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The Witcher 3 Main Quests – Battle Preparations, The Sunstone, Child of the Elder Blood

by Bryan Dawson

Prima’s free The Witcher 3 walkthrough continues with the following main quests from The Final Age. In this feature, we tell you how to complete Battle Preparations, The Sunstone, Veni Vidi Vigo and Child of the Elder Blood.

Main Quest: Battle Preparations

This main quest unfolds in different ways depending on choices you made earlier in The Witcher 3.

  • Per the choices made, interactions at Kaer Trolde and the Skellige ruler may be different. 
  • If you finished the King’s Gambit secondary quest with Cerys, she is now in command.
  • If you finished the King’s Gambit secondary quest with Hjamar, he rules the island. 
  • Did you skip King’s Gambit? If that is the case, Svanrige Bran rules Skellige. 

This will impact how the Sunstone main quest unravels, depending on the family (Bran or An Craite) in charge. 

  • You may have more or less romantic options by this point. 
  • Your relationship with Triss Merigold will grow to new heights if you slept with her during the Now or Never secondary quest, and you are not involved romantically with Yennefer. 
  • If you slept with Yennefer of Vengerberg while on the Last Wish secondary quest (and you have no romantic ties to Triss Merigold), your relationship with her continues to grow. 
  • If you have no romantic ties with either woman, you have no more chances. 

Days have passed since the Through Time and Space main quest. Geralt finally reaches Skellige alongside Ciri, Yennefer, Triss, Avallach’h and the Lodge of Sorceresses.  Yennefer proceeds to release a raven to do some recon, and learns the Imperial Fleet is near the coast.  

Engage in conversations to learn the following: 

  • Yennefer wishes to board the Emperor’s ship and free Fringilla Vigo. She is unable to teleport and you feel Triss’ plan to attack the fleet is unwise. You decide to board at nighttime, then leave a letter for the Emperor that details the Lodge’s business with him.  Doing this kicks off Main Quest: Veni Vidi Vigo. 
  • Ciri, on the other hand, wants to locate the Sunstone. Crafted by the Mountain Elves, this item can call forth Aen Elle’s vessels. You don’t know much more than that, so you must chat with Ermion. He may know where to find the Sunstone. 

The Battle Preparations main quest continues and will track Geralt’s progress as you complete missions. 

Main Quest: The Sunstone

This quest plays out depending on choices made in prior quests. 

  • If the An Craite siblings, Hjalmar or Cerys, command the throne, follow Walkthrough 1. 
  • If Svanrige presides over Skellige as its ruler, follow Walkthrough 2. 

Walkthrough 1 

Exit your ship in Kaer Trolde Harbor and walk up the lookout steps. When you reach the top you’ll see Crach An Craite.  Question him about Ermion’s location. He brings up Madman Lugos, who seems to be causing a ruckus. Ermion hopes to visit him to ease tensions. From here, summon Roach (a boat also works), then travel to Holmstein’s Port. If you have trouble finding this place, it is south of Ard Skellig. 

When you reach this location, head to Kaer Muire by going up the hill, then go inside to discover Ermion and Lugos arguing about the throne and treason. Feel free to accuse Lugos of treason or agree with his beliefs, as none of these choices will impact the quest.

Lugos’ thugs close in and you must battle your way out of Kaer Muire. When you give them a beating, look for Ermion at the bottom of the mountain. 

Walkthrough 2 

Approach and then cross the bridge leading to Kaer Trolde. Jarl Donar will greet Geralt as soon as he enters the keep. He is upset about negotiations between the Emperor’s emissary and the Skellige King. Engage Jarl in conversation and request to see Ermion. 

Jarl takes Geralt into the hall, where King Svanrige and Lady Birna are currently talking to the Imperial Emissary.  Crach says something snarky and the King slaughters the emissary. Draw your sword and kill the Imperial bodyguards. 

Both Walkthrough Paths Merge

After fighting, ask Ermion about the Sunstone. Turns out he knows very little, and suggests speaking to a bard named Eyvind and peal diver Matthias Fish Lung. 

Finish the conversation with Ermion and then travel along the western area of Ard Skellig so you journey into the village of Arinbjorn.  Explore the coast to track down Eyvind.  He’s here to catch a glimpse of a white whale and you have some options: 

  • Attempt to show him the whale. Unfortunately it disappears before he sees the creature. 
  • Say nothing, and he sees nothing.
  • Mention the elven ruins and lie about doing some research. 

If you choose the final option, Eyvind asks about the focus of this research and you have two options: 

  • You wish to work on a treatise on the Aen Seidhe, with plans to hire Ermion as Geralt’s tutor. Eyvind does not believe this, forcing you to speak to Matthias Fish Lung. 
  • You hope to write an adventure novel. This piques Eyvind’s interest and he offers a song translation. Tell him that sounds great and he will speak of the ruins. From here, go back to Yennefer and continue this quest.

Need to track down the pearl diver? If so, travel to Eldberg Isle by horse or boat. When you get there, search for Matthias’ boat and then jump into the water. Look for an underwater cave and head inside to discover Matthias rummaging through the pockets of a deceased Nilfgaardian soldier. Mention the bodies, then steer the discussion towards the elven ruins. You’ll learn exactly where to go. 

Following this conversation, Drowners appear. Kill these enemies and then head back to Yennefer.

Quest Objectives 

  • Avallac’h may have a secret. (Battle Preparations quest) 
  • Wait until dark and board the Emperor’s flagship. (Veni Vidi Vigo quest) 
  • Head to the elven ruins and meet up with Philippa. (The Sunstone quest) 
  • Go to Avallac’h’s laboratory. (Child of the Elder Blood quest) 

You do not have to complete the above objectives in order, so tackle each one however you wish. That said, we took the following path: 

  • Sneak onto the boat while in Kaer Trolde Harbor so you can talk to Avallac’h. (Battle Preparations quest) 
  • Finish the Veni Vidi Vigo quest. 
  • Finish The Sunstone quest. 
  • Finish the Child of the Elder Blood quest. 

Main Quest: Battle Preparations (continued) 

When darkness falls, board the ship and chat with Avallac’h. There’s a good chance he’s withholding information. During the conversation, ask “How’s Margarita?”  He replies that she’s doing much better but someone must deal with Eredin.   

Main Quest: Veni Vidi Vigo

Travel to Undvik Isle to find Emperor Emhyr’s fleet near the coast. Meditate until nighttime and then swim towards the ships. Beware the lights, and keep an eye out for a ship with an anchor. If someone spots you, quickly dive beneath the surface to avoid getting pierced with arrows. 

Board the ship and make sure the Emperor receives the letter. If you did not take Ciri to meet with him before the battle against Imlerith, the Emperor is in a foul mood. However, the soldiers will let Fringilla go, and she will then create a portal that returns Geralt to Kaer Trolde. 

Main Quest: The Sunstone (continued)

Sail north along the Ard Skellig coast to the marker on Geralt’s map. Exit and then walk up some steps leading to Philippa.  There’s an illusion in front of the door, but you can proceed after she removes it. She then leads you through a tunnel and eventually a cavern. 

Kill the Drowners and Siren nearby, then look for some stairs near a statue. Walk up these steps until you approach a gap. Philippa uses magic to make the path whole. Continue until you encounter a Golem.  Slaughter this foe and stick with Philippa until you come upon a huge door. She offers some of her blood as payment to enter. 

Head into the next room and take in Philippa’s words; choose any response. Now she fires light into a crystal and commands Geralt to manipulate three mirrors.

This is easy. Go to each mirror and interact with the lever on the back in any order while at the same time dealing with Ghouls. When finished, go to the area where the Sunstone should appear. Chat with Philippa and bring up the notion of replacing Yennefer as advisor to the Emperor.  Now you must travel to Avallac’h’s last known location.

Main Quest: Child of the Elder Blood 

Bring up Geralt’s World Map and make note of the marked island on the map. Sail to this location and look for a cave entrance in the center of this area. Go in there and you will see Ciri and Yennefer. Although Yennefer took down the magic barrier, this activated a Golem. Kill the creature using Geralt’s silver sword and go towards Avallac’h’s lab.  There’s a chance this guy has a strange fascination with Ciri.

Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses to discover the following:

  • There’s candy! Yennefer thinks someone else was here. 
  • There’s a hairbrush lying on a table. 

Walk down the steps into the lower chamber. Investigate to find: 

  • Perfume on a desk by a mirror.  
  • A genealogical chart. It seems Avallac’h wants to find the Children of the Elder Blood. 

Now head towards the door on the opposite wall. Go inside and you will come face to face with Avallac’h’s love interest. Enjoy the conversation that follows. 

You will now make the fourth of five key decisions that affect Ciri’s fate. Select +1 or -1 to make positive and negative choices, respectively. 

Ciri isn’t happy and wants to go through the entire lab. 

  • Choose “Go for it” and watch the events unfold. +1 positive decision. 
  • Select “Calm down.” Geralt will put a necklace around Ciri’s neck. She questions her ability to save the world. You made a -1 negative decision.

Upon exiting the laboratory, Ciri mentions visiting Skjall, the youngster who rescued her from the Wild Hunt. Unfortunately he passed away, and Ciri wants to visit the boy’s final resting place.

Now you make the fifth choice that will impact Ciri.  

  • Choose “Yeah, I’ll go with you” and Geralt and Ciri travel to Hindarsfjall via portal. Ciri becomes tougher. +1 positive choice. 
  • Choose “No time” and you go on to battle the Wild Hunt. -1 negative.

Collect all of the Gwent cards, find out how to romance the ladies and fix Geralt’s sword with Prima’s free The Witcher 3 walkthrough. When ready, prepare to kill both Caranthir and Eredin to beat the game!

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