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Sunset Overdrive Act 3 – Mission 1: To Fargarthia – Ignatius

by Prima Games Staff

After putting the hurt on Norton Dragon in the last mission, you’ll be in for a somewhat easier time with this one. Just like the first mission of all the previous Acts, this one is simply moving from one spot on the map to the other. In fact, you likely don’t even have to kill any OD on your travels… unless you want to.

Tip: Why not take a quick detour and kill some OD, or pick up a few of the game’s many collectibles so that you can buy more Amps? You can’t spend all your time on missions, there’s too much to do in Sunset City!

Following a mission opening cut scene your objective will be to go find Ignatius of House Fargarthia. Head outside, then bounce and grind your way toward the marker on your screen. When you arrive, go inside to trigger a mission ending cut scene. We told you it was easy.

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