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Thief Complete Walkthrough Chapter 1: Lockdown – How to Find the Combination to the Jeweler’s Safe

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Thieving Challenges

  • Remain Undetected – 125 G
  • Extinguish 9 Flames – 100 G
  • Headshot 4 Threats – 75 G
  • Lift All Loot Items – 150 G

Objective 1: Head to the Clock Tower

Although you can hear them, The Watch can’t reach you, so take your time. If you’re having a difficult time spotting things, use your Focus ability to highlight areas of interest. Aside from the loot, notice the cabinet? You can use cabinets to hide from guards, though their real value is saving the game. Anytime you enter one, you will automatically save your progress. When you’re ready to move on, use the Claw to reach the ladder on the north wall and climb up.

Climb up another wall to the north and drop down to a lower roof. There are two guards patrolling the street. Drop down into the alcove to the south and wait for the roaming guard to pass. Sneak behind, knock him out and steal his loot. Head to the house on the north side of the street. Although there isn’t collectible loot in here, make sure to grab it all before heading out. Go right from the house, wait for the guard to turn his back and take him down. Be sure to snag Serendi Stone Circles (1/7) – Amethyst Circle from the southwest corner.

The area is safe now. Move east down the street and turn north into the alley. Climb over the boxes and sneak up behind the guy inspecting the dead body. Pick his pocket and move on, or knock him out. Grab the three Broadhead Arrows from the table and climb the wall to the north. Hop down, search for loot and pick the locked gate to enter Stonecutter’s Court.

Objective 2: Find a Way into the Jeweler’s Shop

There are four ways into the Jeweler’s Shop. You could take the front door, but a guard patrols just on the other side. Instead, drop down from your perch and turn around. Head into the alley to the east where you can snag some loot, including two Broadhead Arrows sitting atop a crate. From here, you can either cross the street at ground level, or you can head toward the south end of the alley and take a tunnel. Although there is loot to be had at ground level, we took the tunnel, emerging on the north side of the street, behind the Jeweler’s Shop.

Once behind the Jeweler’s Shop, pick the lock to the cellar door. Be careful not to make any mistakes, or the jeweler will hear you.

Objective 3: Steal the Jeweled Mask

Once inside, sneak up behind him and knock the jeweler out. You’re safe here as long as you don’t make too much noise. Steal everything in sight, especially Lyegrove’s Letter from the desk. When the room is picked clean, approach the painting in the southwest corner. Feel for the trigger and press it. This lock can’t be picked, but the combination is in the letter you just picked up. To save time, the combination is  7, 3, 9. Open the safe and grab Unique Loot (2/9) – Lyegrove’s Jeweled Mask.

Objective 4: Exit by the Upstairs Window

There are two more collectible loot items on the main floor. Head upstairs and head to the left where a lone guard patrols the main store. He moves around the room, so wait for him to head south before sneaking up behind him for the take down. There’s a lot of great loot here, so be sure to check every desk, drawer and surface. Just to the north of the front door, while you’re facing east, you can find Client Loot (1/8) – Jeweled Mask.

When the room is clear, move to the northwest room where there’s another guard sleeping on the job. It’s cruel, but knock him out so he’s not an issue later on. Behind where the guard was catching some sleep, pick the lock to access the safe. Inside you’ll find The Mortal Coils (1/6) – Sootback Bracelet. That’s all the collectible loot in this chapter (excluding documents), so head upstairs when you’ve picked everything over.

There’s another sleeping guard on the building’s top floor. Knock him out, leaving you and the Jeweler’s wife. As soon as the guard is down, sneak up behind her and go for the knock out. The house is now clear of threats. Thoroughly search the upstairs for any and all loot before exiting through the open window to the north.

Objective 5: Continue to the Clock Tower

Grab the newspaper as soon as you drop from the window. Move down the street and pry the window open to climb inside. Move through the house and exit to the back alley. There are two guards, but if you crouch, you an swoop past them to the west without getting caught. Follow the next guard through the winding alley, ducking into the shadows while a woman yells out of her window. When the conversation is over, follow the two guards, climbing up the pipe when you can. Follow the walkway north until you reach your objective, ending Chapter 1: Lockdown.

By completing this chapter, players will unlock the Lockdown trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on.

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