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Sunset Overdrive Act 4 – Mission 3: Getting the Band Back Together – Taiko Drums

by Prima Games Staff

It’s time to put on a rock concert, and the first thing you’re going to need for that is to find Wendy near the marina. It’s a short trip, and when you arrive you’ll want to start pulling Wendy’s barge into the marina.

If you look around the marina you’ll see several harpoons on the nearby docks. Take control of them and attach each one to Wendy’s barge, while at the same time fighting off all the OD that are in the area. Just listen to what Wendy tells you and you should complete your objective to use harpoons to pull Wendy’s barge to the back of the marina in no time. The problem is, even when her barge is close enough to the dock she’ll want you to clear the dock and help Wendy out of the barge. Your work never ends. Whip out your TNTeddy and kill the hoards of OD until your friend decides you’ve been through enough.

Speaking of your job never ending, you’re now going to have to meet 4Kim at the concert hall to try and find yourself a drummer. Following your on-screen instructions will trigger a cut scene, and when it’s over you’ll have to learn the mystical power of taiko drums. Keep a mindful eye on your screen, bouncing on the drums as you’re instructed to do so.

Tip: Stay off the ground. You need to complete the on-screen instructions while always bouncing off of a set of drums. Even if you have to bounce in place while you plan your next move, no feet on the ground or you’ll have to start over again.

Once you get the hang for the bouncing on the drums routine you’ll be asked to activate taiko drums and destroy all the OD at once. This is done by bouncing on all 10 drum sets laying on the ground. Again, don’t let your feet touch the ground or you’ll have to start over.

Now that you’ve taken care of all the Poppers in the area your next objective will be to check out the conveniently placed Rockfest 2027 poster. Just look for your objective marker to do this, then investigate Club Fortississimo for a lead singer. When you reach your destination you’ll trigger a mission ending cut scene.

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