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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 46 Truth – The Man Who Sold the World

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will help you complete the story mission Truth: The Man Who Sold the World in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This is a secret mission, and requires you to meet certain conditions to unlock the mission. First, you must complete all of the main story missions (excluding the repeat missions) before and after this mission. You must also complete all of the important Side Ops indicated in yellow, as well as listen to all of the yellow cassette tapes. Finally, you will need a fully upgraded Mother Base and all of its platforms. 


We will be skipping most of the cutscenes in order to secure a decent time bonus for S Rank. Obviously if this is your first playthrough of this mission, you will want to play all of the cutscenes to get the full experience of the story. We will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but you should really experience this mission for yourself first before going for the S Rank.  

This mission is pretty linear, and there aren’t any objectives. Basically, all you need to do to earn an S rank is skip all of the cutscenes that you encounter throughout the mission. This will give you enough points for S Rank from the time bonus alone. However, if you really need guidance through this mission, we have written out the steps you need to take.

After skipping a series of cutscenes, begin by crawling to the door and out into the hallway. Follow Ishmael down the hallway toward the stairs. Skip the next cutscene that occurs as you reach the end of the hall. 

Afterwards, continue to make your way down the smoky hallway, following closely behind Ishmael. Skip the next cutscene. Head into a room on the right, and go prone. Crawl behind Ishmael and follow him into the next room. Another set of cutscenes will occur, so skip past them and head into the hallway where Ishmael is waiting for you.

Proceed to sneak down another hallway with Ishmael after the next cutscene, and dash down the hall through a pair of double doors. Head to the right to descend down the spiral staircase. Turn back when Ishmael tells you to do so, and enter the barred doorway. 

You will eventually find yourself in a room lined with six curtained beds. As the guard approaches to check the bed next to you, crawl forward to avoid being seen once he moves to the next bed. This part is mostly just a matter of timing. After the next couple of cutscenes, do as Ishmael says and lay prone amongst the bodies in the hallway to camouflage yourself. Wait there until the next cutscene.

Afterwards, continue down the stairwell with Ishmael and pass through a blood streaked room. You will gain a pistol from the guard that Ishmael shoots. Proceed to use the pistol to shoot a fire extinguisher in the hallway and put out the flames.

Take out a pair of soldiers in the next hallway with Ishmael. Head forward and skip the next cutscene. Drop down off the broken balcony and crawl under some debris to the right. Continue crawling along the right side of the room, taking cover behind desks and debris when necessary. A cutscene will occur as you approach the door on the right, where you see Ishmael outside the window. Prepare to dive quickly after the cutscene. Skip a few more cutscenes to complete the mission, and earn an S Rank. 

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