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Valheim | How To Craft Workbench, Build Roof For Workbench

by Morgan Shaver

When you first jump into Valheim, you’ll need to run through a series of steps in order to progress, including building a Workbench.

Before you can use your Workbench and eventually upgrade it, you’ll first need to build a roof for it.

If you’re confused as to what this means, we’ve got you covered with a guide on how to craft a Workbench and build a roof for it in Valheim!

Valheim | How To Craft Workbench, Build Roof For Workbench

In Valheim, one crucial step to getting yourself set up is building a Workbench. If you’re struggling with this first step, here’s what you need to do in order to build yourself a Workbench.

How To Craft Workbench

  • Craft Hammer (3 Wood, 2 Stone)
  • Equip Hammer
  • Right Click
  • Select “Crafting” Tab
  • Select “Workbench”
  • Place your Workbench down wherever you like

First, you’ll need to craft yourself a Hammer. The Hammer costs 3 Wood and 2 Stone to make. To craft it, hit Tab then select Stone Axe and Craft. Stone can be picked up off the ground, Wood can also be scavenged off the ground through branches.

You can also punch small Beech saplings to knock them down and gather Wood if you can’t find any nearby branches. Other tools you can craft include a Stone Axe which costs 5 Wood and 4 Stone.

With a Stone Axe, you can cut down Beech trees which yield a lot more Wood. If you plan to build yourself a complete home structure and not just a simple roof for your workbench, having a Stone Axe is key.

Warning, don’t let trees fall on you after cutting them down as the heavy logs can crush and kill you! Once you’ve crafted a Hammer, you’re ready to build yourself a workbench.

To build a Workbench, equip your Hammer then press RMB (Right Mouse Button) to open the menu of things you can build. In the menu, select the “Crafting” tab and inside this tab select “Workbench” which has a crafting cost of 10 Wood.

With the Workbench selected, choose a spot on the ground where you’d like to place your Workbench (if the Workbench shows as red, it means you can’t place the Workbench in that particular spot).

Once you’ve set your Workbench down, you’ll need to build a roof for it in order to use it. You can go about this process one of two ways.

First, you can construct the bare minimum style of roof which is good if you don’t have a lot of Wood, or you plan to build a more elaborate structure elsewhere. Or second, you can set yourself up a basic little home.

The first option is obviously the easiest, but knowing that you’ll also need to build a Bed (which needs a roof as well) it can be worth investing a little time into building a small home.

We’ll start with the easiest option. One simple, cheap roof style you can build for your Workbench can be seen in the image below.

To build this makeshift roof, you’ll need to gather the following:

  • Wood Wall (4) – 2 Wood Each
  • Wood Wall 45 Degree Angle (2) – 2 Wood Each
  • Thatch Roof 45 Degree Angle (2) – 2 Wood Each

In total, you’ll need 16 Wood in order to build this structure. If you want to build yourself a small home that can enclose your Workbench, Bed, and a Campfire (which you’ll need to properly vent) you can build one relatively quickly and return to it and modify it later once you have more Wood.

The end result is the small, complete home. It has everything you need including a floor, a roof, a door, and perhaps most importantly, a chimney that can vent Campfire smoke out of your home.

Shoutout to YouTuber One Last Midnight for the small house build design idea which directly inspired and influenced our build as seen below.

The list of build items you’ll be using to make a small home is as follows:

  • Wood Floor 2×2 (12) – 2 Wood Each
  • Wood Wall Half (16) – 1 Wood Each
  • Wood Roof Cross (2) – 2 Wood Each
  • Wood Wall 45 Degree (8) – 2 Wood Each
  • Thatch Roof 45 Degree (8) – 2 Wood Each
  • Wood Gate (2) – 2 Wood Each

Additional Furniture

  • Workbench (10 Wood)
  • Campfire (5 Stone, 2 Wood)
  • Cooking Station (2 Wood)
  • Bed (8 Wood)
  • Chest (10 Wood)

To build this home structure on its own, you’re going to need a fair amount of Wood. In total, the structure by itself will cost you 80 Wood. If you add in the indoor furniture to keep you nice and cozy and have everything all in one convenient place, you’ll need to have an additional 32 Wood and 5 Stone on hand.

Gathering 112 Wood will take time, patience, and lots of tree chopping. To help you keep track of how much you’ve collected, you can make yourself a Chest (separate from the one we recommend having in your home).

A Chest costs 10 Wood to make. Inside the Chest, you’ll have 10 storage spaces. The max bundle of Wood is 50, so in total, you can fill up a Chest with a whopping 500 Wood.

What you build is entirely up to you though. If you’d rather spend 16 Wood to create a basic roof so you can use your Workbench as soon as possible, you can certainly do that.

If you’d rather create a small home and are willing to gather the Wood required to make it, you can certainly do that as well.

Of the two, we’d recommend the small home approach as your bed will also need a roof in order to use and rest.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Workbench after you’ve crafted it and made a roof for it, we have a full guide walking you through the Workbench upgrade process that we recommend checking out next.

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