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Lords of the Fallen: Find Yetka’s Dagger, the Key to the Catacombs, and defeat the Commander

by Bryan Dawson

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Find Kaslo

Access the checkpoint in the middle of the room and bank your XP if you’d like. Head through the doorway at the far end of the room on the right. Go down the path to the right to find two more Infested enemies and another audio note. Take them down, then head into the far corner to find a chest that holds a Warrior armor set.

Head down the stairs and take out the Marauder below, then head through the red door at the bottom of the stairs. Defeat the Infested inside, then head into the next room to find a chest on the left that contains a Monk Staff. When you step into the next room an Infested attacks immediately. Take it down, then collect the audio note inside and head through the next door.

There’s a statue just ahead to the left. You can jump onto the platform where the statue is located to find a Northern Monastery Wing Door Key quest item needed to obtain the Shard of the Heroes (this is where the hidden hallway from before comes into play). If you have trouble jumping onto the platform (with a running start), you may need to equip lighter armor so you jump higher.

Collect the audio note at the bottom of the stairs ahead, then take down the two Infested enemies to the left and open the chest in the corner to obtain a set of Rogue armor. Turn around and head through the door to the left to leave.

Once outside, access the checkpoint to the left, then defeat the Infected to the right and head down the stairs into the courtyard. Two more Infected and a Marauder await here. Take them down, then head up the stairs on the far side of the courtyard. There are two sets of stairs, one on the right and another on the left. A Marauder waits at the top of right stairs, with a Rogue at the top of the left stairs. Defeat the enemies, then pull the levers by the wall torch. Once both levers are pulled, the gate in the middle (between the two stairs) opens.

Head back down the stairs and through the freshly opened gate and speak to the Injured Monk. If you offer to cut off his hand, then tell him to seek medical attention and offer him a potion, you’ll earn 500 XP and receive The Butcher weapon.

Go through the door just beyond the Monk (on the left) to find two spiders and a chest inside. Take out the spider, then open the chest to obtain Hot Blood head and chest armor. Head down the next set of stairs to find another Infested just ahead. Take it down, then you can either continue down the stairs to the left or proceed into the room ahead. There’s nothing in the room other than two Infested enemies, but more XP is always welcome.

Head down the stairs you just passed and through the door at the bottom. At the end of the pathway ahead are two enemies. One Infested is laying on the ground and will not attack until you get close (if you walk slowly to sneak past you do not need to worry about it attacking). The other is a Rogue that stands at the end and uses a ranged attack just before you reach the enemy on the ground. Have your shield up or be prepared to roll to avoid the ranged attack, and quickly run toward the standing enemy. Take it down, then turn your attention toward the enemy that was previously on the ground. If you’re fast enough, you’ll only have to deal with one enemy at a time.

Go up the stairs and into the room at the top. Continue into the next room and be ready to dodge. As soon as you get through the door another Rogue attacks. Stay on this side of the room and finish off the enemy. An Infested enemy waits on the ground on the far side of the room. Take it down, then use a shard to open the chest nearby. The chest contains Live Elements armor and an Attribute Point Shard.

The door to the left of the chest is locked. Use the Attribute Point Shard, then head back to the far side of the room and collect the audio note, then head up the stairs in the far left corner. Defeat the Marauder waiting at the top. At this point you can head down the stairs to the right or to the left. To the left is the bridge that you bypassed going through the castle. Several Infested enemies await on the bridge, as well as a chest that contains a full set of Symmetry armor.

To continue on your journey, head down the stairs to the right and move forward to initiate a cut-scene in which you obtain the Gauntlet. This gives you a ranged attack, which should be used to take down the enemy standing on guard ahead and to the left. There’s no need to aim. Simply shoot the Gauntlet and you’ll target the enemy. Two shots should take it down, but watch out for the enemy’s ranged attack.

Before you proceed, turn around and access the lever to the left of the gate ahead. This leads back to where you came, and gives you quick access to and from in the future. Go back to where you found the Gauntlet. Pick up the audio note to the left, then defeat the Rogue at the end of the path.

Head up the stairs to the left and approach the checkpoint to initiate another cut-scene. Yetka is looking for a dagger, which you can’t give to her yet. At this point, you can pull the lever behind Yetka and head into the boss battle against the Commander, or you can find her dagger for the side quest and gain quite a bit of XP along the way. If you wish to battle the Commander, jump down to that boss battle section. If you wish to find the dagger, save your progress at the checkpoint, then continue up the stairs to engage the Infested at the top. Take down the enemy, then look in the far right corner to find a Scratch fist weapon.

Make your way down the stairs to the left to find an audio note and another Marauder. Finish off the enemy, then access the chest on the right side of the room to find a Lethal Secret short sword and a Fire Resistance Shard. Remember this area because you’ll need to come back very soon to get the Tower Key.

Go up the stairs on the side of the room to find a chest in the room above. Open the chest to obtain Live Elements chest armor, Magic Resistance Shard and a Pain hammer weapon. Pull the lever on the far side of the room to open the gate just beyond. This gives you a shortcut back to the area where you found the Gauntlet.

Head down the next flight of stairs to find a giant spider in the room below. This enemy has quite a bit more health than the average enemies you’ve been facing thus far. It also uses poisonous gas and lays eggs that hatch into smaller spiders. Watch out when it leaps toward you, as the poisonous gas and egg lay abilities almost always occur immediately after the leap. When it sticks it’s back end toward you, it’s about to lay an egg. Use this opportunity to attack feverishly.

Take down the spider as quickly as possible to avoid having to deal with too many smaller spiders, then open the chest around the edge of the room to find the Spike greathammer and a Magic Energy Shard. Go back up to the area were the Tower Key is located. Move over to the edge where the wall is damaged. To the left of a dead body there are platforms below. Carefully move off the edge as far to the left as you can go to land on the platform with the Tower Key.

Jump down to the next platform, then head down the stairs to the right and engage the ranged attack Rogue and Infested enemies below. With the Tower Key, you can open the door here that leads back inside the castle. Pick up the audio note ahead, then take down the Infested to the left. Defeat the Marauder ahead, then open the chest behind him to obtain a Fate axe.

Head up the stairs to the right. Go right when you reach the top to find two Infested enemies and a ranged weapon Rogue. Use the Gauntlet to either defeat the first enemy from a distance or draw it away from the other two so you have an easier time defeating them. Defeat all three enemies, then access the chest at the end to find a Sealed Rune (Small) and a Prejudice staff.

Continue in the opposite direction to find another Infested waiting just inside the doorway ahead. Take it down, then proceed up the stairs to find a Marauder waiting at the top, guarding Yetka’s Dagger. Defeat the Marauder but don’t move around too much. Three Infested enemies are on the ground on either side of the room. If you get too close, they’ll get up and attack.

Defeat all of the enemies, then pick up the Yetka’s Dagger quest item and open the chest on the far side of the room to find Hot Blood leg and wrist armor. With Yetka’s Dagger, you can go back to the checkpoint where she’s waiting and speak to her again. Before you do, head up the next flight of stairs and use the Tower Key to open the door at the top. This leads back to the room near the main wall where you passed a locked door near a chest. Unlocking the door serves as a shortcut.

Head back to Yetka and tell her you’ve found the dagger. In return, she will give you the Key to the Catacombs that allows access to the optional side area that is probably a bit too high level for you at the moment. To continue to the boss, pull the lever behind Yetka to open the gate. As soon as you move through the gate it closes behind you and a Marauder and Rogue attack. Be careful attacking them because the boss battle begins as soon as they die. You will not have time to replenish your health potions at the checkpoint.

Boss Battle: Commander
Bonus Requirement: Do not block any attacks with your shield.

Note: If you have the Shard of the Heroes, you can access either statue on the left side of the arena to obtain the weapons they are holding. If you access the statue at any point after the boss battle, you can respec your character instead.

The battle against the Commander is very similar to the battle against the First Warden. Make sure you stay close to the Commander and circle around him. He will circle with you and occasionally use his shield to stagger you. Don’t let this alarm you, as he does not follow up with an attack.

When the Commander raises his shield in preparation to plunge it into the ground, move away slightly to avoid the shockwave that follows. You don’t need to go far to avoid it, and if you go too far, the falling projectiles may hit you. Back up just far enough so you have time to move back into attack range and hit the Commander once or twice before he picks up his shield again. If you move back as soon as the shield is raised, you should be far enough away by the time the shockwave occurs.

Periodically throughout the fight, the Commander encases himself in a magic shield. When this happens, an enemy spawns that must be defeated. Once the enemy is defeated, the shield disappears and the battle continues. The first time a Marauder attacks, then a Rogue and then both attack simultaneously the third time it happens. Focus on the Marauder first because its attacks are generally more damaging than the Rogue’s.

If you attempt to attack the Commander from a distance, he will shoot horizontal waves of energy at you. These can be dodged to the left or right, but it’s best to simply stay close to the Commander to prevent this from happening at all. In addition, from time to time the Commander will point his sword forward and a beam of magic energy will shoot from it. This is fairly easy to dodge, and if you’re circling around the Commander it rarely targets you in the first place.

Defeat the Commander to find a Commander Shield, Arrowhead fist weapon and Sealed Rune (Big). Head back to the checkpoint by Yetka and save your progress, then move to the far side of the boss battle area and up the stairs to trigger another cut-scene.

Continue on to find the Buckler Shield and defeat the Worshiper boss!

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