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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – World 12: World Crown

by Prima Games Staff

This is it! You made it to the final set of levels in Super Mario 3D World. It’s been a fun ride, yes? You grabbed all the Green Stars and Stamps so far. You took down Bowser. You scored infinite lives. With the end in sight, it’s time to make one last push to the final Goal Pole. Ready? Let’s go!

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World 12 – World Crown

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Crown-Crown: Champion’s Road

This level involves a lot of climbing and Beep Blocks. Once you get started, there isn’t a safe place to take a break at the beginning.

Tip:Peach and Rosalina both have natural abilities that can make these climbs much easier. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Champion’s Road?

Green Star #1

The first Green Star is located at the top of the second Beep Block Climb. 

Tip:Keep in mind that Peach and Rosalina can handle this section better than other characters.

Green Star #2 

The second Green Star is located across the moving platforms. 

Tip:Use the Warp Box to take you directly to the next part of the level. 

Green Star #3

The third Green Star can be snagged just as you enter the final section of the Dash Panel speedway. 

Tip:Act quickly. The Dash Panels cause you to speed up considerably. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Crown: Captain Toad’s Fiery Finale

This level contains a total of five Green Stars and a Stamp. There’s really nothing else to do but start collecting goodies.

Tip: Watch your step! There’s lava all around, which can make your journey around the level tricky. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Captain Toad’s Fiery Finale?

Green Star #1 

Right when you begin the level. Drop down on a red platform. Let the lava carry you high enough that you can snag the first Green Star. 

Tip:Watch out for the Fire Piranha shooting at you from a separate platform. 

Green Star #2 

You need to reach the pillars across from where you started. When the lava is lowering, drop down and enter a small alcove to collect the second Green Star. 

Tip:Run back toward one of the red platforms so the lava doesn’t get you. 

Green Star #3

Raise the Propeller Platforms to avoid the lava and reach the third Green Star. 

Tip: Use the GamePad microphone to raise the Propeller Platforms. 

Green Star #4 

You can find the fourth Green Star by the Donut Block bridge. 

Tip:Take the Propeller Platform to reach the Donut Block bridge. Beware of the Fire Piranha Plant.

Green Star #5

In the center of the Fire Piranha Plant is where you can find the fifth Green Star. 

Tip: Pass by the Fire Piranha Plant and take the Propeller Platform up. Drop down the hole at the center of the cloud. The fifth Green Star is just behind the Fire Piranha Plant. 

Where is the stamp in Captain Toad’s Fiery Finale? 

The Stamp is on the way to collecting the fifth Green Star. It’s up in the cloud. 

Tip:Take the Propeller Platform up to the cloud to collect this Stamp. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World Crown: Mystery House Marathon

This level will present you with challenges from previous Mystery Houses as well as new puzzles. There are a total of 30 Green Stars and one Stamp on the line here.

Tip:You don’t need to collect everything in one run. If you get stuck, you can leave the Mystery House and try again later. The Green Stars you’ve already collected will be saved. 

Where can I find the Green Stars in Mystery House Marathon? 

Green Star #1

By the three Koopa Troopas at the beginning of the level.

Tip:Don’t get hit by their ricocheting Shells.

Green Star #2

Find the second Green Star between pendulum platforms.

Tip:Be sure to get the Green Star on your first try. Otherwise you might run out of time. 

Green Star #3 

Find the third Green Star by the three P Switches. 

Tip:Place two Brolders on two of the switches. Stand on the third one yourself to get the Green Star.

Green Star #4 

The fourth Green Star is in the room with the four unlit torches in the corners of the room.

Tip:Use the Fire Flower to light the torches and collect this Green Star.

Green Star #5

The fifth Green Star is found in the rotating room.

Tip:Avoid the Peepas until the Green Star rotates right to you.

Green Star #6 

The sixth Green Star is in a room with crates in all four corners. 

Tip:The crates hide the Green Star. Ground pound them to collect it.

Green Star #7 

In a room with the Goomba and Mini Goombas you will find the seventh Green Star. 

Tip:Time your jumps perfectly to take out all the enemies in this room without moving an inch. 

Green Star #8 

Find the eighth Green Star at the bottom of a slope. 

Tip:You can throw a baseball down to it or go claim the Green Star yourself. 

Green Star #9

Find the ninth Green Star in the room with the Hop-Chops. 

Tip: Turn ha Hop-Chop in to a springboard and ground pound off it to reach the Green Star. 

Green Star #10

Green Star number 10 is in the room where the Thwomps crash down. 

Tip:Climb on the Thwomps to reach the Green Star above you.

Green Star #11 

Use an Ice Skate to slide past the Walleyes and collect the 11th Green Star.

Tip:If you lose your skate you won’t be able to make it to the Green Star.

Green Star #12 

You can find Green Star number 12 in the room with the ? Block and P Switch.

Tip:Use the Super Bell from the ? Block and hit the P Switch to reveal the Green Star. 

Green Star #13

Just after the previous Green Star. It’s at the top of the tower. 

Tip:Use the Super Bell from the previous room. Once you have the Green Star, stay put. You can get another Super Bell from the marked spot on the ground. 

Green Star #14 

On top of the wall by the Beep Blocks. 

Tip:Use the Beep Blocks to get up to the wall and then use the  Cat Power-Up to reach the Green Star.

Green Star #15

Maybe the hardest room in the marathon. The Green Star is at the top of the falling wall.

Tip:Pause briefly on each platform only long enough to reset your climb time. 

Green Star #16 

It’s by the rotating conveyer belt on the wall.

Tip:Either ride the conveyer belt or use a spin jump to grab this Green Star.

Green Star #17

Catch the Rabbit to make this Green Star appear.

Tip:Don’t jump! It slows you down. Use the Dash Panels to boost you towards the bunny. Run right into him to make the Green Star appear. 

Green Star #18

In the room with the P Switch and Jump Panel.

Tip:  When using the Jump Panel, try to move closer to the target before making the throw. 

Green Star #19

You can find this Green Star by running to the right to rotate the room around.

Tip:If you have a Cat Power-Up, you can reach the Green Star right away.

Green Star #20 

Find the Green Star on the platform with the Bullies. 

Tip:Let the Bullies run at you and jump over them. Attack them from behind and knock them off the platform. 

Green Star #21

In the room with the three ? Blocks.

Tip: The middle ? Block will create more blocks that you can use to reach the Green Star.

Green Star #22

This Green Star is found near the winding walkway with the Dash Panels.

Tip:Use the Dash Panels to jump over gaps and reach the Green Star.

Green Star #23 

Located in the room with the Piranha Creepers. 

Tip:Use the Piranha Creepers as stepping stones to reach this Green Star. 

Green Star #24 

In the room with the Thwomps guarding the two panels. 

Tip:The panels must be lit up. Use baseballs to accomplish this as soon as they are exposed.

Green Star #25

Find this Green Star in the room with the Piranha Plants and Fuzzies.

Tip:Use one of the Piranha Plants to eat up the Fuzzies and then destroy the plants. When all enemies are gone, the Green Star will appear.

Green Star #26 

The Green Star is found on the rotating wheel. 

Tip:Stick to the right side of the wheel and work your way through Piranha Plants and blocks until the Green Star appears. 

Green Star #27 

Found in the room with the giant spotlight. 

Tip:Cat Bullet Bills can destroy the blocks you need to reach this Green Star, so you must move quickly. 

Green Star #28 

Found just after the Donut Block bridges.

Tip:Watch your step! Spikes will toss rollers at you that cause the Donut Blocks to sink. 

Green Star #29 

This Green Star is located in the room where you have to fight Boom Boom.

Tip:You only need one good shot to take Boom Boom down. Stick near the star panel and grab the Green Star the moment it appears.

Green Star #30 

The final Green Star is found after running through the piles of Coins. 

How do I find the Stamp on Mystery House Marathon?

You find the Stamp at the same time as the final Green Star. 

Tip:Watch the clock, as you only have 10 game seconds to run through the Coins and collect the final items.

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