Thief: How to Complete All of Basso’s Side Jobs

We show to you how to get through all of Basso's side jobs.

Basso’s Side Jobs

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  • “Sick Willy”: Steal Sick Willy’s golden watch in Moorsditch.
  • “Writing Wrongs”: Steal the Thief Manuscript from the author in Blackfurrow.
  • “Beauty Within”: Steal a hand mirror from a woman in Clock Tower Plaza.
  • “Machinations”: Meet Ector in his workshop in the Gullet.
  • “Medical Misery”: Steal a medication bottle from Doctor Troy in the Gullet.

If you’ve accepted Basso’s Side Jobs (and you should), here’s a quick summary of how to complete them all:

How to Complete the Sick Willy Side Job

You can only enter Sick Willy’s Town House if you’ve accepted Basso’s Sick Willy side job. To enter, there is a window in a building near Sick Willy’s Town House that you can pry open and climb into Sick Willy’s place. After you’ve raided the downstairs, go back upstairs and inspect the painting near the lantern. Search for two triggers around the frame and press them both to discover a secret room.

Sick Willy’s corpse falls from a loft above the secret room, and a ladder drops down. Collect the document from Sick Willy’s body to discover some vital information.

Climb the ladder to reach Sick Willy’s secret loft. Raid the chest here to claim a pile of coins and Sick Willy’s gold pocket watch. Obtaining this watch completes Basso’s Sick Willy side job.

How to Complete the Writing Wrongs Side Job

In the Clock Tower Bookbinders (Area 15), collect the desk bell and pen from the checkout counter, then hop over the counter to examine the open book. This provides you with a new document, but it’s not the Thief Manuscript that you’re after.

Open the locked cash register to steal a pile of coins, then begin searching the books on the shelves behind you. One of the books is a trigger switch that causes a trapdoor to open in the floor.

Climb down the trapdoor’s ladder to reach a secret cellar. Swipe a wineglass and knife from the table down here, along with the manuscript you seek. Collecting the manuscript earns you a document and completes the Writing Wrongs side job for Basso.

How to Complete the Beauty Within Side Job

Leave the Clock Tower Bookbinders after you complete the Writing Wrongs side job. As you leave the east alley, look up and to your left to spy a high anchor beam across the street. Fire a rope arrow into the beam and climb it when no guards are about.

Leap from the height of the rope to reach a small ledge. If you’ve accepted Basso’s Beauty Within side job, you can pry open a window here and enter Miss Scarlett’s Town House.

Miss Scarlett is fast asleep in her bed, but don’t worry; nothing you do will wake her. Before doing anything else, pinch out the candle on the nightstand and swipe Miss Scarlett’s diary to obtain a new document that gives a vital clue.

Beware: Miss Scarlett’s scheming father will soon be coming to check on his daughter. He is armed with a short sword, but he’s not a very dangerous combatant. Hide in the shadows and wait for him to arrive. Kill him with a headshot or go for a stealth takedown. Neutralizing him makes looting the town house much easier.

After silencing Miss Scarlett’s father, search the bedroom cabinet to claim a perfume bottle, then open the nightstand’s locked drawer to score a pen. Head downstairs and set about looting the living room.

The locked drawer of the living room’s east table contains a flask, and the cabinet near the fireplace holds a letter opener and a collectible. There’s a teacup and teapot on the coffee table.

When you’ve finished looting the room, feel around the south wall’s painting for two trigger switches. Press them both to make the painting slide away, revealing a wall safe with a combination lock.

The clue to uncovering the safe’s combination lies in Miss Scarlett’s diary. In it, she writes that she hid in the closet while watching her father open the safe. Enter the save cabinet across the room from the safe, and look to your right to notice three numbers scratched in the wood: 8, 2, 4.

Return to the wall safe and input the combination to open it. Inside, you discover a coin purse and Miss Scarlett’s Hand Mirror. Collecting the mirror completes Basso’s “Beauty Within” side job.

How to complete the Machinations Side Job

From Miss Scarlett’s Town House, the living room window leads outside, but don’t pry it open. Instead, go back upstairs and exit the house through the same window you used to enter it. Cross the narrow beam that spans the street outside.

Hop onto a shorter beam, and climb up to narrow ledge. Snatch a coin purse from a bird’s nest up here.

Backtrack across the beams and descend your rope to return to the street. Scale the west building, which is marked “Reynard’s Coffehouse.”

Collect another coin purse from a bird’s nest on the building’s roof, then enter the north passage to visit the Gullet.

The rooftop passage leads to a window that you can pry open. However, don’t pry it open just yet. Instead, descend the sloped roof to the west, then slide down a ladder to reach the alley below.

If you’ve accepted Basso’s “Machinations” side job, then you’ll be able to enter the nearby shop. Do so to visit Ector’s Emporium.

The small shop is home to genius inventor, Ector. Talk to the man to complete Basso’s Machinations side job.

How to Complete the Medical Misery Side Job

Take your leave of Ector’s Emporium and scale the alley’s north ladder to return to the rooftops. Go east and pry open a window to enter Troy’s Apothecary. You can only open this window if you’ve accepted Basso’s Medical Misery side job.

Troy’s Apothecary is a small building that features two rooms and a hallway. The hall is unguarded, but there are two guards in the north room, and the shop’s proprietor is busy working in the south room. Peer through the locked doors’ keyholes to spy on these men if you like.

Troy’s workroom contains all of the important stuff. Unscrew the vent in the hall with the wrench tool and sneak into the crawl space beyond.

The crawl space leads to the south room, where Troy is busy working. Unscrew the vent, then study Troy’s movements. When he turns his back, sneak out of the crawl space and knock him out from behind. Don’t let Troy see you or the guards will rush into the room.

For safety, hit the south light switch to darken the room after knocking out Troy. Collect the microscope, syringe, and Troy’s Miracle Tonic from the table. Nabbing the tonic completes Basso’s Medical Misery side job.

Now that you’ve completed all of Basso’s side jobs, find every merchant in Thief and see the complete safe combos list.

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