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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough – Intro and The Vestibule

by Josh Hawkins

Monument Valley 2 has finally arrived, allowing fans to once more enter the colorful and majestic world of the Valley. In the sequel, Ro must take her child through the Valley, where they’ll encounter many puzzles along their journey. In this article we’ll show you how to complete the opening level, as well as Monument Valley 2: Chapter 2, The Vestibule.

How to Solve the Intro Puzzle

The first puzzle of the game is very easy to solve, and it will introduce players to one of the game’s main mechanics, perspective. To solve many of the puzzles in Monument Valley 2, players will need to rotate or move various pieces of the world to line up the paths. To solve this first puzzle, simple tap and hold down on the move-able piece in the center, and line up the path so that Ro can pass over it.

How to Solve The Vestibule                              

From here players move on to the second level of the game, where Ro and introduces her child to the Valley. This level is pretty easy as well, though it will introduce players to a couple of new mechanics along the way.

Tap on the button in the corner of the garden area, and several new pieces will rise out of the ground. Twist the piece in the center to allow Ro and her child to pass, and then twist it again once they are across so they can pass over to the button. Once the button is pressed, head back over the bridge, and then twist it again so that you can cross to the next button.

Press the next button and the exit to this area will appear at the top. Use the ladder to climb down, and then make your way across the two bridges that can be revolved with by tapping your finger on them.

Now players will find themselves transported to a new area. This area is simple, as you’ll simple head forward along the bridge until you reach a small L-shaped piece that can be turned. Twist it to allow you to move to the left-hand platform, and then once you can turn it again, do so and press the glowing button.

With the button pressed, a new platform will appear. Turn the platform so you can reach it, and then climb down the ladder and make your way to the next button, which will cause the blocks you’re standing on to fall to another level below. Head down the stairs and through the tall doorway.

To solve the next area, simply press on the button and Ro will walk there on her own. Read the short dialogue here, and then the game will continue, placing Ro and her child in a new area, which will trigger a cutscene, watch it and then the next level will be unlocked.

You can continue on to our walkthrough of Chapter 3: The Oasis to see how to complete the next portion of Ro and her child’s journey, or head back over to our Monument Valley 2 guide for more helpful walkthroughs of the game’s various levels.