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The Last of Us Remastered – Find All of Ellie’s Jokes, That’s All I Got

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Remastered – Find All of Ellie’s Jokes, That’s All I Got

Just because the civilized world came to an end and death waits around every corner, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few moments to listen to a couple of lame jokes now and then.

With The Last of Us Remastered, Ellie loves to lighten the mood by telling some of the dumbest yet most hilarious jokes you’ll ever hear. The catch is that it’s fairly difficult to find them all without a little help. If you’re looking to knock the That’s All I Got trophy off your list, we have you covered.

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Ellie Joke #1 – Pittsburgh

The first time you hear a joke from Ellie is shortly after the start of Chapter 5: Pittsburgh begins. Once you fight off the initial ambush, you’ll cross the street and enter another building by raising a garage door. After traveling through that building, then leaving it and reaching the street level, the joke is just up ahead. Wait for three Hunters to climb over the top of a bus and pass by, then approach the bus yourself. If you wait about 30 seconds (don’t get on the bus), Ellie will eventually pull out her Joke book and start reading. Stay close to her and keep an eye out for any prompts that require you to interact.

Ellie Joke #2 – Pittsburgh

The second time you can get Ellie to pull out her joke book is after clearing all the Hunters out of the bookstore. First, make sure you kill all the Hunters, doing your best to leave the one who guards the top floor exit for last. When they’re all dead, walk over to near where he was standing and hang out by the burning barrel. Don’t look around, just wait there and let the casual conversation flow between Joel and Ellie. After a few minutes, Ellie will whip out her joke book and start lightening the mood. Again, be sure to stay close and pay attention to her in case any on-screen prompts pop-up.

Ellie Joke #3 – Pittsburgh

The third of five jokes takes place shortly after the one in the second floor of the bookstore. Leave the bookstore and make your way toward a street. As soon as you get there, Joel will take cover behind a yellow taxi to spy on a few Hunters moving a plank up ahead. When the scene ends, rather than go in the direction of the Hunters, head back to the dead end part of the street. It might take two or three minutes to trigger, but eventually Ellie will pull out her joke book. Just be aware, there is also an Optional Conversation in this area, but that is not the joke.

Ellie Joke #4 – Pittsburgh

The final joke of the Pittsburgh chapter is one of the easiest to get, assuming you find the safe in the same location. When you get to the hotel, follow our instructions to Open the Safe, then when you head back up the ladder to get to the second floor, wait until Ellie pulls out her joke book. As we advised in the past, make sure you wait there for a moment and follow any on-screen prompts. Don’t look away or leave the area until Ellie Declares that she doesn’t have anything left to say.

Ellie Joke #5 – The Suburbs

The final joke of the game takes place after you leave the sewers on Chapter 6: The Suburbs. You must engage in some Optional Conversations found in this chapter before you can even think about triggering the joke.

  • The first conversation is found after you exit the sewers. Follow the road until it bends right, then look for a house on the left with will shoot on sight written on it. Have a conversation with Henry.
  • The second conversation is right behind you at the house with the hole in the kitchen wall. Walk up there and wait for Henry to start talking about how he remembers barbecues.
  • The third conversation is further down, but in the middle of the street. Approach the ice cream truck, then wait for an option to talk to Ellie about it.

There is one more conversation that you can have, but this should be enough to allow you to hear the joke. Head all the way to the far end of the street, past where you saw the dogs playing. When you can’t go any further, wait for Ellie to pull out her joke book. Shortly afterwards you should get the That’s All I Got trophy to pop.

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