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RE7: Not a Hero Walkthrough Part 4 – Find Liquid Nitrogen, White Fat Molded Fight

by Josh Hawkins

Now that you’ve explored the other main areas of the DLC, you’ll find yourself staring down a ten-minute timer, and the possibility of losing your hand. In this part of our walkthrough we’ll show you how to find the liquid nitrogen in Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero, which you’ll need to disarm the bomb and keep it from blowing off your hand. We’ll also cover the White Fat Molded fight in Not a Hero so keep reading to get through this section of the Resident Evil 7 DLC.

We’ve already shown you how to get the High-Grade Filter as well as how to get the Night Vision module, and even where to find the Clown Key. You’ll need all these items to get to this point, so make sure you check out those articles if you’re having issues progressing forward.

Return to the Central Cavern

Once Marquez bites the dust, and the timer activates, make your way up the ladder out of the Ventilation Room and back into the Central Cavern. There will be several new molded in your way, replacing the laser traps that were there before. Make sure you avoid the black panel traps on the floor, as you don’t want to die a premature death in your rush to save your hand.

After you reach the Central Cavern, your friends at Umbrella will radio in, saying that they’ve located some liquid nitrogen over tin the Mining Work Area. Remember that you only have ten minutes to do everything, so rush through the red shutter door and sprint past the new molded that spawn. Of course, if you think you have a few minutes to spare, head down through the shutter door that leads to the Storage Area and open up the clown door at the bottom of the stairs to find a stash of supplies.

At the end of the corridor behind the red shutter door, take the elevator down, and head into the big room where you found the Cell Key in the first part of our walkthrough. The big regen-molded is gone, instead replaced by several small ones and some lickers. Take them out if you want, or skirt around the edge of the room—kiting them as you go—and use the Clown Key on the door in the back. This will lead you to a near area that you have yet to explore.

Head inside and take out the molded that spawns in the next room. Your goal here is to follow the minecart track to the left. Don’t follow it just yet, though. Instead, turn to the right and head around the crash minecart to find a path that you can crouch through. Head into this little nook to find some ammo, an Antique Coin, and some other items including a Steroid. Make use of the Steroid and then head back out the hole and follow the track around.

Over your radio you’ll be told that the liquid nitrogen is just ahead. Head into the area, making sure to grab any of the ammo strewn around the room. You’re going to need it, trust us. Move through the room—past the truck—and several crates will drop into your way with some very choice words on them. At this time the massive fat, white molded that chased you out of the room with the Cell Key will spawn, and you’ll find yourself in a mini boss fight.

Defeat the White Fat Molded

 If you’ve beaten the main Resident Evil 7 storyline, then this fight will work similarly to the Fat Molded fights you encountered before, there’s only one big difference, this enemy has to be hit with one of the anti-regen bullets (or RAMRODS) to allow you to damage it.

Shoot it once with the RAMRODS, but then switch over to your regular ammunition and lay into it as much as possible. Be careful because it spits up sometimes, spawning the little facehugger-like creatures that were first introduced during your trek through the Storage Area. We suggest taking these little guys out as quick as possible, or simply dodge them to make them explode on their own.

Either way, your main goal here is going to be to run from the fat molded when it charges you, and wait for it to stand still. When this happens, you can down it with a grenade at its feet (there should be several situated around the area for you to loot) and then run up and punch it in the head, all while laying into it with the ammunition from your shotgun.

Once the fat molded goes down, it’s time to interact with the crates that blocked your way before. At this point Redfield will stick his hand into the liquid nitrogen, effectively freezing the bomb. Once it’s removed, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to find and capture Lucas, which we’ll show you how to do in the next part of our walkthrough.

For now, be sure to head back over to our Resident Evil 7 guide, where we’ll talk you through everything you need to know about the base game, and even show you how to find all 10 Antique Coins in Not a Hero, which you’ll need to purchase permanent upgrades.

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