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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Way Off the Grid – Find Kenny and Eliminate the Fixers

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Way Off the Grid

Objective: Enter the bunker.

Objective: Reach the location of Kenny’s last signal. 

Head into the bunker to watch a cut-scene, then you’re directed to a new location. When you reach the new location, carefully approach the doorway on the south side. There’s a guard inside that patrols and may catch you coming in the door if you’re not careful. Once he’s not looking, take cover inside and prepare for a battle. 

Objective: Eliminate all fixers. 

There are six fixers in total, three patrolling the outside of the building and three inside. They’re spaced far enough apart and there’s enough cover in the area to take them all out individually without the others noticing if you’re patient. If you’re not patient, you can use the environmental hazards or start a gun fight. It’s best to leave all of the environmental hazards inside the building intact because they’ll come in handy later. However you decide to handle the situation, all of the enemies need to be eliminated. There are also a few crafting items inside as well. 

Objective: Start the data upload.

Objective: Defend the area until the upload is complete.

Objective: Eliminate all the fixers. 

Head to the waypoint and access the computer. At this point, you need to essentially stay alive until the upload is complete. The enemies use explosives, so move out of the way if you hear one approaching. There’s plenty of cover, and if you haven’t used the environmental hazards in the inside of the building, you can set off a number of bursts and explosions that will take down a good number of enemies. Once the upload is complete, you need to defeat any remaining fixers. 

Objective: Wipe the hard drive.

Objective: Chase down and eliminate the fixer.

Go back to the computer and access it to wipe the hard drive, then quickly head out into the yard, get in a car and chase down the escaping fixer. Do not get in the closest car. It’s very slow. Instead, get in the car parked on the street. 

You’re chasing a fire truck, which is far more durable than most other cars. It will likely take multiple neutralizing hacks to take it down. In addition, it runs into everything on the road. Your best course of action is to stay right on its tail, touching its bumper and wait for neutralizing opportunities. Once it’s been neutralized, take out the two passengers to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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