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Resident Evil 7 – Find the Captain’s Locker Key, Get the Machine Gun

by Prima Games Staff

I Will Find You! 


After you take down the Bakers and leave the residence behind, you find yourself stranded on a Wrecked Ship. During this portion of the game, you’ll actually be playing as Mia, Ethan’s wife. As you explore the various corridors of the ship, you’ll come across the Captain’s Locker, which happens to hold the Machine Gun inside. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the Captain’s Locker Key and acquire the Machine Gun in Resident Evil 7.

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Where is the Captain’s Locker 

Before you can start diving into the hunt for the Captain’s Locker Key, you’re going to need to find the locker that it goes to. This can be accomplished by playing through the story until you reach the bridge area of the ship, where Mia sees Ethan in a camera feed. After her brief encounter with Eveline, head down the stairs to the right and look for a door in the corner of the area. Open the door to locate the Captain’s Quarters, and the locker inside.

Now that you know where the locker is, it is time to find the key.

How to Find the Captain’s Locker Key

Finding the Captain’s Locker Key is actually quite easy, once you have all the pieces that you need.

First, head back down to Wrecked Ship 2F, and climb out of the elevator. This is the same floor that you explored during the video tape that Eveline forced Mia to watch. Locate the Guest Room where Mia and Allan were staying, and head inside. This room also acts as a safe room, so go ahead and save your game before continuing. You can also retreat here if any enemies get in your way, so don’t be afraid to use that to your advantage.

You’ll find the Guest Room to the west of the elevator. Head inside to find some Handgun Ammo, a file labeled ‘Orders’ (which you probably read during the video tape playthrough), and most important, a Corrosive.

Head out of the Guest Room and east down the ship’s corridor. An enemy may spawn here, simply retreat to get rid of it, or use a Remote Bomb to take it out. Once the way is clear, continue down the corridor and grab the knife off the floor if you haven’t already.

Look for a locked door (like the ones you opened in the video tape) on the southern end of this floor. Use the Corrosive to burn threw it, and then head inside to find the Captain’s Locker Key on the desk in front of you.

Now that you have the key, it’s time to grab the Machine Gun.

How to Get the Machine Gun

Make your way back up to Wrecked Ship 4F, avoiding any enemies as best you can. The easiest way back up is to climb back into the elevator and use the ladder to reach the bridge once more, dropping down onto it like you did earlier. Beware of a crawling Molded nearby, either sprint past it or take it out with a Remote Bomb.

Head back over to the Captain’s Quarters and close the door behind you. This is important, because an additional Molded will spawn in the corridor outside, and leaving the door open will allow it to get inside and attack you.

Use the Captain’s Locker Key on the locker, and then pick up the Remote Bomb and Machine Gun inside. Now that you finally have a weapon again, it’s time to put these Molded in their place. You’ll find plenty of Machine Gun ammo lying around the ship, so don’t be afraid to take out a few of Eveline’s annoying friends along the way.

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