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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 6: Once a Thief

by Prima Games Staff

In this portion of our walkthrough we cover Chapter 6: Once a Thief in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Throughout this chapter players will have to pick the waiter’s pocket and solve the cask puzzle. Before we get to those events, let’s start at the beginning of the chapter in which you must follow San until he stops at the cliff. When this happens, search to the left to find more treasure to add to your collection.

To Sam’s right is a bridge which you can access by using your grappling hook. Head over to the bridge, then swing to the left and jump over to the rock face below the bridge. Climb down and to the left to grab the robe and use it to run to the left along the wall in order to grab the next ledge. Move over to the tree and then swing over to where Sam is located.

Wait for the guards above to move, then follow Sam while you partake in an optional conversation. Head over to the shed and make your way downstairs, then use the grappling hook on the ceiling beam to get over to the window. Rappel down and run across the wall to the left, then jump over to the stone archway and have another optional conversation.

Climb on top of the next stone archway (the left side) and use the nearby pipes to make it over to the ledge on the left. Use the next set of pipes, then swing over to the adjacent ledge and you’ll soon be watching another cut scene. Follow Sullivan through the mansion to reach a point where you need to pickpocket the waiter to obtain a key card.

Walk behind the waiter and press L2 to shift your focus to his back left pocket. A bar appears that begins to fill as you’re attempting to steal the key card. Use the Right Analog Stick to focus the light on the waiter’s back left pocket to complete the task. If you have any trouble, Sam will run interference for you. Once you’ve got the key card, follow Sam through the basement until you reach the locked gate, then continue to the right and move the cask forward.

Cask Puzzle

Once you make it through the next doorway it’s time to take on the cask puzzle, an integral part of Chapter 6: Once a Thief. Head into the room and run forward, turning right when it’s available. When you reach the cask you can push or pull it to move the cask around. At this point you should pull the cask as far back as possible. Move to the left and walk around to the far side, then move forward and pull the next cask back to the same position.

Go back and climb through the half wall that was previously blocked by the second cask. Move through the next few rooms, then pull the next cask backward in order to use it as a stepping stone to climb into the vent. Continue onward with Sam, then give him a boost up the ladder. After splitting up you won’t have to worry about encountering enemies as all you need to do is climb to the top of the tower and shut off the power.

When you get inside, move around the top of the area until you reach a point where you can drop down. Move toward the circuit breakers to watch another cut scene, then search for something you can use to destroy the lock. For best results try the crowbar on the green crate on the far side of the room. Once the gate is open another cut scene concludes the chapter.

At this point you can continue on to Chapter 7, Lights Out, or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide.

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