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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough and Guide – All Puzzle Solutions

by Josh Hawkins

Monument Valley 2 is finally here, bringing the wonderful and colorful world of The Valley back to life on our mobile devices once more. The new game is just as stunning as the first, and while the story is just as beautiful, the puzzles are even more complex and puzzling. This Monument Valley guide will act as a hub for all of the game content that we create, including full walkthroughs for all of the game’s various levels.

Monument Valley 2 Quick Tips

  • Like the first game, perspective plays a major role in how you complete puzzles in Monument Valley 2. Look for paths that seem unlikely, and then move the world to help you reach those paths.
  • There are several different kinds of interactable blocks in Monument Valley 2, and knowing how each one works is important. Some blocks can be moved while Ro and her child are on them, while others will require you to move Ro and her child off of them. Learn the different between the blocks, and you’ll have a much easier time completing the puzzles.
  • Don’t overthink things. While many of the puzzles in Monument Valley 2 do offer more complexity than the original game, the puzzles themselves are often deceptively simply to solve. Try not to overthink things, and always look for new ways to solve puzzles if you hit a roadblock that seems impassable.
  • Feel free to play it all again. You can easily reset your progress in the game by heading to the menu and selecting Reset Settings. We’d definitely recommend this if you plan to play through it again, as this will keep you from being able to jump forward on accident.

Monument Valley 2 Video Walkthroughs

Here you’ll find video walkthroughs for all of the levels in Monument Valley 2.

Monument Valley 2 Walkthroughs

This section of our guide will offer links to all of our written walkthroughs, which include video companions, as well as images to help you make the most of each level and solution.

Intro and The Vestibule
Learn how to complete the opening puzzles 

The Oasis
Dive deeper into Ro’s story in Monument Valley 2.

The Viaduct
Discover the solutions to the puzzles in this chapter of Monument Valley 2.

The Docks and The Towers
Ro and her daughter must separate to continue their journey in these two chapters.

The Aphelion
Discover the solutions to the puzzle in The Aphelion.

Monument Valley 2 is a spectacular mobile game that brings the joy and fun of the original game back even stronger. The game is currently available on iOS, with no current release date on Android announced. The game can be purchased from the App Store for $4.99, and does not feature any in-game microtransactions. The game can also be played on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to enjoy Ro’s emotional journey no matter what device you have with you.

We’ll have plenty of additional Monument Valley content coming over the next few days, so be sure to pay careful attention to the site, and make sure you bookmark this article so you can easily find puzzle solutions during your playthrough!