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The Last of Us Remastered – All Shiv Door Locations and Master of Unlocking Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Remastered – All Shiv Door Locations and Master of Unlocking Trophy

Success in the Last of Us Remastered is all about resource management, with a side of beating the heck out of anything, or anyone, who stands in your way. One of the best places to gear up for your journey across a run-down United States are the game’s 13 Shiv Doors.

Today, we’re going to show you where to find them all, earning the Master of Unlocking trophy.

Shiv Door #01 | The Outskirts

The game’s first Shiv Door is found shortly after you see and are attacked by your first Clicker. Tess will shoot the Clicker, then you can get up and begin exploring that level. The Shiv Door is painted white and can be found a couple of rooms away.

Shiv Door #02 | The Outskirts

Your next pantry full of goodies is found shortly after you are separated from Tess and Ellie in the museum. Make sure you take out the three roaming Clickers, then head to the kitchen area to find the Shiv Door. Just make sure you don’t waste all your Shivs on the Infected prior to opening the door.

Shiv Door #03 | Bill’s Town

The first Shiv Door in Bill’s Town can be found about 10 feet behind where you boost Ellie over the chain link fence to get to the main street. It’s behind you and to the left.

Shiv Door #04 | Bill’s Town

Your final stockpile of gear for this chapter can be found just behind the record store. When you head through the back alley, one of Bill’s traps will take out an advancing Clicker. The door is located on the back of the building prior to obtaining the Bow.

Shiv Door #05 | Pittsburgh

The first Shiv Door of the chapter can be found on the second floor of the bookstore, and contains some items that you don’t want to miss out on. Clear out the four Hunters guarding the upper level, then open the door to claim your rewards.

Shiv Door #06 | Pittsburgh

The next stash can be found shortly after leaving the bookstore. Joel will spot some Hunters moving a plank and take cover behind a yellow taxi. The Shiv Door is just to your left and is marked with red paint. In addition to supplies, there is also an Artifact sitting on a chair inside.

Shiv Door #07 | Pittsburgh

The second to last Shiv Door can be found later on in the chapter, a ways after Ellie covers you with the Hunting Rifle. The door can be found in the back room of the Ration Depot.

Shiv Door #08 | Pittsburgh

The final Shiv Door in Pittsburgh can be opened just after meeting Henry and Sam. Head down one flight of stairs to spot a door directly in front of you. Once inside, you’ll find lots of goodies, including another Artifact.

Shiv Door #09 | Tommy’s Dam

The only room full of loot that you can find in this chapter is very close to the beginning, just before you jump into the water to get the sunken pallet. You’ve gone too far if you cross the dam with Ellie.

Shiv Door #10 | The University

The lone Shiv Door in this chapter is found shortly after pulling Ellie up into the science building. Follow the hallway as far as you can and you’ll find the door to your right. The room number is 104.

Shiv Door #11 | Lakeside Resort

The one chance to score some gear behind a locked door during this chapter will come when you’re playing as Joel. When you get to a gas station in the middle of a blizzard, go across the street and into a hotel room. Jump out the back window to find the door to your left.

Shiv Door #12 | Bus Depot

Keeping with the trend of only one Shiv Door per chapter, your only pile of loot can be found after you get past the three Bloaters in the tunnel. You’ll come to a room with a crafting table. When you’re done, head into the back room and take a right to find the Shiv Door.

Shiv Door #13 | The Firefly Lab

The final Shiv Door of the game is found in The Firefly Lab. Once you barricade the stairwell door using a chair, head up to the top level and go into the reception area. You’ll find the door behind the desk, along with a Firefly Pendant on the inside. If you’ve opened all the rest, this will cause the Master of Unlocking to pop.

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