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The Last of Us Remastered Walkthrough Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort – How to Kill David

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide

At the beginning of this chapter you’ll find yourself in control of Ellie, and it appears you’re on the hunt for some food. As soon as you can move, look to your left and try to spot the deer. If you have the shot, use your Bow to put an arrow through its body. It really doesn’t matter where you shoot it, the deer is only wounded and will run away. If you scare the deer before you can shoot it, stop being so heavy on your feet and try to sneak up on it again.

With a nice arrow wound like that, the deer will leave a blood trail that you can follow. After tracking it down again, put another arrow in it, then once again follow it through the forest. When the blood trail leads you to a wooden gate, hop over it and follow it a bit further to your prey’s carcass. This will trigger a cut scene where Ellie meets a couple of new friends, David and James.

When the scene comes to an end, David and Ellie will barricade themselves into a room to get a little cover from the advancing Infected. Use Ellie’s focused hearing to figure out what direction the threats are coming from, then go for body shots on the Runners, and headshots on the Clickers.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to let David carry a big portion of the combat load. He has infinite ammunition, so why waste yours? In fact, this chapter is the reason we’ve been encouraging you to get good with a Bow, since that is Ellie’s primary weapon through most of it. Instead of wasting rounds from your Hunting Rifle, use arrows and then retrieve them from the bodies.

There is no secret formula here, just keep killing the Infected until David tells you it’s time to move. Follow him out the door, through the hallway and into another room. When he breaks through some double doors, stay on his tail until you fall off a catwalk and down to the ground.

In addition to the fall, we have more bad news; there are Clickers in the area and you need to deal with them before you move on. The good news is that Ellie uses a Switchblade that never wears down, so you can stealth kill them for days and never have to craft a new Shiv. Take that, Joel!

Tip: Clickers will take two Bow shots to the body to die, but there is a good chance the arrow remains intact. Missed shots tend to result in broken arrows. Aim big.

When all the Clickers are down, hop into a pit, then climb back up a ladder to meet with David. Have him boost you up onto a ledge so you can access the catwalks, then sneak across to take out another Clicker with your Switchblade.

Do a quick search of this level for any supplies, then lower the ladder so the two of you can climb up. When you’re on the top level, run through the corridor to the next room, then gather up all the supplies laying around, including Bombs and arrows. You know what that means…

Tip: You have a heck of a fight coming up, so make sure take a second to quickly craft any Molotovs, Bombs or Health Kits that you can. Save the Bombs and Molotovs for a Bloater that plans to mess up the rest of your day. Even two at his feet should kill him.

Your best bet for this fight is to stay on the upper level, keeping your head on a swivel so you can spot and neutralize targets quickly. Make sure to always focus on the Clickers first, then deal with the Runners when you have a moment. The Runners, in fact, should go down with some strong melee work and allow you to conserve ammunition.

When the Bloater finally drops through the ceiling, hit it with a Molotov as quickly as you can, then toss a Bomb at its feet. If that doesn’t do the trick, one more Molotov should, and you can always follow up with your Hunting Rifle. Just do not, under any circumstances, try to melee kill the Bloater.

After the Bloater falls and there are no more Infected to deal with, follow David back into the corridor and strike up a conversation. This will trigger a cut scene and give you a chance to catch your breath.

As soon as you are in control of Ellie again, ride Callus in the only direction you can, following the on-screen prompts to take out any Hunters that try to trip you up. Eventually, however, the bad guys will shoot your horse — they will pay for such nonsense — and you’ll be forced to proceed on foot.

Run down the hill and jump through the window and into the house. Make sure to loot it, but also make sure to keep an eye out for the Hunters who will eventually search it. In fact, we had a lot of success just holding this house down, taking out Hunters with our Bow as they tried to enter. All-in-all, you should come across a total of four in your initial engagement.

Tip: Search all the dead bodies and the area for a Shotgun that Ellie can pick up. We found it on the first Hunter we killed.

Work your way through the houses until you spot a large staircase. There are Hunters in this area, but you can make your way to a public bathroom that will provide decent cover. Just be careful, the Hunters will jump through the windows in an attempt to flank you. When they’re all down, move along until you have to shimmy across a partially destroyed dock.

Make your way around the cliff, jumping down and heading into a small drain pipe. Continue on to a second drain that is partially blocked. Back out, then go around the side and move the large wooden container that blocks your path. With it out of the way, go back through the pipe.

Drop down off the dock when you see a resort, then take cover behind a small brick wall. There are several bad guys in the area, and this is another great opportunity to use your Bow. For the most part, you should get one hit kills to the chest or back, so drop a couple at range before moving up and finishing off the rest.

Head around back of the resort, then move one of the dumpsters underneath the hole in the wall up above. Climb on the bin and then through the large gap to drop into the resort. Start making your way through the resort, watching out for Hunters not only on the inside, but also those who can see you from the outside. When you get to the glass double doors at the back, follow the on-screen prompts to open them and progress the story.

Tip: Don’t bother trying to conserve your ammunition here. Use whatever you’ve got while you’re playing as Ellie in the resort. Once you hit the cut scene you lose it all anyway.

After an extended cut scene, you’ll be back in control of Joel, and it’s time to loot the basement you healed in, then get on the move. Go upstairs, search for loot and think about applying a Health Kit. Make your exit through the garage door, then go down the street until some Hunters start shooting at you.

Take cover behind whatever you can and start working your way through the opposition. You still have your weapons and focused hearing, so this should be no trouble at all. Don’t forget to loot along the way, but eventually head into the back yard of the house at the end of the street, chasing the fleeing Hunters. When you finally do catch up to a couple, grab a drink and enjoy the show.

The next time you’re asked to play it’ll be as Ellie, and you’ll be outside in the middle of a blizzard. For now, just run away from David until you hit an iron fence, then take the door to your right. Inside that room you’ll find a Health Kit, and a cart that you can move that leads to the front of a store.

Move the cart to get into the front room, then stop worrying about David. He won’t be chasing you right now, but his goons will. Head out the window on the left side of the store, then hop into another and wait for a bad guy to enter. When he does, sneak around behind and shank him to steal his Revolver. Just be careful not to get spotted by his buddies.

Tip: From here on out, make sure you check all bodies, as most of them will have ammunition that you’ll need to survive the next portion of this chapter.

Keep popping in and out of your listen mode, looking for opportunities to stealth kill soldiers that wander off. When the coast is clear, cross to the other side of the street, passing under a wooden deck and going up some stairs. Continue moving until you find a hole in the fence on the left, then crawl through to reach the next area. Feel free to use the snow to simply bypass your enemies rather than mess around trying to kill them. After all, ammunition is scarce in these parts.

Continue to move through the maze until you enter the back of an arcade. Two Hunters will be there as well, but you can easily sneak past them by sticking to the right side. When you exit the arcade, head to your right, going around back of the school bus and crossing the street. As you continue on, you’ll reach another iron gate, but this time there will be a dumpster next to it, allowing you to climb inside a high placed window. Once you’re inside, make your way to the front door, triggering the David boss fight.

This fight isn’t easy, but with our help you should come out on top. First off, look at the floor all around the restaurant. Do you see all the broken glass? Don’t step on that or David will know your location and run over to kill you. Stay out of his sight, avoiding the plates at all cost. When you can get behind him, do so and then start stabbing him with your Switchblade.

Of course, one good melee isn’t going to cut it — no pun intended — for this guy, and after you attack him, he tends to get even more angry. Run and hide, continuing to avoid the plates and waiting for another opportunity to get a piece of your foe. Always keep in mind, under no circumstances can you let him catch you. If he’s in pursuit, just run until he stops, then get back to flanking him for another attack. After three attacks, you should be good.

The third attack on David will trigger a cut scene, and when it’s over you’ll be back to playing as Joel, now out in the same blizzard you just went through with Ellie. As you probably guessed, however, you’re not alone. There are several Hunters in the area, so take cover inside the gas station and get ready to take them out one at a time. Once again, for long range stealth we highly recommend the Bow.

After you clean out a few bad guys, go across the street from the gas station to another building. Climb out the window in the back and head to your left. Use a Shiv to open the door, then head inside to claim a Training Manual and some additional goodies.

Continue working your way through the town, avoiding the Hunters when you can, or killing them when you can’t. Once you pass through an open back door and close it behind you, you’ll be in the back room where the Hunters keep their meat. Joel will automatically pick up Ellie’s backpack, and if you open it you’ll find a nice surprise inside. Go ahead… we’ll wait for you.

When you’re done being all sentimental, go out the front door of the building and look to your left, where you’ll see a restaurant that’s now completely engulfed in flames. This will trigger a short cut scene that transitions you back to Ellie.

There isn’t a lot you can do, but when the time is right, try to crawl to the blade laying on the floor nearby. When given the option to reach for it, do so, triggering another intense cut scene and bringing the chapter to an end. With that out of the way, it’s on to Chapter 10 – Bust Depot.

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide