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Lords of the Fallen: Obtain the Rune of Adyr, Beat the Lost Brothers and the Judge

by Bryan Dawson

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After beating the Annihilator, head into the portal on the far side of the arena. When you reach the next area, move down the path into the arena ahead. You are shown a ghost form of every boss you’ve faced, along with stats on what weapon you used to beat them, how long the battle took and how many attempts you made. Attack each ghost once to move on to the next one.

Items will appear around the arena, starting with the Effect head armor, then the chest armor, leg armor and wrist armor, then finally the Rune of Adyr. After the God Adyr is done talking, Kaslo appears in ghost form. Speak to him and ask what to do next and you will be teleported back the land of the living.

Confront Antanas in the Citadel

Open the chest behind you to find a Spell Point Shard and a Poison Resistance Shard. Be prepared for battle and head through the gate ahead to find yourself in the bottom of the Citadel once again. Go left to initiate a very short cut-scene that leads directly into a boss battle against the Lost Brothers.

Boss Battle: Lost Brothers
Bonus Requirement: Loot varies depending on the order in which they are killed.

While it may appear as though you fight the two Lost Brothers simultaneously, they attack one at a time throughout most of the battle. One will attack while the other hangs from the ceiling. Pay close attention to where the stationary brother is hanging. When they switch, the one hanging on the ceiling will drop down with an attack that has a wide radius. Make sure you stay away from that area while you’re battling against the other brother.

The Fire Brother attacks with fire-based attacks, while the Lightning Brother uses lightning-based attacks as you might expect. The Effect armor set that you received from Adyr will likely have more lightning and fire protection compared to most of the gear in your inventory. However, if you have any fire runes to craft onto your armor, they may come in handy here. There are multiple ways to create a shield that has 100 percent fire defense, which also comes in handy during this battle.

When you engage the Fire Brother watch out for a single quick strike at close range. It that doesn’t inflict much damage, but it can add up over time. It also uses two different fire breath attacks that only hit the area in front of the boss (in a cone shape). One is an attack that leaves fire on the ground. Roll behind the boss to dodge this attack. If you touch the fire, your armor will catch on fire and you’ll take damage over time. The second attack is a more traditional fire breath which can be blocked with a shield that has 100 percent fire defense, or if you’re wearing light or medium armor, you can simply circle around behind the boss. You have time to attack after both attacks, so make the best of it.

From a distance the Fire Brother performs a lunging attack that ends with a fire blast that hits with a wide radius around the boss. This is very similar to the attack it uses from the ceiling. With light or medium armor you have more than enough time to get away from the attack, but with heavy armor you may have to rely more on a defensive armor or a good shield to avoid most of the damage from this attack.

The Lightning Brother attacks with a two-hit combo at close range. The first attack isn’t much to worry about, but if it hits you’re stunned just long enough to take a decent amount of damage from the second attack. If you block the first attack, it doesn’t impact your energy very much, but the second attack will take a considerable amount off of your energy bar.

At close range your best bet is to move just outside of the boss’s attack range to bait it into using the two-hit combo. As soon as you see the first attack, move around to the boss’s left side. The second attack almost always hits toward the left side of the boss (your right if you’re facing the boss). The boss has a decent amount of recovery after the second attack. If you can avoid it you’ll have plenty of time to counter attack. Once again, this is easier to do if you have light or medium armor, but if you react fast enough it can be done with heavy armor as well.

If you have a decent faith stat to give your Gauntlet projectile attack decent damage, it’s much easier to battle the Lightning Brother from a distance. At close range it uses multiple lightning stomps that are difficult to avoid. From a distance you only have to avoid a lightning projectile attack which is easy to do in light or medium armor. If you’re wearing heavy armor, you may have to roll to avoid the projectile attack.

The Lost Brothers have separate health bars. Once one Brother is down, the other gains the attacks of his fallen comrade. The order in which they die also determine the item reward you get when the battle comes to an end. Both Brothers drop a Defender buckler shield and Sealed Rune (Big). However, if the Fire Brother dies last, the shield has 100 percent fire defense and no lightning defense. If the Lightning Brother is the last one to die, the shield has 100 percent lightning defense and no fire defense. Based on the available runes and other gear in the game, the lightning defense is better to have. It’s not difficult to make a 100 percent fire defense shield, but finding that in a lightning variety is rare.

Collect your reward then access the crafting forge in the corner of the arena. This begins a dialogue with the Crafter about the rune you received from Adyr. What you choose to do with the rune has an impact on the ending of the game. Perform whatever crafting you may need. If you need to replenish your healing potions or simply wish to save your progress, use the stairs in the corner that lead toward the Catacombs. At the bottom of the stairs is a checkpoint.

Save your progress, then return to the area where you fought the Lost Brothers and head up the stairs in the middle of the wall to the left. Take out the guards in the room above then pick up the audio note to the far left.

Head up the stairs to find an Archer in the room above. Make quick work of him, then head down the hallway and to the right when you enter the next room. Another guard attacks, this one with a greatsword that inflicts significant damage if he hits you with it. Take out the Archer to the left in the next room, then head to the right to engage another greatsword user in the room to the left and an Archer at the end.

Continue into the next room to find another soldier in the room to the left. You can sneak up behind this one to land a critical attack. The doors ahead are ajar, allowing you to enter the room where you faced the First Warden. Two more soldiers attack when you move inside, but if you take the out you can access the checkpoint here.

Go back to the main hall and up the stairs to the left to battle against the Captain. Spells work best in this fight because the Captain has very good armor and hits relatively hard. However, you have time between his attacks to use a spell, the Gauntlet, or counter with your own melee attack. Defeat the Captain to find a Southern Trench Key quest item, The Great Burden trinket and an audio note.

Continue into the next room and up the stairs. Two more enemies attack at the top, one with a greataxe. Lure the smaller enemy back down the stairs so you don’t have to fight them both at the same time. When the enemy with the greataxe is down, he drops a Planetarium Chest Key.

Pick up the audio note in the next room and continue up the spiral staircase. There are two guards in the first door on the right, but if you can make it past them to the lift at the top of the stairs you don’t need to attack. Save your progress at the checkpoint in the room at the top (to the right of the lift), then use the lift to reach the top of the Citadel to begin a boss battle against the Judge.

Boss Battle: Judge
Bonus Requirement: None of the Infected can be killed by the fire trails.

The biggest strategic advantage when facing off against the Judge is to have as much attack power as possible. The boss will heal numerous time throughout the fight, so the more damage you can inflict, the better off you’ll be. It’s also helpful to have Fire Resistance Shards readily available.

At the beginning of the fight, you battle against the Judge in the room at the top of the Citadel. Inflict a small amount of damage and the fight transitions to the courtyard outside. Light or medium armor are once again the best choices here. You want to stay just outside of the Judge’s attack range to bait him into using his two and three-hit combo attacks.

The two-hit combo attack starts with the Judge’s left arm (the arm littered with blades) and follows with a second attack from the same arm. The three-hit combo starts with the left arm, then shifts to the right arm and ends with a slam to the ground. You have more time to counter attack after the three hit combo, but make sure you’re outside of the shockwave range emitted by the slam to the ground. It doesn’t have a huge radius, but you can’t be right next to the Judge either. The second attack of the two-hit combo has considerable and deceptive reach, so make sure you’re far enough away to avoid it, or simply roll out of the way.

Occasionally the Judge will run toward you. This is followed by another slam that has a considerable radius. You can roll to avoid the damage from the slam, but the timing is fairly strict. If you have a hard time avoiding the damage, jump instead of rolling. You still need to time the jump properly, but it’s easier to avoid the damage by jumping.

In addition, the Judge shoots several blades from his left arm. With light or medium armor you can simply walk to the right or left and avoid all of the blades. With heavy armor you need to roll to ensure you’re not hit. This only occurs when you move away from the Judge.

When the Judge spews green mist onto the ground, quickly run up to him and attack with all your might. Inflict as much damage as you possibly can and use the Gauntlet projectile attack when he runs off. As soon as the Judge is gone, use a Fire Resistance Shard then run in a wide circle. Several Infested come up from the ground, but the Judge uses a series of flame trails that track your position and can be difficult to avoid. The lighter your armor, the easier it is to avoid the flame trails by running in a wide circle.

A short time later the Judge appears near the same position he ran off to, in the area closest to the balcony. As soon as the Judge appears, pummel him with as much damage as possible. He uses this time to kill off the Infested and replenish some of his health. You can also attempt to kill off the Infested during the fire trail attacks, but even in light armor it’s difficult to get to each Infested and kill it before the Judge returns (while still avoiding the fire trails). It’s easier to simply inflict enough damage to counteract the health replenishment.

After the Infested spawn the first time, the Judge adds a ground-based red projectile attack to his arsenal. Get as far away from this attack as possible. When the attack reaches you it creates a red mist cloud that lingers for awhile. If you get hit with the initial attack or touch the cloud, your health is cut for the remainder of the fight. Each time you get hit by this attack your maximum health is reduced.

If you avoid most of the Judge’s attacks and inflict as much damage as you can during every opening (including the use of the Gauntlet from a distance), this fight shouldn’t take very long. Beat the Judge to complete the game.

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