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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – World 5

by Prima Games Staff

Super Mario 3D World reminds us of classic Mario adventures, like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.  Of course, this highly polished adventure has plenty of unique elements, including the Super Bell that transforms your hero into a Cat; so cute.

With Bowser threating this fictitious world, we dove into Nintendo’s entertaining adventure to create this free guide. In it, we’ll tell you how to find all three Green Stars per level, along with the collectible Stamp. On that note, get ready to master World 5.

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World 5

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-5: Spike’s Lost City

To complete this course, you’ll need to track down five keys hidden throughout the stage.Where are they? That’s what we’re here for!

Where are the keys in World 4-5 Spike’s Lost City?

Key 1: You’ll see it sitting on a pier as soon as you begin the course.  Beware the bugs.

Key 2: At the top of the first horizontal pipe you come across. Go inside and quickly press Up to land on a semi invisible cloud. The key is on the next cloud.

Key 3: After collecting key #2, head straight down and head right a few paces until you’re standing on a tiny hill. Walk towards the screen to see the third key. You have to walk in the opposite direction and drop down, then head through the secret path.

Key 4: Now head right and climb the second tree you see. The fourth key is at the top.

Key 5: The fifth and final key sits between a bunch of football helmet-wearing enemies. Divert their attention and grab the key.

Tip: See the giant sand statue of Bowser near the fifth key coin? Break it to reveal a golden shell. Kick it to earn a whole bunch of coins.

How do I find the Green Stars in World 5-1: Sunshine Seaside?

Green Star #1

As soon as the course begins, head to the right. See those sand sculptures made to resemble Goombas? Break the one on the far right to locate the first Green Star.

Green Star #2

Look out into the water and you’ll discover a semi-secret area. Don’t worry. You can walk there. Dive into the deep part and enter the green pipe. Once you’re in this new area, light up all the switches on the floor by stepping on each one (and the ones on the platforms) and the second Green Star will appear.

Green Star #3

Head all the way to the right of the course until you cannot go anymore. You’ll see a ledge, and perhaps the sound of Toad crying for help. Climb up as Cat Mario, and you’ll discover a panicked Toad being chased by bugs. Destroy all the bugs to score the third and final Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in World 5-1 Sunshine Seaside?

Once you reach the Checkpoint Flag, head inside the Green Pipe and take a ride on Plessie, the same huggable dinosaur from World 1. As you near end, look for three wooden columns on the right. The Stamp is on the final column, and you’ll need to jump from column to column in order to nab it.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-2: Tricky Trapeze Theater

Get into the swing of things with this circus-style course.

How do I find the Green Stars in Tricky Trapeze Theater?

Green Star #1

You’ll actually see the first Green Star at the beginning of the stage on the right, as you travel aboard the floating platform.

Green Star #2

Hit the Checkpoint Flag and dispose of all those Piranha Plants via Mega Mushroom, located in the middle of the spinning board. Go right and you’ll see unstable platforms. Run across and go into the green pipe.Hit the P switch in the middle of the floor, then collect ALL the blue coins before time runs out to get the second Green Star.

Tip: You’ll know time is running out when the blue coins start to flash.

Green Star #3

Time to put those trapeze skills to good use. Near the end of the course you’ll come across a big hollowed out Green Star. Latch onto the first trapeze and tough the Star, then quickly gather the eight green coins to reveal the final Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in World 5-2 Tricky Trapeze Theater?

After collecting the second Green Stamp, head back to the spinning board where those Piranha Plants used to be and look for the Up arrow on the far wall. Take a bouncy pad upwards and look for the Stamp on the left.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-3: Backstreet Bustle

Better get moving. You only have 100 seconds to clear Backstreet Bustle and three Green Stars to collect. To master this course, as you’ll quickly discover, the Double Cherry is key.

How do I find the Green Stars in Backstreet Bustle?

Green Star #1

Head left until you see a crack in the floor. Do a Ground Pound to find the first Star.

Tip:Choose your path through this course wisely, and keep an eye on projectiles. You need four characters via Double Cherries to complete Backstreet Bustle 100 percent. Three won’t do it, and there are a limited number of Cherries available.

Green Star #2

With four characters, stand on the floating platform with the number four. It will float upwards, allowing you to easily collect Green Star #2.

Green Star #3

With three characters or more, stand on the platform with the number three. It will transport you to the third Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in World 5-3 Backstreet Bustle?

There’s a switch on the far right of the course that only Toad (and one Toad) can open. Press it to reveal the Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5: Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo

You stand to gain five Green Stars in this course, providing you help Captain Toad.

Start by going through the purple door. Once you exit, head left and stand on top of that discolored block lighter than the rest. Swipe on the Wii U GamePad to raise it, then walk along the unstable platforms to get Green Star #1. Head down the ramp and take the door on the left to get Green Star #2. Walk into the door to the right, walk along the wooden platform and drop down to the red one below. You’ll want to grab the Star that appears to be within reach, but for now, head in the opposite direction.

Once you reach the block, push it out of the way by sliding a finger on the Wii U GamePad. Drop down and stand on the first light-colored block, then swipe Up. Walk to the next block and swipe Up. Walk across the wooden planks and unstable platforms until you are standing on the next light-colored block. Swipe it to move to the left, allowing you to easily collect the third Green Star. Quickly move back onto the block (it’s on a timer) and carefully maneuver Captain Toad between the ghosts to gather the fourth Star. Head up the purple ramp and onto the unstable platforms. A giant Boo will appear behind you, so don’t stop. Keep going until you are directly underneath the remaining Star. You’ll fall down and collect it. Whew, it’s over!

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-A: Chargin’ Chuck Blockade Is Back

You should have no trouble defeating five Chargin’ Chucks, right? Jump on one of their heads once to knock the helmet off, then once more to put him down. Your reward is a Green Star and some gold coins. Let’s move on!

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-4: Sprawling Savanna

Those bothersome ants have returned. Don’t be alarmed. You can handle pretty much anything at this point.

Tip:After blasting off via the first horizontal pipe, head right towards the ant with the Super Bell. Collect it to turn into Cat Mario, then climb the wall to find hidden gold coins. You won’t see them at first.

How do I find the Green Stars in Sprawling Savanna?

Green Star #1

Nintendo REALLY wants you to be Cat Mario in this course, so we suggest donning the meow suit. Besides, you need it to get this Star.  Here’s how it works. Eventually you come to a giant wall with a horizontal pipe at the base. Avoid it for now. Go to the left and climb up the wall to track down the Star. With it almost in reach, Nintendo throws you a curve with some invisible blocks in the way. Slide back down, climb again and just avoid them. You should easily get the Star.

Green Star #2

Take a cannon to a wide open area. Look for some tiny rabbits and chase after the one with a green glow to collect the second Star.

Tip:Head backwards to discover an oversized bunny. Catch him to score some gold coins.

Green Star #3

Another Star that is just before the flagpole. While on the spinning (and very ant covered) platform, activate the hollowed out Green Star and collect the eight green coins. Now climb up that flagpole!

Where is the Stamp in World 5-4 Sprawling Savanna?

This one took a while to figure out. When you reach the huge flat area we previously mentioned, you’ll notice ants on the left walking into a hole. Jump into it and you’ll access a secret area with one huge ant. The Stamp is on its back.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-5: Bob-ombs Below

You know the saying, bombs away!

How do I find the Green Stars in Bob-ombs Below?

Green Star #1

Head right, take the first lower path until you see a wall of purple bricks. Destroy them with Tanooki Suit Mario’s Tail Attack, or toss a bomb into the wall. The Green Star sits behind these purple bricks.

Tip: Jump onto a Bob-omb to render it temporarily immobile. Then you can pick up and throw it to blow things up.

Green Star #2

Hit the Checkpoint Flag, the head right to find a slow-moving wheel platform with a bunny rabbit. Catch that sucker for the second Star.

Green Star #3

Continue moving right until you get to a horizontal pipe.Right behind it sits a smiley-faced cloud. Go into the pipe and quickly press Down to go in that direction. You’ll pop out near the cloud. Take it to a secret area where the goal is to light up all the switches to form a caricature of Mario from the NES days. Looks cool, sure, but you really want the Green Star that appears.

Tip: Hit POW Blocks to light up more than one section of the floor at a time, or wait for Bob-ombs to explode.

Where is the Stamp in World 5-5 Bob-ombs Below?

Immediately after grabbing the second star, go right and you’ll see a cracked wall. Dispose of the bomb-carrying Goombas, pick up an explosive and throw it towards that wall to break it. Head inside and go right to find the Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-6: Cakewalk Flip

Don’t get distracted by all the sweet looking treats in this course. Switches change position each time you jump, and by each time, we mean EACH TIME.

Tip: Run through dollops of frosting to find hidden gold coins.

How do I find the Green Stars in Cakewalk Flip?

Green Star #1

On the second set of switches, located on the far left. There’s a Piranha Plant on the switch directly in front of it, so be careful.

Tip:Be careful when flipping switches. There may be a Piranha Plant hiding underneath one of them.

Green Star #2

Once you reach the Checkpoint Flag, push forward and go into the first green pipe you see (you’ll need to dispose of the Piranha Plant). Once inside the room, hit the P switch and jump to guide the green Luigi ball to the switch on the lower left. You only get one shot at this.

Green Star #3

Right after grabbing Star #2, head left and make note of that big hollow Star. Touch it and then gather the eight green coins for Star #3. Easier if you have two characters via the Double Cherry.

Where is the Stamp in World 5-6 Cakewalk Flip?

This Stamp sits opposite the flagpole on the left. Thing is, you’ll need at least two characters to reach it. Hope you found a Double Cherry.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-7: Searchlight Sneak

Bullet Bills can destroy the environment. Watch your step!

How do I find the Green Stars in Searchlight Sneak?

Green Star #1

Roughly a minute in, you’ll have to cross a bridge from left to right with Bullet Bills in the background. Stun one of the spring monsters, grab the spring and continue heading right until you see Green Star #1 floating in mid-air. 

Tip:Avoid the searchlights in this course. If you step inside the light, prepare for a Bullet Bill barrage.

Green Star #2

Now that you have the Stamp (see below), go right and there’s a cracked wall. Lure a Bullet Bill towards it and jump at the last moment. Enter the purple box to visit a secret area, then run up the stone steps to collect the second Green Star. There are Bullet Bills all over the place and they can destroy the platforms, so don’t stand around…or miss a jump, for that matter.

Tip: Look for a circus tent on the World 5 game map, and go inside for a bonus Stamp!

Green Star #3

You’re unstoppable! You have the second Green Star. Run to the right and climb the stairs. Don’t avoid the searchlight here. Activate the Bullet Bills and lead them into the breakable pieces of stone surrounding the last Star. Did you get the Stamp? If so, time for the flagpole.

Where is the Stamp in World 5-7 Searchlight Sneak?

You’ll see it shortly after grabbing Green Star #1. Looks easy enough to nab, but there’s a searchlight moving back and forth. Touch it and Bullet Bills fly in from the lower portion of the screen.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5-B: Fire Bros. Hideout #2

There’s a green pipe to the left of World 5-5, so take this baby to World 5-B, where you’ll go toe-to-toe against the bothersome Fire Bros. with one Green Star up for grabs.

You have 100 seconds to defeat the single Fire Bro standing atop a stack of Goombas. There are two platforms that rise and fall. Take one up, time it just right and jump on the Fire Bros.’ head. Done. The Star is yours!

Bowser Bonus Stage: Gold Coins Galore!

There’s a green pipe just below World 5-7 on the World 5 map. Take it and you’ll wind up on an island with two more green pipes. The bottom one transports you to World 1. The one on top takes you to golden Bowser train bonus stage where hundreds of coins (and the resulting 1-Ups) are up for grabs. Have a blast! Ah yes, and you only get one shot at this course.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 5:  King Ka-thunk’s Castle

World 5 was long, right? Definitely tougher than World 4. Well it’s time for the final battle. Next stop, World 6. We can dig it!

How do I find the Green Stars in King Ka-thunk’s Castle?

Green Star #1

Once you get past the football-helmet guys, there’s a hollow Green Star. Touch it and then jump from platform to platform to collect all eight green coins. Your reward? As if you had to ask. It’s the first Green Star.

Green Star #2

Timing is everything with this Green Star. Collect the Stamp (see how to do that below), drop down and Green Star #2 is right there, sitting inside those square-shaped pieces of spiked metal that by now, you are very well acquainted with, Jump through that bad boy.

Green Star #3

Near the end of the course, you’ll see an orange exclamation point box. Don’t go inside just yet! As Cat Mario, climb up the adjacent wall to see the last Green Star. Yay!

Where is the Stamp in World 5 King Ka-thunk’s Castle?

Run through that checkpoint flag and navigate your way across a bridge. There should be a huge wall to your right. You’ll see the second Green Star inside a spiked piece of metal midway through, but you’re not concerned with that right now. Jump on the item blocks to your right and climb up the wall as Cat Mario. You should see the Stamp’s location, sitting on a ledge.

How do I beat the boss in World 5 – King Ka-thunk’s Castle

It’s your worst nightmare, a giant square-shaped and spiked boss. Well, here’s the thing. He’s not so tough. He slowly flips around the stage. Notice the pink X on the other side of his face? Wait until he lands on the ground X side up and jump onto it three times (you only get one hit per successful attack). Watch out for the crumbling floor!

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