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Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough – Aphelion

by Josh Hawkins

After Ro and her child are separated, the player takes on the role of Ro once more, and must continue their journey without their child. In the eight chapter of the game, Ro visits an old friend in a stunning new area. This article will walk players through Monument Valley 2 Chapter 8: Aphelion, where they’ll be introduced to a new type of puzzle they have not encountered before.

All Aphelion Puzzle Solutions

To start this level off, interact with the nearby button to light up the level, and reveal a set of stairs leading up to a door on the right. Head through the door to reach the next area. The key to this second section of the level is to use the moveable block with the eye on it to help Ro get around. First, tap the block and move it until the items fall off. Then, position it so that Ro can climb onto the top, and then once she is on top, slide it around until you can move her off of it onto the main path.

Send her down to the stairs in the bottom of the screen, and move the block with the eye out of the way, allowing Ro access to a nearby doorway. Head through the door to trigger the arrival of a new piece, and then move the eye with the block onto the button to head up to the third area.

To complete the third area, simply move the block with the eye over so that Ro can activate the button up the stairs, and then slide the block back over to the button on the right side of the area to trigger another ascension.

Things get a touch complex here. Take note of the blue block with two circles in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will move the four blue squares between Ro and the block with the eye. Move the block with the eye onto the blue square closest to Ro, and then interact with the block with two circles to turn it, giving Ro access to the two squares off the main path. Head over there, then re-orient the blue block with the eye on it, and have Ro climb on top. Slide it down in front of the button and walk onto it to trigger another ascension.

In this next area, send Ro up the stairs towards the top of the platform. To move the doorway up to her, slide the block with the eye between the two blue blocks underneath the platform with the doorway, and then swipe it up. Head through the door.

Move Ro around the path and up the stairs so that she begins to move vertically up the wall. Slide the block with the eye into place between the gap directly above the stairs, and have Ro walk across. Now slide the block with the eye under the piece in the middle, and lift it up using the block beneath. Have Ro walk across and trigger the button.

This reveals another button. Slide the block with the eye over to Ro’s position, and then walk onto the block and slide it over so that she can trigger the button. Head through the doorway ahead.

This last section is fairly simple. Head up the path to the button. Once the button is triggered, a platform with the block with the eye will appear. Have the block with the eye trigger the button to turn the platform, revealing a glowing doorway that Ro can head through.

Move through the door to finish this chapter out. You can return to our Monument Valley 2 walkthrough, or continue onwards to the next chapter.