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Little Nightmares – The Guest Area

by Bryan Dawson

The enemies found in The Guest Area of Little Nightmares are the guests on the ship. When you see the guests they’re either eating or sleeping, but if you get their attention they will come after you with intent to eat. Navigate The Guest Area of Little Nightmares as you avoid the guests and make it through to the elevator that leads to the finale of the game.

The Guest Area

  • Nomes: 4
  • Statues: 2

As soon as you get into the area, head left to find a secret room with a lantern and a Nome. Head back outside and make your way to the right, then up the ladder. When you get outside, climb up the chain and ladder to the top. Head to the left and back inside, then pull the lowest board off the hatch to the left so you can squeeze inside.

Navigate the wooden beams, then climb up the side of the walkway and head to the right through the small hole at the top. Jump across the hanging lamps to the right, then squeeze through the small gap in the doorway. Continue under the first eating man, but when you move through the next doorway you’ll knock off a bottle. This alerts one of the men eating in the next room, so run as quickly as you can until you reach the adjacent room and the man stops chasing you.

In this room there are two people eating at the table, but they won’t notice you walking around on the floor. Unfortunately, you need to climb onto the stool and make your way up to the table. As soon as you reach the table top, climb up the stack of dishes before the two can grab you. You’re safe at the top of the dishes, so wait there until the lantern above swings slightly to the left. This makes it close enough that you can jump over to it (with a short running start). Once you’re hanging from the lantern, swing left and right to build momentum, then jump to the opening on the right.

Drop down to the floor and head to the far right to find a stool up against the wall. Move the stool to the left to reveal a small hole you can crawl through to enter a secret room to the right. Inside you’ll find a lantern and a Nome.

Head back to the previous room and into the far right corner, in the background. Climb up the barrel and jump over to the countertop. Sadly, you need to run across the top of the counter, jumping to avoid the reaching hands of the people eating there as you move to the left. When you reach the far side, climb up the crates and jump over to the middle of the grated wall to the left.

Climb up the wall, then jump over to the hanging platform when it swings slightly to the left. Use the platform to jump across to the right, then use the stool in the middle of the room to climb into the background. As soon as you head to the left the three people at the nearby table will come after you. Quickly run to the left, up the ramp in the next room and jump across to the lantern. Swing to the left and jump to the far side.

As you move through the next room, a man on the far left side will drop to the floor and chase you. Head back to the right and wait for him to slam into the bar, stopping his progression. Climb up the boxes and jump over the man, then quickly run to the left and slide into the small hole as he continues to give chase.

There’s a statue in the next room, but before you can get to it a chef comes up the elevator. Quickly run to the left and into the bathroom. You can hide under the sink or in the cabinet in the foreground on the right side of the room.  Once the chef is gone, pick up the light blue can in the middle of the room (not to be confused with the white toilet paper roles that look very similar), and through it at the mirror in the background.

The mirror shatters, allowing you to pass through into the room in the background. Climb up the grated wall in the background and through the drain at the top. Move into the foreground and slide through the bars, then use the hole in the wall to get back into the room on the right. Walk along the elevated pipes until you reach the far right wall, then drop down right on top of the statue you had to pass up earlier.

Break the statue then head into the elevator in the background. When you reach the next floor, move into the foreground and light the lantern, then squeeze through the opening in the doorway to the left. In the next room there’s a Nome and a sleeping guest. Quietly move in and hug the Nome, then head back to the right and through the open doorway.

As you move to the right, the doors in the background will open and a mob of people will start chasing after you. You need to run into the next room to the right, down the stairs, and continue running to the right, up onto the table and over to the hanging lantern, then swing to the room on the right. If the people start catching up, remember that jumping while running will move you faster than normal running, until you get tired. You can usually jump at least three times before you get tired, so jump if you’re in danger of being caught.

Ignite the lantern in the right corner (background) and continue through the small opening in the doorway to the right. The hunger pains hit you again, but continue into the next room and you’ll find the food you so desire, which also counts as hugging the final Nome in the game.

Climb up the box in the foreground and through the hole in the wall to the right. Continue up the ladder to the far right, but wait for the geisha to move into the elevator before you open the hatch at the top. Once she’s clear, head to the left to find another statue you can break.

Break the statue, then head back to the right. Pick up one of the cans on the ground and throw it at the elevator button. Move into the elevator to complete this area.

Find all of the Nomes and Statues in The Guest Area, move on to The Lady’s Quarters or head back to our Little Nightmares game hub for more strategy and advice!