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The Last of Us Remastered Walkthrough Chapter 5 – Pittsburgh – Find the Keycard and Kill the Bloater

by Prima Games Staff

Helloooooo Pittsburgh


In this Last of Us walkthrough and Guide, Prima Games takes you through Pittsburgh. Let us show you how to actually get through one of the games longest chapters. Learn how to find all of the tools, safes, and even the Shiv Doors.

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide

Welcome to Pittsburgh. We hope you’re ready to engage in some combat, because there is a bunch of it in one of the game’s longest chapters. It begins as soon as you have control over Joel and just after crashing the truck you got from Bill’s Town. Follow the on-screen prompt to keep from getting your face jammed into some broken glass, then run over and save Ellie. When one of the Hunters shoots at you, you’ll automatically dive into cover and take over full control of Joel.

The Hunters are going to come at you from all angles, not just the open door. You’ll be flanked on your left and right, but you should be able to utilize Listen Mode, also known as Joel’s focused hearing, to pinpoint and prioritize the threats. If you have any ammunition for it, get out your Shotgun and put a few of these guys down with extreme prejudice.

When Joel calls out that there are no more bad guys, spend a moment looting the store you’re in, then cross the street and do the same thing in the open shops. When you’re satisfied you have all that you need, meet Ellie at the garage door and lift it up so she can squeeze through and prop it open.

As soon as you get to the other side of the garage door, turn immediately to your left and pick up Tools Level 2 off the shelf. You must continue to pick these up in order to fully upgrade your weapons. When you’re done, move on to the next shelf where you’ll be able to acquire the Smoke Bomb, a fairly useful item if you plan to use stealth to sneak past large groups. When you’re done with those two items, finish looting the room and then head to the second floor. When you enter the sleeping quarters for the Hunters, make sure to pick the Training Manual: Health Kit Upgraded off a lower shelf.

The next room will contain a map on the wall, some loot around the room and a crafting table that you can use to upgrade your weapons. Again, our suggestion is to upgrade your Bow, maybe your Shotgun and even your favorite pistol. The reason we’re big on the Bow is that there is the potential for a lot of stealth in this chapter, and the Bow is the only ranged stealth weapon you have. You can drop targets from a distance without alerting other Hunters. However, stay true to your play style and upgrade what you think is best.

Head out the door, up the stairs and vault the railing. You’ll drop down onto a street where you’ll find some goodies laying right in front of you. Pick them up and then head through the maze of cars, spotting three Hunters a short distance up the road. You might be able to let them pass by hiding behind a car on the left, or you could systematically take them out with stealth takedowns. Either way, when the coast is clear, hop on the car to the left of the bus, then onto the roof of the bus itself. Drop down on the other side to find yourself at what appears to be an abandoned checkpoint.

Make your way through the checkpoint, and when you pass through a gate that signals a point of no return, head to the left. Three hunters will be chatting nearby, but two of them will wander to where you are on staggered patrols. Choke each of them out, then sneak up behind and do the same to the third guy who is closer to the front door of the library. Now that the outside is clear, look at the library and head to the alley on the left when you’re facing it.

The alley will have some stairs that can deliver you to the second floor of the building. There are lots of Hunters in the area, so get your Bow ready to start thinning them out in a quiet manner. In fact, use your Bow and stealth takedowns to clean out the entire second floor. If by chance you’re heard, stay in cover and kill the advancing Hunters that will attack from the ground floor. If you manage to kill all the bad guys on the second floor using stealth, make sure to search the entire area for a Shiv Door that contains all sorts of goodies.

Tip: With the second floor clear, you are able to just move on and progress through the chapter, but the first floor of the library contains some great loot as well. Consider killing everyone in the entire library so you can search it without concern.

Whether you decide to bypass the first floor and Shiv Door or not, the exit you’re looking for is to the left from where you entered the second floor. It’s guarded by a Hunter, but a distraction Brick or Bottle should get him to move away. When he does, exit out the back and down the stairs to a back alley.

Make your way through the alley in the only direction you can go. When you hit a mini cut scene that shows some Hunters moving a plank, take note of a Shiv Door to your left. There’s a red X painted on it, so you shouldn’t be able to miss it. Crack that sucker open and claim all your rewards inside.

Continue up the street until you have no other option but to swim. Ellie will stay behind, so swim forward and then take a left through a shipping container. This will deliver you to what looks like an old coffee shop. Spend a few moments looting both floors, then go back outside and grab the wooden pallet to ferry Ellie across the water to the bus where the plank sits. Head back inside the coffee shop, then use the plank to cross to The Hotel Grand.

The bottom level of the hotel contains a safe, and the combination is obtained by placing a ladder against the wall and climbing up to the second floor. When you’re on the second floor, the story wants you to go left, but you’re going right, shimmying across some broken stairs to find the Note to Staff which is on the ground in the corner. Head back downstairs and open the safe to claim some amazing goodies, including the Training Manual: Shivs Upgraded and some Parts. When you’re all done, head back up the ladder and take a left, then move further up the stairs.

Tip: There are patrolling Hunters on the second level of the hotel, so rather than tell you where we found them, which might be different from where you do, we’ll stick to telling you where to go. Just be sure to deal with any foes you encounter along the way. If you want to explore the entire floor for supplies, feel free to take your time and be thorough.

Once you’re at the top of the stairs, jump through the window, go straight across the roof and into the window directly across from you. There is a Hunter that patrols nearby, but when you leave the room you want to turn left and follow the hallway all the way to the end, where you’ll have to turn right, placing you at the entrance to a stairwell. Go up the stairs, turning left twice when you reach the top, but also being careful of some guards in the area. You want to head to the main foyer, then hang a right and go down that hallway.

When you reach the end of the hallway you’ll be in another foyer. Turn left and follow that hall all the way to the end, then take another left and go up a set of stairs to two elevators. Of course, there will be opposition along the way, but that’s the path that will get you through this area and allow you to progress the story.

Head into the elevator and up the ladder, then shimmy through to the other side and jump down. When Ellie follows, help her up, then get ready to take a tumble. You’ll find yourself in the water, and facing what is quite possibly the scariest part of the entire game. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Once you’re in the water, you need to climb over a beam and go through a door that appears to lead you to a dead end. Dive under water, swim down the stairs and go through a door labeled at B2. When you pass a couple of dead bodies, surface and you’ll find yourself in the basement. Do a bit of scavenging, but when you’re done, look for a door that says West Tower B1 above it, then dive underwater and below the door, going through a white door on your right once you’re submerged. As soon as you reach the other side and get out of the water, you’ll be faced with some spores.

Tip: It’s time to craft some Bombs, a Molotov or two and even some Shivs. You’re about to deal with a whole whack of Infected, including a Bloater. You don’t have to kill the Bloater, but you will be using the Bombs and Molotov’s to slow him down while you escape.

There are two levels to this area, with two ways to get up to the top level, one being proper stairs and the other being a collapsed roof that created a makeshift ramp. For now, explore the entire area, but do not try opening the door that requires a keycard, and do not try to fire up the generator. Instead, spend a few minutes picking up everything you can find, then crafting as many tools of destruction as you can manage.

When you’ve done all your shopping, head up to the top level and look for a hallway that has fungus all over it. Try the door, which will activate four Stalkers — Runners but worse — to come looking for you. Take them out with your shotgun, then continue searching the upper level for the Hotel Keycard required to open the door. When you have the keycard, head back down to the ground level and activate the generator that is near the broken roof that created a makeshift ramp.

Now for the fun part. Turning on the generator will cause a Bloater, as well as several more Stalkers to come your way. Use Joel’s focused hearing to find what direction they are coming from, then get ready with your Shotgun. The Shotgun works for Stalkers, but not so much for the Bloater. When the Bloater is within range, hit him with a Molotov and then sprint up the concrete ramp next to the generator and back down the hallway with the overgrown fungus. Use the Hotel Keycard on the door, then go through it to seal the Infected back in the basement.

As soon as you emerge from the basement there will be a nearby room with a crafting table, but we would advise checking the adjacent rooms for more Parts before you start crafting. When you’re ready to move on, head out the door that leads you into the kitchen area of an abandoned restaurant. Of course, there are a few Hunters here, so allow them to part ways and then go about stealth killing each of these monsters by choking the life out of them.

When all four Hunters are down, grab a ladder laying on the ground next to a pool of water, then place it against the nearby wall. Climb up the ladder to trigger a cut scene.

When the cut scene is over, head back up the ladder to the second level and turn left. Take your first door on the left and shimmy across the broken floor toward the bar. Pick up anything of value and then meet back up with Ellie.

Continue the only way that you can until you drop down to the bottom level, then look for the Training Manual: Melee Weapons Upgraded that lays on a desk in the hallway. Make sure to search the area, then keep moving on to the dining room. Loot all around the tables, then push the piano to the wall and hop up to the balcony. Travel along the balcony to another dining room, then out onto the balcony where you’ll find some scaffolding and another cut scene.

When the scene is over, you’ll be in control of Joel on the ground, and Ellie will be covering you from the scaffolding. While it is completely possible to stealth this section, you cannot progress until you clear out all the Hunters, and stealth can take you a long time. Why not hold court with your guns, relying on Ellie to take some of the pressure off from the high ground?

Directly in front of you will be a group of Hunters. Kick things off by tossing a Bomb in the middle of them to score four or five easy kills. This will trigger the rest to attack, but as long as you keep focusing Joel’s hearing you should be able to take out the advancing adversaries. You’ll know you’ve killed absolutely everyone when Joel tells Ellie to come down.

Clearly, this area is quite large and has a few buildings that you want to thoroughly search before you move on. Do your looting, then head to the far end of the area from where you entered and raise the gate to enter a building. Once you’re inside, grab the cart that Ellie used to prop open the door and move it to the window. Climb up on the cart and then go into the next area, taking notice of the crafting table as soon as your feet hit the ground.

Tip: This is your last crafting table of this chapter, but you still have a decent amount of combat to get on with. Make sure you spend your Parts wisely. Think about upgrading your Shotgun and Hunting Rifle if you have the option.

As soon as you move forward you’ll encounter a brief cut scene. When it’s over, head through a nearby door, then up a few flights of stairs until you hear two Hunters talking. Take them out, then look through the area before leaving the building and heading down to ground level. Of course, a short distance up the road you’ll encounter another batch of Hunters.

As you begin to hear the Hunters talk, there will be a building on your left. This is a great place to sneak through, but be warned, it is very easy to get spotted, and it can be easier to just fight from that very building. For one, nearby traps will trip the Hunters up, and secondly, there is a lot of cover in the there as well. In fact, the more we think about it, the more we would advise just going loud, then when Joel comments that the area is clear, take that opportunity to pick up any supplies in the nearby buildings, including the Shiv Door in the National Depot.

When you’re satisfied that the area is picked clean, go ahead and boost Ellie up to the ladder where death for freedom is written on the wall. Continue along until you drop down off a truck, then look through the area for goodies before making your way down the nearby alley. Not long after you do, you’ll bump into that dreaded Humvee the Hunters have been using to pester you, as well as a few bad guys who decided to have a look around.

This is no time for going loud. In fact, continue down the alley you were already in, and along the back of the building where you’ll briefly take cover behind a blue car. One of the Hunters will patrol more towards the street, so sneak up behind him and carefully choke him out. With him down, use Joel’s focused hearing to see which way the turret on the Humvee is facing, then sneak across the road, only breaking from cover when the turret isn’t looking.

When you’re across the street, head into the nearby building and make your way out the side door and around the back. You’ll be in another alley, and will even bump into more Hunters. If you can’t stealth kill them, just kill them with your guns, then sprint past the Humvee, making your way through the alley until you reach a stairwell. Whew, that was rather intense, huh?

Go up the stairs, searching the two rooms and then jumping out the window and climbing the fire escape. Shimmy across to another open window, then climb inside and search the apartment. When you’re done, exit through the window in the kitchen, then cross the ledge to yet another open window, triggering a cut scene.

When the cut scene ends you’ll be following Henry and Sam back to their hideout, but take time to search each area that you pass through first. This is especially important in the apartment you start in since there is a Training Manual: Molotovs Upgraded sitting on the counter in the kitchen. That will be a very handy thing moving forward. Also, when you exit the apartment and go down a flight of stairs, there will be a Shiv Door directly in front of you, and it contains loads of great things that you don’t want to miss.

As you make your way closer to the hideout, you’ll pass through a toy store, and on the other side of the door will be some Hunters. They will be huddled up for a moment, making this a perfect opportunity to try one of your upgraded Molotovs. Toss one in the middle to get the barbecue started. If someone happens to survive, finish them off with a blitz attack using your melee skills.

Jump up on the nearby truck and climb onto the roof. This will trigger two more Hunters to appear, and this is also a great opportunity for a Bomb or Molotov. Of course, if you want to save them you could just toss a Smoke Bomb, then just melee them when they’re stunned.

This will be the last bit of combat for awhile, continue to search as you move through the building’s hallways and offices. When you finally reach the hideout, enjoy a cut scene before you get back on the road to get the heck out of Pittsburgh.

When the cut scene is over, start following Henry and Sam as you make your way toward the bridge. When you spot two Hunters, sneak up and take them out simultaneously with Henry’s help.

As soon as you leave the building, you’ll be directly in front of the gate you need to pass over. Of course, it’s crawling with Hunters and getting by unspotted is very difficult. For this reason, use the cover to your advantage and sneak up on the lone guard patrolling near the generator. Choke him out, then kill the power. This will prompt someone to come and check on it, at which point you can choke them out as well. Although we’re not sure how, this is when we were spotted, so we switched to our guns and just killed everyone, then passed through the gate.

As soon as you’re through the gate, look out for another Hunter sitting on top of a truck. When he’s down, start boosting everyone onto the roof of that same vehicle.

Since things never go as planned, turn your attention to a garage door nearby, lifting it up and passing under to enter what appears to be another restaurant. When you find yourself behind the bar, stay there and let the bad guys come to you. You can choke out the first one, and even if you’re seen, use it for cover while you take care of the rest. When it’s all clear, head to the front of the establishment and move the cart that’s blocking the door.

As soon as you are outside the Humvee will return, and your only course of action is to run across the bridge. When you reach the end, you’ll trigger a cut scene that brings the chapter to a close, and has you moving on to Chapter 6: The Suburbs.

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide