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5 Sony PlayStation Franchises that Belong on Project Morpheus

by Prima Games Staff

After months of speculation, Sony finally revealed its virtual reality project for PlayStation 4, Project Morpheus. With a 1080p, 90-degree display and 360-degree movement, this imaginative VR headset opens the door for numerous possibilities that might bring console gaming to the next level. Forget about those crude peripherals from the 80s and 90s. In the right hands, Project Morpheus could revolutionize the industry.

Granted, we won’t see this attractive device on store shelves anytime soon, but for now, we can dream about the types of experiences everyone will have with select PS4 games. With this in mind, here are the Sony franchises we’d most like to see on Project Morpheus.

Gran Turismo

Developer Polyphony Digital is known for taking its time creating each new installment in the Gran Turismo franchise, and there’s a great chance it will build Project Morpheus integration into the next entry of the Real Driving Simulator, Gran Turismo 7. Imagine what it would be like seeing a PlayStation 4-powered GT through a VR headset in glorious 1080p, and moving your head to see out the driver and passenger side windows. If anything, GT7 might be the ultimate showpiece for the Project Morpheus hardware.

While on the subject of realistic racing games, Driveclub is another Project Morpheus candidate.


The futuristic racing series is known for intense weapons-based combat and gravity-defying tracks.  There’s potential for motion sickness as gamers travel in excess of 150 miles-per-hour through rollercoaster-like courses, but we’ll gladly take the risk for a chance to step inside a VR-supported wipEout sequel.


Guerrilla Games’ showed off the PS4’s graphical capabilities with the eye-popping launch title, Killzone: Shadow Fall. Now’s a great opportunity to immerse ourselves further in this war-torn universe. Thunderous explosions and the crackle of gunfire would reach a whole other level with Project Morpheus, and we’d enjoy looking into the eyes of a Helghast as we drive a knife into his throat.

Read Prima’s free Killzone: Shadow Fall walkthrough.

Sports Champions


Sports are an ideal fit for virtual reality. Electronic Arts is bound to offer support in some fashion, but Sony can launch a new Sports Champions alongside Project Morpheus, giving players the chance to utilize head-tracking in remastered versions of table tennis, volleyball, archery and golf, to name a few activities.

Jumping Flash! 


Here’s the wild card of the group, a little-known series that found its niche on the original PlayStation and deserves a sequel. Jumping Flash! and its follow-up put gamers in control of a robo bunny as it explored trippy environments populated by an assortment of bizarre creatures. The first-person perspective would make for a unique experience on Project Morpheus, with players tilting their heads to absorb the colorful worlds and all-out craziness happening on-screen.  With the option to jump hundreds of feet into the air, Jumping Flash! is practically made for VR.

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