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Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of Mooil Rig DLC Available Now

by Prima Games Staff

Sunset Overdrive was way up on the list of outrageously fun games of 2014, giving us one of the best reasons all year to go full Xbox One, the other being Titanfall. It was so good, in fact, that you could almost call it a system seller, especially around the holidays.

The good times in Sunset City are destined to continue well into the new year, with Insomniac Games today releasing the Mystery of Mooil Rig DLC, complete with a laundry list of new content. Once it’s installed and ready to rock, players can expect to find new story missions, weapons, amps, traps, vanity items, quests, challenges, Chaos Squad missions, a Night Defense base and boss. See… laundry list.

But wait, there’s more.

Gamers who are all about the bragging rights will want to fire up their Xbox One right now to take part in the Beat the Dev challenge, where they can go head to head with the game’s developers in the Chaos Squad game mode. If you actually beat the dev, you will earn an in-game t-shirt, gas mask icon next to your gamer tag, and a Beat the Dev achievement worth 25 Gamerscore. Sound too random to be worth your time? No worries, if you beat someone who beats the dev, you still get all those goodies. You even get them if you beat someone who beat someone who beat the dev. Well… something like that.

Have a look at the Mystery of Mooil Rig Trailer down below.

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