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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – World 10: World Mushroom

by Prima Games Staff

Super Mario 3D World is the Wii U game that keeps on giving. Once you “beat it,” a whole new set of levels appear, then another!  After a while, you’ll wonder when this imaginative title will end, or not. Maybe you’ll have too much fun to care. 

On that note, it’s time to figure out the best way to finish World 10, AKA World Mushroom.

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World 10 – World Mushroom

Super Mario 3D World: How To Beat World Mushroom-1: Night Falls on Really Rolling Hills

Time runs out very quickly in this darkened land, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for clocks to extend it as much as possible.

Tip: Look for Wooden Crates, as some of them will give you access to a Super Star. This will allow you to run straight through enemies as you work your way to the next clock. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Night Falls on Really Rolling Hills?

Green Star #1

Green star #1 is located right over a small rolling hill. Keep an eye open for the Spiny Skipsqueaks, and you’ll know you’re in the right area. Look for the Green Star Ring and it’s all yours. 

Tip:Watch out for two rows of Green Coins that appear on the nearby hills.

Green Star #2

You’ll want to take the upper route once you get to the midway point in the stage, time permitting. As you do, take a jump off the invisible cloud platform, and you’ll locate the second Green Star.

Tip:There will be a clock on the left hand side of the stage before you get to the upper platforms. Grab it before you make your way up. 

Green Star #3 

For the final Star, you’ll need to go back to the lower route. There’s a pipe located there, which will take you to a bonus room with two Spinies. After dealing with them, light up the various color panels as quickly as possible. Once you do, the Green Star will be at the top of the stairway, towards the left side of the room.

Tip: Make sure you have at least 35 seconds or more on the clock before you venture down the lower path.

Super Mario 3D World: How To Beat World Mushroom-2: Spiky Mount Beanpole 

Although time is on your side, you’ll need to locate all five Key Coins before you complete the stage. Thankfully, they’re easy to find.

Tip: The first Key Coin can be found right behind the level start. Run around and snag it. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Spiky Mount Beanpole?

Green Star #1 

Once you find the first Lucky Bell, work your way up to the ledge and get behind the Spike. The star is waiting for you. 

Tip:The Lucky Bell works like the Super Bell, but generates more coins as you turn into a statue after doing a Ground Pound.

Green Star #2

Once you pick up the first Green Star, head north. You’ll find a section of blocks you can break through with the Lucky Cat power-up. Climb through the pipe and collect three sets of Blue Coins after hitting the P Switch. Collect them all, and the Green Star is your reward.

Tip:Make sure you have the Lucky Cat power-up before heading to the wall.

Green Star #3

Get to the top of the mountain and you’ll see three trees. Right above the center tree is a cloud platform, with the Green Star hanging above. Climb up the tree and work your way up to the cloud, then grab the Star. 

Tip:Be careful when jumping from the tree, because you’ll lose a life if you fall off the edge.

Super Mario 3D World: World Mushroom-3: How to Beat Deep-Black Jungle Rift 

You’re stuck on a raft throughout this stage, dealing with Boos, Big Boos and Peepas.

Tip: Before getting started, make sure you pick up a Beam Box, which will help you with the ghosts.

How do I find the Green Stars in Deep-Black Jungle Rift?

Green Star #1

A lot of fences will appear at the start of the stage. Climb some using your Cat power-up and snag the star. 

Tip:If you don’t have the Cat suit, look for the ? Block to reach an invisible platform. This’ll get you on top of the fences to obtain the star.

Green Star #2 

You’ll see the second Star hanging high above the poisoned water. However, an invisible bridge is right there. Run up the bridge and grab the star. 

Tip:Make sure you don’t dawdle when you’re running up the invisible platforms. Run back down as quickly as you can! 

Green Star #3

After taking a rough slide down towards the end of the stage, avoid the Warp Box and jump onto the Beam Boxes behind it. You’ll be able to do a wall jump and obtain the final Green Star nearby. 

Tip:You’ll have three Big Boos in the way, so make sure you have the Beam Box. 

Super Mario 3D World: World Mushroom-4: How to Beat Trouble in Shadow-Play Alley

You only have 100 seconds and no clocks to pick up. Run as fast as you can!

Tip: The Goal Pole may appear out of reach here, but simply stand on the blocks next to the pole and jump up to reveal an invisible ? Block. Hop on that and the 1-Up is yours. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Trouble in Shadow-Play Alley? 

Green Star #1 

You’ll see the Star hanging above you, out of reach. Simply run over to the nearby Boomerang Flower and then you’ll be able to grab it.

Tip:Cannons will fire at you, so move as quickly as you can towards the Power-Up, then back towards the Star. 

Green Star #2

The second Green Star isn’t too far from the first. Make your way up to the small platform that sits next to the Goomba tower and grab it.

Tip:After you grab the Star, you’ll need to wipe out the Goomba tower as quickly as possible to move along. Use any Power-Ups you have on hand

Green Star #3

Once you clear the Goomba Tower, take the passage underneath it and then climb your way back up to get the third one. 

Tip: Remember, all the Goombas need to be wiped out to obtain the Warp Box to get out of the room. Whittle the number down to four or five, then use a Ground Pound to take out the rest.

Super Mario 3D World: World Mushroom-5: How to Beat Back To Hands-On Hall 

Note: the Gamepad is required to beat this level. 

This stage will ask you to provide some dexterity, as you’ll deal with Fire Bros., Boomerang Bros and Hammer Bros., all while opening slide panels and activating gongs.

Tip:This is another stage where you’ll need to collect Key Coins. Do some exploring around the upper areas of the stage, and keep an eye out for hidden rooms that could hide gongs. You can easily hit them with baseballs thrown by enemies. 

How do I get the Green Stars in Back to Hands-On Hall?

Green Star #1 

The first Green Star is located in a pipe. However, it’s inaccessible due to a spike ball sitting in your way. Simply get a baseball from a nearby enemy and hurl it into the pipe. The spike ball will get knocked out of the way, and you can get the star. 

Tip: Don’t take a chance with dodging an incoming baseball. Just use your block ability and it’ll fall to the ground.

Green Star #2

Right next to the Checkpoint Flag will be a Green Star Ring. Two of the coins will be in the large pit, so you’ll need a Propeller Box to effectively reach them and get out.

Tip:Watch out for Flopters! If they hit you, they can easily knock you into the abyss and cost you a life.

Green Star #3 

It helps to have the Propeller Box; simply work your way to the higher point of the room. Deal with the two Hammer Bros. that are nearby and enter the box. You’ll warp into a room with lots of coins and the third Star. 

Tip:The coin is still reachable if you don’t have the Propeller Box. You have to cross a number of cloud platforms to get there.

Super Mario 3D World: World Mushroom-6: How to Beat Gigantic Seaside Wreck 

This isn’t a leisure cruise, as you’ll have to deal with Bullies, Ty-foos and other dangerous enemies.

Tip:Keep an eye open for Mega Mushrooms. They can help you clear the stage with ease.

How do I get the Green Stars in Gigantic Seaside Wreck? 

Green Star #1

You’ll see plenty of green coins once you begin the stage. Make sure you collect them all while you can, but watch out for enemies like the Octoomba and the spiked roller. 

Tip: Be careful around Ty-Foos. They can easily blow you off the deck of the ship. 

Green Star #2

Once you spot the Warp Box, hold off on jumping into it, and instead walk along the narrow walkway. The Green Star will be waiting at the end. 

Tip:An Octoomba is on the walkway, so make sure you deal with it first before getting the Star. 

Green Star #3

The final Star is located on a the right side of walkways near the Warp Box at the end of the stage. However, it’s high enough that the only way to reach it is with the help of a Mega Mushroom. Pick one up and run over to get it before the effects run off – but don’t fall in!

Tip: Watch out for Ty-foos and Octoombas that get in your way. A well-placed ground pound should take them out.

Super Mario 3D World: World Mushroom-7: How to Beat Broken Blue Bully Belt

One of the more difficult stages in the game, Broken Blue Bully Belt requires you to battle enemies while dealing with flowing blue lava. 

Tip: Make sure to have a Super Leaf on hand. The extra distance will come in handy, especially when it comes to clearing gaps later in the stage.

How do I get the Green Stars in Broken Blue Bully Belt? 

Green Star #1 

This one will require some memorization, as you’ll need to time your jumps between rising and falling platforms that go into the blue lava. You have several seconds in which to do it, so make the most of your time and jump to the Star as it rises from the blue lava.

Tip: Once you grab the Star, work your way back as quickly as possible – but don’t forget to time your jumps!

Green Star #2 

One of the hardest-to-obtain Stars in the game, you can reach this one by making your way to the center of the first spiked roller obstacle, then jumping over to the second. It may take a couple of tries, but once you get there, the Star is yours. 

Tip:Timing is everything when it comes to getting to this star. Make sure you set your jump perfectly before you take it. You’ll have time in this stage, so use it well.

Green Star #3

Make sure you have the Tanooki Power-Up for this one. Run past the pipe at the end of the stage and jump over the blue lava to reach the final Green Star, located on a platform. 

Tip:Make sure you give yourself enough distance on the jump. Otherwise, you’ll take a lava bath. Ouch.

Super Mario 3D World: World Mushroom: How to Beat Mystery House Brawl

This is a general Star collecting stage, with 10 in all. Your best bet is to stay alive and deal with whatever dangers come your way. 

Tip:It really helps to have Power-Ups for this one.

How do I get the 10 Green Stars in Mystery House Brawl? 

It’s a matter of surviving waves and defeating enemies, really. 

Green Star #1

You’ll first have to deal with three Chargin’ Chucks. Hit them in sequence, and then take them out with a well-timed second stomp.

Green Star #2 

In the next wave, you’ll deal with three Snow Pokeys. Stomps work well, but if you have boomerangs or fireballs, you can take them out quicker.

Tip:If you don’t have a Power-Up, remember – the Snow Pokeys’ weak spots are their heads. Hit them and the rest of their bodies will break apart!

Green Star #3 

Flopters will flood the stage, but you can take them out easily in one shot. Simply round them up into a space, then take them down with a ground pound. 

Green Star #4

Boomerang Bros are up next, and they’ll flood the room with projectiles if you’re not careful. Try to take them out as quickly as possible.

Green Star #5

This wave is rather simple, with a Coin Coffer appearing in the upper-left corner of the room. Take it out with the ground pound and collect your reward. 

Green Star #6 

Goomba Towers will come at you, with three to be taken out in all. Try to reach the Rock Blocks that appear overhead to take them out with a well-timed ground pound.  

Tip: You may need to climb up the blocks again to take them out, but it’s quicker than trying to shoot them down individually with projectiles.

Green Star #7

Fizzlits enter the room, and you’ll need to simply destroy them to clear it.

Tip: Fizzlits will cause you harm if they’ve got electricity turned on. Time your hits well! 

Green Star #8

In this room, a trio of Magikoopas will try to make your life miserable. Quickly dispatch them before they disappear from the room and cost you the Star. Watch for their magic attacks!

Green Star #9

The three Piranha Creepers can be a real pain in the neck if you’re not armed. Try to ground pound them as quickly as possible to stunt their growth, then finish them off before they can recover. 

Green Star #10 

Finally, three Hammer Bros will appear. Try to save your Power-Ups for this particular room, as you can take them out much easier than trying to jump in and attack them.

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