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RE7: Not a Hero Walkthrough Part 3 – How to Get Clown Key, Laser Puzzle

by Josh Hawkins

Once you have explored the other two areas of the mine, it’s time to make your way into the final shutter door, the Black Shutter door. This door can be found closest to the front of the Central Cavern, on the left-hand side. You’ll need to head inside to progress further, and in this part of our walkthrough, we’ll show you how to find the Clown Key in Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero, as well as how to survive the laser puzzle in the Ventilation Room so you can move on to the next part of the walkthrough as you’re beginning to near the end of the DLC.

Avoid the Traps

This area of the mines is littered with all kinds of different traps from tripwires to lasers to explosive panels situated on the floor. You’ll need to pay careful attention as you explore this area, and make sure you only come here after you have learned how to get the High-Grade Filter and how to get the Night Vision module, as you will need both to make it out alive.

When you first enter, take note of the black panels on the floor. These are deadly panels that will kill you instantly if you touch them, so don’t even accidentally graze your leg on them, or you’ll be restarting from the last save file. If you managed to find the lockpick in the last area (it’s located near the final Antique Coin that you can find in the Storage Area) then head to the right alcove that branches off past the first deadly black panel. You should spot several crates you can break open, as well as an additional Antique Coin.

From here, exit the alcove to the right, avoiding the four additional floor traps in your way. We’d suggest crouching as you move through here, as this will make things much easier all around. There’s a path up to the left here that you can follow to reach a toolbox with some RAMROD ammo in it. You’ll need that lockpick we mentioned earlier to grab it, though.

Head back to the main corridor and continue moving forward. There’s a laser in front of you, introducing you to the first of many deadly tripwires you’ll find along the way. Crouch under it, and then stay crouched, as another non-laser tripwire is hidden ahead, and it you stand up you could trigger it, effectively losing all the progress that you’ve just made.

Solve the Minecart Puzzle

Make your way out the door at the end and you’ll enter the Departure Yard. Head around the minecart and then interact with it to push it through a set of wooden barricades over the path. This should open up the way forward. Follow it around to reach the Holding Yard, where you’ll encounter four additional minecarts.

This is the first puzzle of the area, and you’ll need to push them in the correct order to open up the way that you need to open to progress. The good news is we’ve got the details already, so follow the path we’ve outlined below.

First, push the minecart closest to where you enter out of the room. This should open up the path for the second minecart.

The second minecart you need to push is the one furthest to the right from where you entered. Grab it and push it through the wooden barricade to the south. This will cause a bloated Molded to spawn. Shoot it before it gets too close, and wait for it to explode.

The final minecart you need to push is the one just to the left of where you entered. This will open up the final wooden barricade, giving you a way forward.

Get the Clown Key

You’ll find two doors in the corridor ahead, one is marked with the Clown Insignia that you’ve grown so used to seeing throughout the DLC, and the other will lead you out to the Repair Yard. Head through the door to the Repair Yard, and you’ll find yourself in a room that is absolutely cluttered with junk.

Follow the only path forward around to the center, being sure to grab the Antique Coin off the blue crates on the right. If you follow the path around you’ll come to the center, where you’ll find the clown machine that Lucas used in the Birthday tape puzzle.

Grab the Clown Key and then sprint back out the room to avoid the Molded that spawn. You may need to fight your way out, so be prepared. Once you leave the room, head through the door with the clown markings, since you can open it up now. This will lead you to another corridor that is loaded with laser traps. You can duck under most of them, so don’t worry too much about trying to shoot them to deactivate them.

Ventilation Room Laser Puzzle

Heading through the door at the end of the corridor with the lasers will lead you to the Ventilation Room, where you’ll spot another Umbrella Soldier in the center of the room, surrounded by a ton of lasers. The goal here is to make it through the room, avoiding all the lasers set up on explosive barrels, and cut the traps off.

There’s really only one path forward, and you can shimmy around most of the lasers that block your way. Take your time, be patient, and make your way through the area. Once you reach the center, you can choose to interact with Marquez, the soldier, but don’t. Doing so will mean game over, as Lucas will activate the lasers and blow you up anyway.

Instead, head across the plank that leads towards a door, and look for the path that leads around the room to the power switch. Turn off the lasers and then make your way back to the center of the room to interact with Marquez. Make sure you smash any crates in the room to pick up any additional ammo that might be laying around, and then follow Marquez out of the room, to a small room with a ladder.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Marquez will be making the journey out with you, and after a brief bit of dialogue, Lucas will activate the bomb on Redfield’s wrist, triggering a countdown timer that gives you ten minutes to find liquid nitrogen and remove the bomb. You can also head back to our Resident Evil 7 guide for any additional help with the game and DLC.

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