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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough – The Docks, The Towers

by Josh Hawkins

Now that players have a good grasp of the basics of Monument Valley 2’s various puzzles, things will continue to grow in complexity. In this article we’ll show you how to complete the sixth and seventh chapter of Monument Valley 2, The Dock and The Towers, including all puzzle solutions and the quickest ways to solve them. It should be noted that this is a big turning point for the game’s story, as both Ro and her child will set out on their separate paths.

How to Complete The Docks

Completing the sixth chapter of Monument Valley 2 is extremely easy. All that you need to do here is follow the path all the way down to the dock, where Ro’s child will climb aboard a boat and set out on her own journey. The story splits into two paths at this point, with levels split between Ro’s and her child’s different adventures.

How to Complete The Towers

The seventh chapter of Monument Valley 2 puts players back in control of Ro. This time around the world is monochromatic, which may make things a bit complicated for some players. The basic premise of most of these puzzles is the same, though. Simply rotate the blocks until a path of progression opens, move forward, find a new path, rinse and repeat until you reach the end.

We’ll try to go into as much detail as possible, so follow along as best you can, and be sure to let us know if you have any issues.

The first area you’ll want to turn the blocks until you can cross a stairway. Head down the ladder, then turn the blocks again so that you can cross. Make your way up the next set of steps, and turn the block so that you can cross onto it and climb up the ladder, giving you access to the button in the back-right corner of the screen. Activate this button to change the center platform.

The center platform should now be in the shape of an L. Use this to move around to the other button, and activate it to extend a platform to the door. Maneuver the L-platform until you can cross over it to the door, and head through to the next area.

This second area is much more complicated. Use the block on the bottom of the screen to turn the various pieces of the world so that you can climb up. First, head up the ladder near the entrance. Turn the platforms until you can cross over to a path on the left. Once across, turn the blocks again to give you access to the door just above your current platform. Head inside to trigger another story moment.

Inside, simply twist the block at the bottom until Ro’s platform reaches the top, and you can interact with the glowing spirit.

Once you’re returned to the regular world, use the block at the bottom to twist the world again, giving you access to the next platform above you, which you should be able to access with a set of stairs to the right of the door. Head up to the new platform, then twist the block again until you can cross to the platform on the left. Move down the stairs, and all the way to the end. Now, turn the block at the bottom until the stairs lineup with the platform above you, and then turn it one more when you are on that platform to move the doorway into place. Head through it to continue.

In the next section, turn the platforms using the block in the top right corner. This is your overall goal, so you’ll want to continue turning and hopping from platform to platform until you reach it. It shouldn’t take you too long, so long as you remember the rules of perspective, and look for ways that seem to fit together well. Once you reach the doorway at the end, head through it to access the next area.

The top of the tower is actually very easy to solve. First, take note of the two moving blocks you have in this area. The one you are standing on can move up and down. The one in the back can move left and right. First, move the one in the back to the left, and then lift the block you’re on to the top. Pass to the corner of the back block, and then slide it over to the button on the right. Press it.

With the first button activated, move back onto the block in the back, and then slide it left again. Pass back onto the block in the front, and then slide the block in the back to the right, and move onto the left-corner of the back block. Now, move the back block to the left again, and cross to the front block, and send it down to reach the button.

Triggering the last button brings up the ending area, so cross the two blocks to reach it, and then make your way up the stairs and interact with it to complete the chapter.

You can continue on to our walkthrough of Chapter Eight: Aphelion, or return to our Monument Valley 2 guide for even more helpful walkthroughs of each area.

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