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Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 8 – The Dead

by Prima Games Staff

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 8 – The Dead

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  • Comic #28 | Pages 55-56
  • Audio Log #27 | Survivor Diary 1
  • Audio Log #28 | Survivor Diary 2
  • Dossier #15 | Planet Helghan
  • Audio Log #29 | Survivor Diary 3
  • Audio Log #30 | Survivor Diary 4
  • Audio Log #31 | Survivor Diary 5
  • Dossier #16 | Pyrrhus Deep
  • Comic #29 | Pages 57-58
  • Audio Log #32 | Survivor Diary 6
  • Newspaper #7 | New Helghan News
  • Audio Log #33 | Survivor Diary 7
  • Comic #30 | Pages 59-60 


  • The Dead [Complete the chapter]

Free fall, avoiding the meteor trails and stay on the drop ship. When you clear the cloud layer, you have to glide below the radar. In order to maintain lift, you have to keep your speed high. Pitch down to increase your speed while avoiding buildings and falling debris. When you finally land, your objective is to get to the planet surface and find the drop ship. Rendezvous with Echo below and be sure to pick up the Petrusite Capacitor not far from where she’s standing. 

There’s a gravity well nearby that will help you get across the terrain. Put the capacitor in the generator, shoot it and follow Echo up to the top.

Pro Tip: Throughout the chapter, you’ll see bots flying around carrying Petrusite Capacitors. Shoot the bots, causing them to drop the capacitors, which you can then pick up and use. 

You and Echo will split up. Your objective is still to find the drop ship, so start heading that way. Press Up on the D-Pad if you aren’t sure which direction to go. Make your way up through the ruins until you find a bot. Shoot it, causing it to drop the Petrusite Capacitor. Pick up the capacitor and place it in the gravity well. Shoot the capacitor and jump into the gravity well to take another ride upwards. 

You’ll come to a Mobile Scan Unit that is part of the automated defense network. If it spots you, take cover and deal with the threats it sends your way. There are two gravity wells nearby. Either pick up two capacitors from the ground or shoot them out of bots passing by. Place the capacitors in the gravity wells and shoot them to disable the Mobile Scan Unit. 

Climb up through the ruins near the back of the Mobile Scan Unit. Watch out for falling containers as you make your way through a narrow passage. There’s also a Spider Mine Pod nearby, so order your OWL to disable it. Keep moving along until you kick a door open and cause half a building to fall. Use your zip line to reach the bottom floor. Continue towards your objective and up through another gravity well until you reach a second Mobile Scan Unit. There are two generators nearby, so grab two more of the Petrusite Capacitors and place one in each. Place C4 on the generators and detonate it to take down the Mobile Scan Unit. 

Head through the door behind the recently destroyed Mobile Scan Unit. There’s a Spider Mine and some ammunition crates inside. Stock up on ammo and take down the Spider Mine. Drop through the elevator shaft and continue through the maze of rubble and ruins until you get a visual on the crash site. When you do, you’ll see that Tyran is alive and being flown away. Echo tells you that you need to track him, that he’ll lead you to the weapon. 

There’s a chain gun to the right of where you first spotted the crash site. Pick it up and destroy what can only be described as giant drones. Not unlike Spider Mines, but much more difficult to kill. There’s a third Mobile Scan Unit here and two more generators you can destroy it with. Scour the area — ground and sky — looking for more Petrusite Capacitors. Place them in the generators and blow them up to destroy the Mobile Scan Unit. If you’re spotted, things become more difficult. Meet up with Echo by using the gravity well to reach her on the top level. 

Just run up to Echo to trigger a cut scene. Tyran is in sight, but the area is heavily armed and there’s no way in unless you disable the Mobile Scan Unit. You and Echo again decide to split up, with her saying that no matter what, you can’t let them use the weapon. With that, the chapter ends.

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