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Mad Max: Beat Every Wasteland Mission

by Bryan Dawson

This feature will tell you how to beat all of the Wasteland Missions in Mad Max for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. During your travels through this post apocalyptic world, you’ll see blue exclamation points. By completing these Wasteland Missions, you will earn a number of rewards, including upgrades. 

Wasteland Mission: Dinki-Di 

By completing this mission, you’ll unlock the ability to find mine fields and land mines, which comes in handy with defeating certain foes. 

First off, make your way to Chum’s hideout, either by driving to it or using the fast travel system; you’ll need to have activated the Vantage Point to the south to do the latter. From there, walk over to the buggy instead of your usual Magnum Opus. 

You’ll be able to jump in and drive to Jeet’s lair. You’ll need to manually travel since there isn’t a fast travel point activated yet. Once you get there, find the Dog and Buggy marker, which should be right next to the garage. Once you do this, you’ll gain this precious ability, and be able to hunt down mines. 

Wasteland Mission: Lust for Powder 

Start off by making your way to the Colossus vantage point (either by fast travel or driving there) and getting as close to the blue marker as you can. From there, go inside the nearby cave and finish off the sniper on the left hand side. Get through the small crack  just ahead of you, then work your way up the wall located in the adjacent room. 

As you move further into the cave, you’ll have to take out a couple of thugs. Now go to your right and find a pair of additional enemies, then pick up the scrap and food located within the room. Keep heading forward to run into even more adversaries, then make your way over to the lower path. Make sure you keep a close eye on the ground, as there are bear traps that can damage you. Reach the next crack, slip through and drop down to another ledge. 

Once you get to the end of your path, a few enemies will be waiting. Finish them off, find a person in a nearby cage and let him out. This will conclude the mission, although you’ll want to refill the canteen using the water source (located to the west) before leaving. 

As you exit the cave, move to the right, as you’ll avoid the path you just went down. You’ll locate more scrap, as well as a few more thugs to beat up. Make sure you keep a close eye on the ground, as there are several bear traps you’ll want to avoid. 

By doing this, you’ll gain access to an Armory project located in Jeet’s Stronghold, allowing you to refill your ammo belt each time you visit.

Wasteland Mission: In the Buzzard’s Belly 

By completing this particular mission, you’ll gain access to the Maximum Mag Sniper Rifle Upgrade. However, before you can activate it, you’ll need to make sure you have the Now Now Kit on hand.

Once that’s done, get to the Northern Tunnel, located within the Rot ‘N’ Rustles region. Head through the tunnel and you’ll see various containers on your right hand side – they’re pretty big. Cut open the container in the middle and you’ll see your objective, but don’t forget to venture a little further into the tunnel to collect the scrap and other loot inside. 

Once you reach the spiked entrance, exit the Magnum Opus and enter. Head up the ladder on your left hand side, then jump among the top of the containers until you reach the other side. Head down the ladder in front of you and work your way into the open area located to your right. 

Take down the enemies in this area and pick up the scrap, which will be located to the south of the walkway. Make sure you pick up the scrap to the left of the Opus as well, along with the extra loot located just north of you. There’s a vehicle of some high worth here, so if you want to add it to your garage, simply drive it back to the nearest stronghold.

Once you get back to the tunnel, return to your objective (the container) and open it up. Head further into the tunnel and stop to pick up some scrap on your right hand side. You’ll run into a few foes ahead, so take them out quickly. You’ll head towards the far side of the tunnel, so watch out for more thugs as you get closer to it. Make sure you pick up the scrap located just off to the right, in the center of the area you’re in. 

You’ll see another large container. Break it open and keep moving. You’ll see some scrap to pick up on the left before reaching a large, immovable bus. Climb up the ramp to your left, since that’s a much faster route than trying to work your way through the sludgy ground. 

Getting to the other side of that, you’ll see two pieces of scrap in front of a rig. Pick it up, then go to the right so you can access its rear. Look in there, and lo and behold, there’s the Maximum Mag. 

We’ll post more Wasteland Missions soon. For now, read our Camp Dismantling Guide, or go to Prima’s Mad Max Walkthrough

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