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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – World 8: World Bowser

by Prima Games Staff

If you played Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS, then you probably knew this was happening. Turns out, Super Mario 3D World contains five bonus worlds overflowing with new levels to complete! Now that’s what we call value. On that note, let’s go!

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World 8: World Bowser 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-1: Spiky Spike Bridge

Hm, where did this level get its name from? Oh yeah, must be all the spiked bridge traps all over the place. Better move quickly to avoid them all.

Tip: Use the Cat Power-Up for this course and thank us later.

How do I find the Green Stars in Spiky Spike Bridge?

Green Star #1

Head through the level’s first Warp Box, then carefully make your way across the spiked bridge while avoiding the one Fire Bro. You’ll see the Green Star sitting atop a pillar, and will need the Cat Power-Up (we told you) to grab it. 

Green Star #2

You’ll eventually come to a sign pointing in the direction of a spiked bridge. There’s a Fire Bro guarding a Mystery Box. Once inside the bonus room, press the P Switch to make the Green Star appear, then quickly grab that sucker in 10 seconds or less.

Green Star #3

Taking a Warp Box will put you on a large platform with Parabones. Head left to find Donut Blocks bridged by a moving spiked platform. Wait until it’s in place, then run like mad to nab the final Star.

Where is the Stamp in Spiky Spike Bridge? 

Go through the Checkpoint Flag and take the Warp Box. See the arrow sign? Go in the opposite direction to find the Stamp. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-2: Plessie’s Dune Downhill

Plessie the dinosaur is back and ready to go on a long ride. No water here. Instead, it’s a crazy dash across a danger-filled sand dune. 

Tip: Unlike World 1-4, you can score all the collectibles in this level in one attempt. Just remember to tilt back on the left analog stick or down on the d-pad to decrease your speed. It makes grabbing everything a lot easier.

How do I find the Green Stars in Plessie’s Dune Downhill? 

Green Star #1 

You’ll see the first Green Star almost immediately. Use the Splounders on the ground to launch yourself into the air. The higher you are, the easier getting the Star will be. 

Green Star #2

Shortly after collecting Green Star #1, you and Plessie will fall onto an S-shaped piece of track with gold coins in the center. Use the Dash Panels to pick up speed and grab Green Star #2 from the group of Para-Biddybuds.

Tip: There are no guardrails in this level, so do your best to maintain a straight course. 

Green Star #3

Wait until you see one Bowser sand statue and quickly smash through it to make the third Green Star appear on another section of track.  It sits between two Dash Panels. 

Tip: You don’t have much time to destroy that sand statue. Stay frosty and alert! 

Where is the Stamp in Plessie’s Dune Downhill?

Wait until you see the two Bowser sand statues and go in between them to discover a cloud bridge that will take you right to the Stamp.

Tip: Reaching the top of the Goal Pole in this level is especially tricky. The bumpy hill leading to it makes this difficult. Aim for the line of gold coins for 100 percent completion. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-3: Cookie Cogworks

This is one of the few levels in Super Mario 3D World that makes us hungry. Check out all those cookies! Nom nom nom. 

Near the beginning, look for two Spiny Skipsqueaks standing on a cookie cog. You can fall safely to the ground below. Avoid the huge Piranha Plant and hit the ? Block to receive the Boomerang Flower. Keep this handy throughout the level. 

Tip: Cookie platforms move at different speeds, and it’s easy to fly off into a pit. Always know which a direction a cookie rotates before landing on one. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Cookie Cogworks?

Green Star #1

There’s a cog next to a mega Piranha Plant. Climb it to reach another cog and make note of the Green Star’s location, to the right of some gold coins. You can grab it one of three ways: with the Boomerang, a long jump or using the Cat Power-Up. 

Green Star #2

You’ll see a ledge patrolled by two rows of Ant Troopers. Beneath this ledge is a Mystery Box. Go inside it to reach the hidden area, then run like crazy along a rolling platform filled with enemies to get Green Star #2. You only have 10 seconds to do this. 

Tip: Once you reach the Checkpoint Flag, walk up to the Sprixie to get a much better view of the level, or rather, the gigantic wall of cogs that lies before you. There are two Piranha Plants at the top. Make sure you’re ready to avoid them.

Green Star #3

Take the long Clear Pipe towards the goal pole and you’ll see an island in the distance. How do you reach it? Take a long jump just behind the pipe to land on this island. Then capture the rabbit to receive the Star. Don’t worry, the green pipe will take you to the Goal Pole. 

Tip: Beat Cookie Cogworks to unlock a special train bonus level that will appear next to it on the World Map.

Where is the Stamp in Cookie Cogworks?

Please refer to the tip beneath Green Star #2. Remember those two Mega Piranha Plants at the top of the wall? Take the Clear Pipe and look for the Stamp. Use the Boomerang to get rid of the Ants blocking the way, then fall into it. If you don’t have the Boomerang, jump of the ledge and steer your character into the Stamp’s location.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser: The Bowser Express

Someone needs to tell Bowser his days of being a train conductor are over. We’ll leave that to you. 

How do I find the Green Stars in The Bowser Express? 

Green Star #1 

It’s literally on top of the first train car you come across. Get it now.

Green Star #2 

You must touch the Green Star Ring and quickly gather the coins scattered about. Beware the spiked pendulum. 

Tip: It’s important to activate the Green Star Ring early so you have enough time to get all the coins in this scrolling level. Go too far off the screen and you lose a life.

Green Star #3 

When you reach the front of the train, you’ll see a Hammer Bro guarding the green pipe leading to the boss. Beneath him is a passage with a Fire Bro. Defeat him to get the final Star.

Where is the Stamp in The Bowser Express?

The Stamp sits atop a tall train car, and there are three ways to get it. You can climb up the side of the car using the Cat Power-Up, bounce off the Ant Troopers or go inside the car to ground pound a ? Block, whereupon which the block tower will take you directly upwards and into the Stamp. 

How do I beat Pom Pom? 

Ah yes, Pom Pom, the ninja-star throwing creep. She spawns more Shadow Clones this time around, and you’ll need to hit her and only her three times. Thankfully, the pink ninja star gives her away. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-4: Footlight Lane 

Invisible bridges. That’s what this course is all about. Don’t get intimidated by the seemingly huge gaps between platforms. Walking on these invisible bridges or having a Thwomp smash the ground lights them up. With this in mind, step with confidence, for the most part. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Footlight Lane? 

Green Star #1 

No invisible bridge here. You’ll see the Star beyond some Parabones, but you must jump over the abyss to reach it. 

Green Star #2

Activate the Green Star Ring and gather all those coins while avoiding spiked rollers. 

Tip: A Ground Pound can temporarily reveal huge sections at once. 

Green Star #3

While on the last section of invisible bridge, look for a detour that leads to a Mystery Box. Wait until the Thwomp slams into the ground to see the invisible ledges leading to the Star. Don’t wait too long! You only have 10 seconds.

Tip: Beat World 8-4 to reveal a new Sprixie House on the World Map. Go inside for a bonus Stamp. 

Where is the Stamp in World Bowser-4: Footlight Lane?

Look for a platform being fired upon by two Bill Blasters. Ground pound the glowing spot to score some coins, and be on the lookout for an invisible path that will lead you to the Stamp. 

Tip: As you take the next path, the explosions from Cat Bullet Bills light up sections of the track. You can use the Boomerang to blow them up sooner. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-5: Deepwater Dungeon

Time to go for a dip in this level. The water level rises and falls throughout, but you don’t have to wait for it. Wall jumping proves extremely useful here. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Deepwater Dungeon? 

Green Star #1

After getting the Stamp, scale the wall on the left to discover an alcove containing this Star. 

Green Star #2 

After reaching the Checkpoint Flag, hop aboard Plessie and go for a short trip. When she drops you off, look for the second Green Star sitting on top of two Donut Blocks. We hope you have the Cat Power-Up. That’s the only way you’ll be able to reach it.

Green Star #3 

Go through the section with the moving water cubes and ignore the green pipe. Instead, climb up the wall as the Cat to find a Cloud Cannon. Blast off to the bonus area and avoid the Para-Biddybuds to claim the final Green Star. 

Where is the Stamp in Deepwater Dungeon?

The Stamp in Deepwater Dungeon is near the beginning of the stage. The rising water allows you to avoid spiked blocks underneath the Stamp.

Tip:Look for a nearby ? Block and get the Cat Power-Up. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-6: A Beam in the Dark 

As the title clearly indicates, you must use beams to shed some light in this stage. Grab a Beam Box at the beginning and use it throughout the entire level. 

Tip: Use Luigi. There’s a character-specific switch only he can activate, and that’s the only way you’ll get the Stamp.

How do I find the Green Stars in A Beam in the Dark? 

Green Star #1 

After taking the first ride on a platform, move away from the Peepas and you’ll discover a small ledge containing this Star.

Green Star #2 

Run through the Checkpoint Flag and ride the next platform. Look for a ledge on the right with a Mystery Box. Once inside the secret room, use a Beam Box to destroy all the Boos and claim the Star. As usual, you have 10 seconds to do this.

Tip: Afterwards, you’ll approach a series of doors. From the ones on the bottom, take the door on the far right, then once you’re on the next level, go through the right-most door to proceed.

Green Star #3

A giant Boo guards the third Star. Providing you still have a Beam Box, you can make the ghost disappear in no time.

Where is the Stamp in A Beam in the Dark?

Hitch a ride on the first platform (as Luigi) to get the Stamp. 

Tip: Complete A Beam in the Dark, and a green pipe will appear on the World Map. Head inside to access the World 8 Mystery House.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser: Mystery House Claw Climb 

With 10 Green Stars and lots of climbing to reach them all, the Cat Power-Up is without question the way to go. Don’t worry, there’s a Super Bell at the beginning of the stage. Meow! 

How do I find the Green Stars in Mystery House Claw Climb? 

Green Star #1 

It’s in plain sight as soon as you begin the course. Just climb up and grab it. 

Green Star #2 

Climb up the wall lined with gold coins, then head left to collect the Star. 

Green Star #3 

Time your jumps carefully with the Beep Blocks and Star is yours. 

Green Star #4 

You must dash to collect this Green Star. Watch out for the lava. 

Green Star #5

You return to the tower from the beginning of the level, but the Star is at the highest peak. Climb up the wall, and uses ledges to reset your climbing ability once the character begins to slide down.

Green Star #6

It’s the same room where you grabbed the second Green Star, except you’ll need to use Claw or Pounce Attacks to bust through Crystal Blocks. 

Green Star #7 

More Beep Blocks, but Nintendo arranged them differently. You’ll have a short climb to get the Star.

Green Star #8

This Star hangs over some lava. Climb the wall to get it, then Claw Drive to avoid danger. 

Green Star #9 

Use the red POW Blocks to destroy lots of purple bricks. The ninth Star is you reward. 

Green Star #10 

Now comes the tough part. To claim the tenth Green Star, you’ll need to climb red and yellow platforms that give way when touched. Reach the top of each platform to reset your climbing stamina, then climb up the next platform. 

Tip: Toad is the best character to use here. 

Where is the Stamp in Mystery House Claw Climb?

No Stamp here. That’s a relief, right? 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-7: Grumblump Inferno

If you beat this level with 100 percent completion, consider yourself a Super Mario 3D World master. There’s lava, and lots of it. The only way to survive is to safely land on Grumblump platforms at just the right time.

Tip: The Tanooki Suit makes this stage somewhat easier.

How do I find the Green Stars in Grumblump Inferno?

Green Star #1

Following a very steep drop, the second platform takes you to the Star. Wait until you can safely make the jump. 

Tip: Look for a Tanooki Suit Power-Up shortly afterwards.

Green Star #2

There’s a platform with a Green Star Ring and Splorches. Hit the ring and collect all the coins, doing your best to avoid the Splorches’ lava.

Green Star #3 

Grumblumps have a tendency to change direction. In the last section they can roll lengthwise, which is a whole other type of challenge to overcome. The only way to get the last Star is to wait until the block is vertical. There’s very little time to do this, and Skipsqueaks will attempt to make life difficult.

Where is the Stamp in Grumblump Inferno? 

Activate the Checkpoint Flag and prepare for an intense lava ride. Near the end, jump off the block and onto a Hammer Bro.’s head. The Stamp is beneath a pillar. 

Tip: You may get hit while attempting to get the Stamp, so make sure you can survive it.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-A: Motley Bossblob’s Encore

How do I beat Motley Bossblob in World Bowser-A?

Yup, the jumping Motley Bossblob is back, and this time, he emits a dangerous shockwave when he lands on the platform; he’s also much faster. That said, the same basic rules apply. Break him into smaller forms and crush them until you’re able to successfully land a hit. Three are all it takes. Enjoy that Green Star.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser-B: Hisstocrat Returns 

How do I beat Hisstocrat in World Bowser-B? 

What? This snake again? Technically, you use the same plan of attack as before. Climb atop one of the smaller snakes and then dive bomb Hisstocrat three times. This fight, however, plays out  bit differently. Hisstocrat and his helper snakes are quicker overall. Beyond that, lava falls from the sky when Hisstocrate bursts from the ground. He also shoots fireballs at the snakes you hitch a ride on, so you’ll need to move much quicker than before. Win, and you receive a Green Star. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Bowser Castle: The Great Tower of Bowser Land

Finally, the last level in Super Mario 3D World. One more fight with Bowser and Mario can take that extended vacation. Right? Right? 

How do I find the Green Stars in The Great Tower of Bowser Land? 

Green Star #1 

Following a thrilling rooftop run at the beginning of the stage, look for a small ledge and drop down to it to collect the Star. 

Tip: After grabbing the Star, search for an invisible ? Block and hit it to return to the roof. 

Green Star #2

This Star is near a Ferris Wheel guarded by a few Bullies.First, knock off all the Bullies so they don’t get in the way, then go for the Star. 

Tip: This Star is much easier to get if you have the Cat Power-Up, since climbing is much safer than jumping. 

Green Star #3

While climbing the tower in pursuit of, ahem, Meowser, look for a Green Star Ring and collect the Green Coins to get the Star.

Where is the Stamp in The Great Tower of Bowser Land? 

It’s in the same area as the Goal Pole, floating above one of the trees.

How do I beat Bowser in The Great Tower of Bowser Land?

Take a gondola after collecting the second Star and Bowser appears, with Super Bell in hand. What does he do with it? Why, turn into Meowser of course! Yes, Meowser.  

After transforming, Bowser begins to climb a wall, and you head after him via the cloud platforms on the right.  The camera scrolls automatically, so don’t miss your jumps. 

Because he’s a jerk, Meowser slides down the side of the building and destroys platforms; look for debris falling from the top of the screen to know where he’s about to drop down from. At least on the positive side, platforms eventually come back.

Next, Meowser takes a break from climbing to stand on a platform with a POW Block. Break to launch the big guy into orbit, then take the pipe to the next part of the battle. There’s a + Clock nearby if you need more time. 

As you ride through the pipe, multiple Meowsers appear.  Thankfully, the Checkpoint Flag is nearby.  Yes, you won’t have to restart the entire board if your character dies. 

During the second climb, keep a close eye on a crack in the wall. Get too close and a Meowser appears and takes a few claw swipes. Meanwhile, another Meowser comes in from the bottom right and takes out a platform. Let him pass before proceeding.  

Now you’re climbing a set of platforms with two Meowsers giving chase from below. Speed is key. No time to take in the sights.

Once you reach the top, you’ll see Meowser standing on a Super POW Block. Hit it four times to defeat him while evading fireballs. Now you can take the pipe to the Goal Pole! Victory! 

Tip: Defeating Meowser lets you compare completion times with other players for every level in Super Mario 3D World. 

Tip: Once you complete World 8, head back to the beginning of World 1 to discover a floating mountain. Check it out and you’ll discover a rocket ship that sends you to the World Star. That’s right, even more levels in Super Mario 3D World!

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