s Puffball Bombs and Samum Bombs. The latter are especially important, as Samum Bombs will disable the fiend’s third eye, which the creature uses to hypnotize its victims. Removing this threat from the battle gives you one less thing to worry about while dealing with this ferocious and powerful adversary. 

During the fight, Morvudd will spit into Geralt’s eyes and temporarily blind him. When you regain perfect vision your adversary is gone. Explore the castle and you’ll discover a body without intestines (these were devoured).  

Look for hoof prints and then follow the tracks south. They will take you over a stone bridge and river. When you arrive at the nest, search this location and the fiend reappears. Kill the beast, then examine the body in yellow to discover Olve.  Rest in peace, poor guy. 

Walk over to Morvudd’s corpse and take the following: Fiend Dung, Fiend Mutagen, Fiend’s Eye and Fiend Trophy.  Attach the head to Roach and then gallop to Odhen.  Let him know about his son’s fate, but also Morvudd’s death. Collect your reward and this contract ends.

You killed Morvudd but Geralt’s quest is far from over. Read Prima’s Monster Contracts guide, then beat the game with our free The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough, where we tell you how to become a great Gwent player and find the Game of Thrones Easter egg.

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