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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 10: Buck National vs The Apocalypse – Pain Train

by Prima Games Staff

When this mission begins your first objective will be to get into Buck National’s hunting blind, and as you might expect, there’s a handy little on-screen marker to tell you where to go. Head that way, taking advantage of your new Super Bounce to reach the top off the blind. When you arrive a cut scene will give you a chance to grab a drink and check your Twitter.

Now that you and Buck are best buds, head off toward your objective marker and prepare to get a Bronze Rank or above in Episode 1: Buck National vs. The Apocalypse. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than the title of the objective suggests.

Once you arrive and trigger the beginning of the episode a countdown timer will start ticking off. Don’t worry too much about this, instead focus on your first task, getting three bounce kills. To do this, find a nearby car and start bouncing up and down in once place, then use your TNTeddy to obliterate the first three OD that you spot.

Next up you’ll need to score three grind kills. Use the car (or whatever it was) that you were bouncing on and start grinding around the area. Once again, use your TNTeddy to target a cluster of OD and fire one well placed shot to complete this task.

Moving on to your third task in this ridiculously fun mission, you need to kill two measly Blowers. Once again, this is a job for the TNTeddy. We opted to continue grinding to accomplish this, focusing on the objective markers on our screen. They point to the Blowers.

Take a look at your objective marker and on-screen instructions, both of which are leading you to melee the Pain Train switch. Once you do you’ll get a new task to get five kills with the Pain Train, and to do so you just need to keep activating it.

The kicker with this mission is that the tasks will keep coming until you run out of time, and they will eventually begin to repeat (as you can see above), just adding more kills on as you go. What we’ve described above is enough to successfully complete the challenge. The rest is up to you.

When the clock runs out you’ll need to collect the processor from Buck National. There are no tricks here, just head back to his hunting blind to snag the goods, then make your way back to the Oxfords’ base and give Sam the computer processor. This will complete the mission.

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