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Until Dawn Chapter 4: 7 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

Tensions are high as the mystery of Until Dawn begins to unravel. Chapter 4 brings us back to Mike. Due to our actions in Chapter 3, Mike has bolted out of the cabin in an attempt to save Jessica, rifle in hand. Now, please note that the following sequence of actions did not work out favorably for us in the end. While it’s hard to pinpoint the cause of our unwanted outcome, be advised it may be beneficial to deviate from our choices if you want a better result.

Prepare for a few QTE’s (Quick Time Events) and timed decisions. In order ensure Jessica’s survival, we are going to tell you right now that you must take all of the shortcuts and risks in the following quick time events. Do not choose any of the safe options if you wish for Jessica to live. In our playthrough, we ended up having Mike choose several of the safe options, leading to Jessica’s demise. Take this as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

In the frantic hunt for Jessica, the first path choice was to either Follow Path or Risk Shortcut. We chose to stick to the path. After a brief QTE, Mike stops to look through the rifle scope. Aim down to the right to see Jessica. Then, we chose to have Mike Go Around instead of Jump Down, as it seemed better to avoid risking an injury from the high drop. After a series of QTE’s, we chose to Shimmy rather than Jump, opting for what seemed to be the safer route at the time.

If you are following along with our choices, the next one comes after you clear the gap, where you must either Follow Path or Risk Slide Down. This is where our decision-making went awry, as we chose not to take a risk by following the path. Our penchant for safety cost us the life of a character. It turns out we needed to take risks the entire way in order to save Jessica. This is one of those moments where it doesn’t pay to play it safe.

Once inside the building, look for a staircase on the right near a sign that says ‘Elevator’. Be sure to snag the Guidance Totem at the bottom of the stairs. Then, locate the ‘Unsafe Keep Out’ sign to the right and start to make your way through the tunnel. Approach the elevator to trigger a cutscene.

It was at this gruesome juncture that we lost Jessica, which was seemingly caused by Mike choosing the Follow Path route a few moments earlier, as was revealed in a flashback. If you happen to be following the same decisions as this guide, then you’ve lost Jessica as well. Let’s try and hold on to the remaining characters, shall we?

After the horrific cutscene, quickly have Mike aim the rifle and shoot at the alleged killer. Proceed to the back side of the elevator. Prepare for a QTE, and a decision to either play it Safe or take the Quick route. At this point we had not shaken our penchant for safety, so it should come as no surprise that we took the safe route. The rest of this session as Mike mainly involves a series of QTE’s, which should pose little trouble.

The scene transitions back to the lodge, where we wake from the kitchen floor in Chris’ perspective. Feel free to peruse the kitchen for potential clues. However, the only thing we found was a coin purse covered in blood on the floor which, oddly enough, didn’t even trigger as a clue anyway. Continue through the double doors on the opposite end of the room where you had entered earlier.

Through the doors there will be a large blood splatter on the wall, and by the looks of it, the situation seems grim for whoever that blood belongs to. Continue to the right down the hall and exit the lodge through an open door leading outside. Once at the bottom of the stairs, we took the path to the right. Follow the path until you see another path that branches to the left. Go down the left path, which eventually leads to a scarecrow donning a pretty hideous clown mask.

Walk past the scare-clown over to the base of a tree, where you will find a Pig’s Head, which happens to be a clue. Once again, it’s a bit odd that the scare-clown was not counted as a clue, but at least you’ve gathered something from going down this path. Search the ground to the left of the pig’s head and locate a Death Totem. Remember that you can review the Totem prophesies in the menu using R1. It may be helpful to replay the prophesies a few times to get an idea of who it might involve, and what to expect.

Backtrack to where the path originally forked, and continue going forward along the main path until you reach a building with an open door. However, we advise to not go into this door just yet. There is probably more to find along the path outside, but in our playthrough we made the mistake of going into the door first, causing us to get locked inside. We ended up losing a character, which will be explained in a moment. It is best to explore the outer area first, in case there is an alternate method that prevents the loss of a character. It is best to avoid the building if you can, but since you are following along with our guide, we must reveal the outcome of our decision to enter the building.

After the door slams shut, Chris will be locked inside, and soon will have to make the toughest decision yet. In a gruesome “Saw’-like scenario, you must choose to either Save Ashley or Save Josh, and unfortunately, inaction is not an option this time. You must choose to save one or the other. We ultimately rationalized that due to his crush on Ashley, Chris would choose to save her rather than Josh, which is too bad, since Josh was a likeable character as well. Our track record for keeping the group safe is not looking so good.

Our goal with this guide is to help you save as many characters as possible. Thus, it is really difficult to avoid giving spoilers through our explanation of events. It is necessary for us to reveal where our choices went awry for the sake of allowing you to effectively save keep the characters safe by avoiding our mistakes, and hopefully so far you have found this guide helpful.

After the horror of the previous scene subsides, you will be transferred, you guessed it, back to Dr. Hill’s office, who seems to be getting progressively unstable with every chapter. Deal with another bonkers session with Dr. Hill, and Chapter 4 concludes.

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